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Guides for Newbies
Article Publish : 12/10/2020 22:25
Edited by handoftheking at 02/29/2024 20:10

😍Welcome to the navigation post! We hope this can help you find game guides of all kinds, popular tricks/strategies and latest news collection, and some troubleshooting skills. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments. The thread will keep updating.... 😘

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Gtarcade Desktop Related:

1. How to play my FB account on the Gtarcade desktop client >>

2. How to bind your FB account to Gtarcade desktop >>

3. How to bind your third-party login to a Gtarcade account >>

4. How to start a truce on the Gtarcade mobile client (on phone) >>

Basic Info

1.Eight Great Cities in GoT WiC >>

2. New User Guide >>

3. GoT WiC Troubleshooting Help & Tips >>

4. Troubleshooting Guide to Fix SameSite Flag Issue >>

Guide Part

1.Basic Guide

[NEW]Commander Weapon System:(online on 24/03/22):

1. [NEWS]Boost Your Commanders by Equipping Weapons>>

2.Advanced Guide

Ancient Troops:(aka, T5):

  1. [NEWS] Ancient Troops: Get Stronger and Defend Against White Walkers! >>
  2. Pack Tips for Those Who Wanna Unlock T5 FAST (Advanced) >>

Awakening System:

1. [NEWS] Awaken Your Commanders and Unleash the Skills! >>

2. [NEWS] Awakening System 2.0: Start Fresh and Plan Your Awakening of Commanders! >>

3. [Announcement] Details and Overview of Awakening System Effects, Bonuses, and Materials


4. [Player Guide] Awakening System Guide (Advanced)>>

5. [UPDATED][Player Guide] Awakening Synergies and Counters (Advanced)>>

Alliance Conquest & Ultimate Conquest: 

1. Preview of Alliance Conquest >>

2. Every Rule You Need to Know about Alliance Conquest >>

3. Alliance Conquest Rewards >

4. Alliance Conquest Page >>

5. Alliance Conquest FAQ (Edited Guide) >>

6. Alliance Conquest Guide Part 1 (Player Guide)>>

7. Alliance Conquest Guide Part 2 (Player Guide)>>

8. Join in Ultimate Conquest to Fight for Glory and Rewards!>>

9. [MULTI-LANGUAGE] New Season of Alliance Conquest: Check Out the New Rules >>

10. [NEW] The Optimized Alliance Conquest Season 7 Kicks off on April 13th!>>

Army of the Dead(*The event was removed in August 2021.):

1. Preview of the Army of the Dead >

2. Testing Season Schedule >

3. The Army of the Dead: Every Rule You Should Know>>

4. Guess What You Can Do at the Wall(Forum Event)(Expired)>>

Champion City Siege:(Cross-server Page)

1. Preview of New Cross-server Event Champion City Siege >>

2. [Event Rules] New Cross-server Event Champion City Siege>

Dragon System 

1. Dragon System 2.0 >>

2. Dragon Passive Skills FAQ >>

3. Dragon Skill Guide [Player Guide] >>

4. The Second Dragon Is Born in Westeros >>

5. The Third Dragon Appears in Westeros! >>

6. Dragon Guide (Updated) >>

Dragon Guide Part 1 >>

7. [New]Dragon Blessing: Light Up Attributes for Your Dragons! >> 

Expedition Beyond and Equipment Refinement:

1. Expedition Beyond and Equipment Refinement News>

2. Expedition Beyond and Refinement Part 1 (Player Guide)>>

3. Expedition Beyond and Refinement Part 2 (Player Guide)>>

4. Expedition Guide (Player Guide)>> 

[NEW]Fiery Crystal Mine:(Cross-server Page)

1. Fiery Crystal Mine: Digging into Fiery Crystal Mines and Add Castle Exterior Active Bonus


2. Treasure Seeker: The Optimized Treasure Seeker Will Start on July 12th!

>> event was replaced by Fiery Crystal Mine by the end of 2021.)

Friendship Gift:

1.Friendship Guide (Official Guide)>

2.Friendship Gift Guide (Player Guide) (updated) >>

3.Tavern and Friendship (Player Guide)>>

[NEW]Glorious Battle: (Cross-server Page)

1. Rules You Should Know about Glorious Battle>>

2. Glorious Battle Rewards >>

3. (Updating) FAQ about Glorious Battle >>

4. [Player Guide] Glorious Battle (Part 1) >>

5. [Player Guide] Glorious Battle (Part 2) >>

6.Get Ready to Fight in the Optimized Glorious Battle >>

7. Glorious Battle 3.0: Are You Well Prepared? >>

[NEW]R'hllor's Trial

1. R'hllor's Trial: Accept Challenges and Claim Rewards! >>

2. Come and Check out the Optimized R'hllor's Trial!>>

Siege of Winterfell: (Cross-server Page)

1. Preview of Siege of Winterfell: Are You Ready for New PvP Challenges? >>

2. Siege of Winterfell Rules: Set up Your Plan in Advance! >>

3. Siege of Winterfell Testing Season Announcement >> 

4. [Player Guide]Siege of Winterfell>>

5. [Player Guide]Commanders in Siege of Winterfell >>

[NEW]Ultimate Tournament: (Cross-server Page)

1. Ultimate Tournament: Face off Challenges and Rise to the Top!>>

War of the Kingdoms(KvK):(Cross-server Page)

1. War of the Kingdoms Event Introduction >>

2. War of the Kingdoms Event Rules >>

3. War of the Kingdoms Event Rewards >>

4. [Players News] War of the Kingdoms Preseason Analysis


5. [Player Guide] War of the Kingdoms (From the rules explanation to accounts and points)  >>

6. [Player Guide] My KvK Experience (Learn from others' experience) >>

7. [Updated 25/08/2021][Player Guide] KvK Tips and Tricks(How to obtain the most points and get merits) >>

Official Guide:

1. Conquering Westeros: Building Introduction >>

2. Kingdom Relocation Options  >>                     

3. Basic New Player Guide >>

4. How to Prepare for Castle Siege >>

5. How to play my FB account on the desktop client >>

6. Notice on FB login and How to Bind FB Account to Gtarcade Desktop>>

Player Guide (sorted by themes(alphabetic) and edit date, and classified by Newbies & Advanced):  

Guides for Newbies>>>

1. Basic Tips for Newbies >>

2. Outer City Building Balance  >>

3. Guide of Core Buildings >>

4. Prison and HOF guide >>

5. How to Level Up to Castle lvl. 17 Quickly >>

6. A Summary of Main Events in Game >>

7. Troops, recruitment, and battles >>

Advanced Guides>>>

1. Talent Tree (Advanced)  >

2. Rebel Leader Guide (Advanced) >>

3. Castle Siege Guide (also helpful in PvP) (Advanced) >

4. Gold Production (Advanced)

5. The Incredible Boring Mid-Game-Guide (Advanced) >

Alliance Related:

1. How To Set Up and Manage An Alliance (Advanced) >>

2. Alliance Bank (Advanced) > 

3. Hive Defense 1 (Newbies) >>

4. Hive Defense 2 (Newbies) >>

Alliance Trials:

1. Alliance and Elite Trials (Newbies)>>

2. Alliance Trial (Advanced)  >>

3. Alliance Trials Stage 5 Guide (Advanced) >>

Badges and Equipment:

1. Lord Equipment and Badges(Newbies)>>

2. Badge Guide(Advanced) >

3. Equipment Guide(Advanced)


1. Overview of All Commanders(Newbies) >>

2. Commander Guide 2.0 (Newbies)>>

3. Specialization of All commanders (Newbies)>>

4. Commanders Guide (Part 1)(Newbies)>>

5. [UPDATED] Commanders Guide (Part 1)--Infantry & Calvary(Newbies)>>

6. [UPDATED] Commanders Guide (Part 2)--Spearman & Bowman(Newbies)>>

Research/Maester Tower:

1. Research Guide Part 1 (Newbies)>>

2. Research Guide Part 2 (Newbies)>>

3. Research Guide: Iron Defense (Newbies) >>


1. Pack Tips for Those Who Wanna Unlock T4 (Advanced) >>

2. T4 Research Guide (Advanced) >>

Lord of Lords Event:

1. Lord of Lords Event Guide (Advanced)>>


Weirwood Trials:

1. Weirwood Trials: Elite Sansa 8-9(Advanced) >

2. Weirwood Trials: Elite Sansa 8-9 and Haley 8-18(Advanced) >>

**Popular Strategies/tricks:

1. Fighting as a Zero (Eternal) Castle (Newbies) >>

2. What Can I Be? (Playstyle Class Guide) (Newbies) >>

3. The Info You Should Know About Trap Account (Advanced) >>

Buffs and Bonuses:

1. Buffs and Bonuses (Part 1)(Advanced) >>

2. Buffs and Bonuses (Part 2) (Advanced) >>

Formation and Countering:

1. Formation and Countering Part 1(Advanced) >>

2. (Old Version)Formation and Countering Part 2 (Advanced) >>

(Updated)Formation and Countering Part 2 (Advanced) >>

Merit Hunt:

1. Merit Hunt I (Advanced) >

2. Merit Hunt II (Advanced) >

Other Newly Released System

1. Wedding System: Are You the One? >>

2. Chronicler System: Join Us to Record the History of Westeros! >>

3. [MULTI-LANGUAGE]Weirwood Memories >

4. Album Collection: Relive the GOT Storyline and Increase Power! >>

5. Awakening System: Awaken Your Commanders and Unleash the Skills! >

6. Blessings of the Seven: Receive Blessings of the Seven and Check out Improvements!


7. Recruitment Pass: Recruitment Pass Will Return with Castle Exterior Added!


Westeros Pass: New Event Westeros Pass (Expired)>>

8. Alliance Banners Offer Buffs: Alliance Banners Offer Buffs and Can Be Displayed on World Map with Special Effects!


9. The Optimized UI: The Optimized Game UI: Neater and Better! >>

10. Battle Reports2.0: Columns and Lineups >>

11. Midsummer Festival: Have Fun! >>

12. Flower Carnival: Take a Toast before Summer Is Gone >>

[NEW]2024 GoT Winter is Coming 5th Anniversary Party:

1.Heir of the Dragon and GoT Winter is Coming 5th anniversary>>

2022 GoT Winter is Coming 3rd-Anniversary Party:

1. Join us in the 3rd Anniversary Party of Game of Thrones Winter is Coming! >>

2. Happy 3rd Anniversary and Login to Claim Free Rewards! >>

2021 Winter Celebration:

1. Visit the 2021 Winter Celebration Page for FREE Rewards >>

2021 GoT Winter is Coming 2nd-Anniversary Party:

1. Welcome to the 2nd Anniversary Party of Game of Thrones Winter is Coming! >>

2. GoT Winter is Coming 2nd Anniversary Special Page >>

2020 Winter Celebration:

1. Join Us in Winter Celebration >>

2. Visit Winter Celebration Page and Claim Rewards >>

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