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[NEWS] Ancient Troops: Get Stronger and Defend Against White Walkers! (Updated on 2022/9/21)

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Article Publish : 09/19/2021 20:27
Edited by handoftheking at 09/21/2022 12:19

This guide is based on the author's personal experience and is only relevant to the current game’s content.

Some time ago, The Masters unlocked a new technology line “Strangely-Garbed Army” in order to arm lords and ladies across Westeros with Ancient Troops (or T5 troops) in order to fight against the Night King Invasion. Let’s see everything there is to the currently strongest troops in the game, check out below for more details.


The New Research Branch “Strangely-Garbed Army”

After the T5 update, all players received a new research tree in their Maester’s Tower: the Strangely-Grabed Army tree. This is the research tree you need to progress on, in order to unlock Ancient troops.


Just like with Royal troops (T4), the new troop type is unlocked with the last 4 researches in that branch. 

Along that way, you will also unlock several things that will help you in more than one way: Hospital buffs, Transport buffs, Gathering buffs and also PvP troop stats buffs. At a relatively early stage you’ll unlock the Ancient Foundry, a new production building that produces Valyrian Steel - a new sort of resource that you’ll need lots of (it will be explained in details further in the guide).


To finish a research task on this branch, “Ancient Scripture” is a must. Those are a type of item just like the Research Notes from the “Great City Military” tree. You need a specified amount of them to use in order to start a new research. 

Currently, Ancient Scriptures can be obtained from several places:

  • VIP Shop (Level 13)
  • VIP Shop (Level 15)
  • Amethyst Shop
  • Fiery Crystal Shop
  • Ultimate Tournament (Gold+) rewards
  • Packs from the store
  • Limited Time Deals (The pop-up offers)
  • Other event rewards/shops


Unlock the New Building “Ancient Foundry”

It’s no easy task to unlock Ancient Troops, but it’s possible to work in a more efficient way. Since the Valyrian Steel can only be produced from the Ancient Foundry, the earlier the better it is to unlock the building. Among all the research nodes, the very important one that needs to be unlocked first will be the “Unlock Ancient Foundry”.

After being unlocked, it can be used to produce Valyrian Steel at once. You can find the Ancient Foundry left to the Maester Tower and Weirwood Tree. It won’t show up until you’ve unlocked it. Whether you are training Royal Troops or not, it will produce the new resource. By the time you’ve finished the new research tree, you’ll be able to arm lots of Ancient Troops right away.

Finally about the Ancient Foundry, the higher the construction level is, the larger the production and capacity of Valyrian Steel will be, just like your other production buildings.

It may seem a bit tedious and exhausting to farm so much steel for your future troops, but don’t worry, there are 2 other ways to obtain more:

  • In the KvK/GB/CCS token shops you can get resource vouchers that will sit in your inventory until you need them

  • There is also a pop-up deal that gives you a lot of steel for Black Diamonds

Arm Ancient Troops

We’ve reached the final section of this informative guide - how to actually get your T5 troops when the 2 prerequisites are done: you have Royal and Ancient troops unlocked via research.

With one Royal soldier and one Valyrian Steel Weapon, you can train to get one Ancient soldier, that’s the short answer on how to get T5-s. The longer answer combines what was said previously: You need to cast your Valyrian Steel into weapons. Those weapons you can then use in your Barracks: one Royal troop + 1 Weapon makes 1 Ancient troop of the same type. 

Important to note here, the transition of a troop from T4 to T5, takes away your Royal soldier and replaces him with an Ancient one and that is done instantly, there is no training timer. Because of the absence of a training timer, I advised you to get as many weapons ready beforehand. I hope it makes sense to you.


  1. You need Ancient Scripture items to progress in the new tree
  2. Focus on getting your Ancient Foundry as soon as possible so you can start early with the weapon casting
  3. You need to have both Royal and Ancient troops unlocked in order to train T5-s
  4. You need to first cast weapons with Valyrian Steel and then use that steel with Royal troops to produce Ancient troops
  5. Getting the Ancient troops from the Barracks doesn’t have a timer, only casting weapons has