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[PLAYER GUIDE] Expedition Beyond and Refinement (Part 1)

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Article Publish : 09/17/2020 23:15
Edited by handoftheking at 12/08/2020 22:06

*Special thanks to bubbleboix from K12 for contributing his game guide to us!

*Notice: This is a long gameplay guide and may take you 10 minutes to read.

The new addition to Got WIC is a new way to increase your stats in the gameplay and an additional training ground feature to explore and have fun, think of it as an exciting new daily.

Rewards given in Expedition in beyond are used in refinement. Let take a look at expedition beyond

Expedition and beyond can be found in the training ground and it is similar to the training ground but is way more complex... I will try my best to explain and here a brief intro to the expedition and beyond

Credits go to Forgotten games for a good introduction!... but here are some of my tips to maximum reward for your refinement.

Expedition beyond has 5 stages that you can choose from, here are 4 of the rewards. I will skip rookie as I don't feel that warrants a guide.

In expedition and beyond your research, gear, troop appearance, etc anything that affects combat in PVP affects your expedition and beyond. The only thing that does not affect your performance is your talents and buff in Sept of the Seven and tavern combat rating.

Depending on stats, you should choose the stage that would allow you to have maximum returns.

I have been trying the master stage and realize I can't beat stage 8 due to not having good stats. So Expert is perfect for me to clear all 10 stages to gain the maximum rewards, avoid Nightmare like the plague unless you are a whale or have insane stats.

You will be presented with 10 opponents that you will have to clear to get the maximum rewards of 320 green gems and 5 yellow gems in expert.

Your commanders presented in your collection will be all used in expedition beyond, they each will be given a set amount of life and ever time u send them for combat they lose health which they cant recovered, commanders that have 0 life will be taken out of commission and unable to be used in the next opponent, it is highly important to optimize commanders selection to ensure maximum value till they out of commission.

My first opponent is [GKE] BLACK WINTER. Looking at his formation, the front line is either going to be cav or inf. That means running inf runs the risk of getting counter by cav, going spear runs the risk of getting countered by inf so the safest bet is going cav front line as the worst-case scenario is going even with cav.

This is my selection. Keep in mind to change your lord and gear to cav base and any one of the commanders in the picture above.

Always pick the correct formation of cav first.

Your commanders bring the same troop type as their type and royals or elite are dependent on the troops in your barrack.

After the battle, you can check to see the battle report to compare stats, my commander is leana and my gear is cav base to ensure maximum possible stats in the battle.

Picking the correct troop type ensures your commanders don't lose as much health to win the battle and cant be used for the next.

My commanders barely lose any health due to mystats are formation and dragon being better than my opponent.

The next opponent is a little bit tricky*assume combat stats are equal

They have 2 inf 1 cav and 1 spear and 1 bow,if the opponent is in a higher level I would use a single bowman commander toscout the formation.

Look at the battle report to check for their formation and stats.

Knowing his formation is inf-cav, I can go cav spear to win the battle with minimal losses.

Take a look at this battle report, my active commander Leana is not in the fight causing my stats to be different always make sure your active commander is in the battle for maximum reward and minimum losses.

Repeat all these steps to ensure you can use all your commanders to get the maximum rewards if you are unable to clear the full 10 stages, you should consider moving to a stage one difficulty below till your commander quality or combat stats improve.


Use a bowman commander to get formation advantage and information.

Make sure your active commander and gear are correct before facing an opponent.

Alwaysman sure to use your lower quality commanders in the earlier stages as the people in the earlier stages not as good stats.

PS hope this helps with the new feature! Part 2 will be about using the rewards in Refinement.

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P.S.: This was first published on 2020-03-06.