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[PLAYER GUIDE] Gold Production

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Article Publish : 12/25/2020 15:59
Edited by handoftheking at 08/24/2022 15:28

Thanks to player rainydays from K18 for sharing this article with us.


Most players lack Gold for Research and other requirements like troop production. This is a short guide to illustrate how you can set up to avoid such problems.

Base Production

Gold production is done via Mints. It is useful to have 6-7 Level 25 Mints running. On this Level, each mint will provide an hourly production of 4875 Gold as well as a capacity of 662.4k. Capacity means that your production will stop once you have more Gold stored -so it is very important.

7 Mints are 34125 Gold per hour base production. This baseline will be influenced by your individual GoldProductions Rating.

Gold Production Rating

Within your Lord Details, you can find the Gold Production Rating in the Economy bonus section:

This value is not degressive - you can add this bonus fully to your base production. In this case, the base production would increase from 34125 to 211233. You can just add 100% (your base level), divide it through 100, and multiply with our base production if you are not familiar with percentage calculations:

-    519 + 100 = 619

-    619/ 100 = 6,19

-    6,19x 34125 = 211233

You can find these value within the tooltip of your Gold on the upper screen:

These numbers will tell you:

-    I currently own 4.2M Goldin my stock

-    As soon as I reach 4.8M, myMints will no longer produce Gold

-    If I get attacked and lose, the attacker can steal up to 18k Gold

-    My Hourly Production is211k

-    I have 84M in packs in my Inventory

Raising your Gold Production Rating

-    Your VIP level will provide a boost which is 1% per level until VIP12 and 2% for each additional Level. VIP10 will grant you 10%.

-    Feis, Robb Stark, and Soren are freeCommanders who increase your Production - Raymond is a paid Commander with that ability. It´s 2,5% for Basic Quality, 5% for Green, 10% for Blue, 20% for Purple, and 50% for Golden. Only the quality is influencing that value.

-    A seven days Minting Scroll grants you25% for 38.3k Alliance Coins.

-    You can receive up to 368% with Talents.

-    Equipment will influence your Production as shown in the next section.


You can get the following bonuses with equipment:


You can get the following bonuses with equipment:

What to do?

-    Max your Gold Talents for 368%.

-    Make the Eye of R´hollor Golden, it´s quick and easy to achieve - for another 12%.

-    Try to have at least a full GreenMaesters Set and a Blue Kraken Pendant as well as a Green Hammer for a total of15.5%.

-    Formations Tech tree is pretty heavy, so you might want to skip this for now, but you can keep it in mind.

-    Get Soren Golden first, then proceed with Robb and Feist finally.

Assuming you have 70% with Commanders, a total value of 500% is a solid start that can be increased over time. Keep in mind that the Maester Set is useful for Research as well.

Handling Capacity Limits

As soon as you start mid- (10-20M Gold) or high-level research (20-100M Gold), you will have one major problem: Capacity.

You will need to gather enough Gold to start the Research or you will need to break packs. Packs are hard to get unless you buy them. That´s why it´s always useful to keep as many as you can. There are a few options to handle that problem:

-    Take loans from your alliance (double taxes)

-    Have a Bank account which should be bubbled all the time (double taxes)

-    Form a group and raise funds together: Either use an online spreadsheet to keep records or simplify it by just paying it back 1:1.

With one of these strategies, you should be able to get most of the Research started without breaking packs. Even if you are doing Level 10 Military Research for32M, you can just split it up and have 5M gathered, 15M borrowed, and 12M in packs.

Buying Gold

The final option is always your credit card: Keep in mind that all poor designers and developers need food as well! It is of course a useful decision to buy the right packs and save, so you´ll have more to spend:

Please note that the above content might not apply to all situations due to changes in the development plan.

P.S.: The article was first published on 2019-09-18.