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[Player Guide]The Incredible Boring Mid-game-guide

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Article Publish : 12/24/2020 17:55
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Thanks to player rainydays from K18 for sharing this article with us. 

This guide provides you with direction for mid-game, when you are unsure of what to do next.

There is one major aspect to achieve: T4 troops. And no, there is no easy and quick way to unlock them. It will take a solid amount of time or money. But there are good and less good ways to start and proceed.

Many people consider T4 to be so difficult, that they just ignore them. It is however for most of the parts useful to just start with the process anyway since it will improve your options.

The following stuff needs to be fulfilled to be able to start the research:

  • Full tech tree Production (all Level 10) except Diamond Prospecting
  • Full tech tree Military (all Level 10)
  • Maester’s Tower Level 25

This sounds easy, but it isn’t. It takes a lot of time, a lot of speed-ups, and a lot of diamonds. But if it wouldn’t, everyone would have them - so relax. It’s a long-term goal.

This Guide is probably boring and long, so take your time. I will explain a lot of details.

1) Mid Game Requirements

I expect you have a Castle above 20, T3 Troops only, T3 Expeditions and a Lord ranking of at least 50 and a solid Commanders crew. Unless you invested in some Black Diamonds, you will probably have: Chris (purple), Robb (green) and Gorell (blue) as tanks, Arya (purple), Soren (purple) and Sansa (green or blue). Your VIP is 9 and you have 10M+ power. Finally you have 200-250k hospital space - there is no option to have less. If you don’t have that much: get it. NOW!

Within the next chapters, I’ll explain the milestones and what to do in general.

2) Big picture

There are 3 limiting barriers you will need to break down:

  • Research Time
  • Gold
  • Diamonds

In order to handle them, you can use some tricks which will be helpful. The main goal is setting up engines to improve. At one point you will be able to start hitting the long research tasks. It’s useful to prepare for that moment.

3) Daily Duties

There’s a few stuff you should always do:

  • Trade with the merchant ship, ideally all deals except expensive offers you need to pay with gold. A ship on Level 6 will be very useful.
  • Spend your Stamina at least twice per day: Focus on the useful Commanders.
  • Send out your troops gathering as often as you can.
  • Do Expeditions versus Level 3 leaders only, focus on Old Town Students, share damaged leaders in the alliance chat so others can finish them. Only use boosts vs. Oldtown Students.
  • Claim all Active Rewards, try to optimize your Recharges by either recharging daily small amounts or whenever the wheel has useful options or both.
  • Attend Training Grounds 2-3x daily: Try to find a nice opponent once you stop fighting for your next visit: If you have an easy match and come back several hours later, you can easily fight him without changing opponents. It’s better to have multiple rounds at different times to keep your record and have the best win-ratio. Even if you come back hours later, the current opponents will stay so you’re able to fight a match in your previous ranking. If you already picked a good opponent then, come back later with a lower rank due to lost battles, you will be able to jump to your old one.
  • Claim your VIP, your Monthly Card, and your Nobility.
  • If you can spare the time, attack Rebel Groups twice daily. Ideally use the ones near your limit, higher levels offer better rewards.

4) Castle 25

It’s a good question if it makes sense to improve your Castle to 25 asap or wait.

Most important aspects are:

  • Raised army size: do you need it?
  • 30 helps
  • All level 25 buildings unlocked

Some buildings have nice extras on 25:

  • Warehouse: 2.5M resource protection when attacked, it’s just nice to be on the safe side
  • Blacksmith: 3rd jewelry slot
  • Hospital: 5% Total army health

Tyrion Elite Events will require more points based on your Castle Level and it’s not ultra important to have it on 25 as soon as you could - it’s more or less a personal preference unless you fight a lot. If you do so, the Army capacity is really important.

5) Maester 25

The Tower is the most difficult building to bring to Level 25 since you have 2 hard requirements: Bannerman Hall and Hall of Faces on 25.

Bannerman requires 14.875 Battle Codex - each for a bargain of 15 Diamonds. In total, you need about 225k diamonds for the building including the Craftsman’s Hammer. Sounds like a lot, but again: it shouldn’t be too easy.

Hall of Faces requires a Dungeon on an equal level and both buildings have similar mechanics named Book of Confession and Mask of the Faceless Men. In total, all 3 buildings cost you 675k Diamonds.

The exact cost for all 3 buildings are (Bannerman Hall, Dungeon and Hall of Faces are identical regarding the cost, just the item name is different):

6) Research Speed

Army Armor Upgrade Level 10 has a base time of 626 days, 23 hours and 2 minutes to research. You will probably not want to wait so long, that’s why you need speed-ups to reduce the time. The higher your Research Speed is, the fewer speed-ups you need - so it’s ultra-important as you need to do tons of research. Unfortunately, Research Speed is degressive, meaning that the reduction effect per additional percent is getting less with a higher value. To demonstrate that on the Army Armor Research based on your rating in Research Speed which can be viewed in Lord details:

  • 100% would reduce the time to 313 days and 11 hours (50%)
  • 200% would reduce to about 209 days
  • 300% would reduce to about 157 days
  • 400% would reduce to about 125 days

30 days speed up cost 40k diamonds, so it’s pretty helpful to save them.

You get Research Speed from:

  • Talent Tree: Always max both, will grant you 85% which is the main source
  • Maester’s Tower: it’s 17% on Level 24 and 30% on Level 25, so it’s useful to get the Tower done before you start the high level research tech tree
  • Commanders: Soren, Varys, Margaery, Raymond and Tyrion grant it. Both Soren and Varys are free and have 25% each on golden quality.
  • Equipment: Eye of R’hllor (Champion set - resource nodes) has 20% on golden quality, Kraken Pendant and Seven-pointed Star Pendant (both Rebel’s End set - Rebel Groups)  have 7.28% each on blue quality. A full blue quality Maester’s Set (Old Town Students) grants 17.47%.
  • Nobility: With 20M power, you will have an additional 13%.

With 2 golden Commanders and the named equipment, you will have 230%. That’s the goal to achieve.

Just to mention: Building Speed is also important, but by far less relevant in the mid game since you simply don’t have so many buildings to raise and at a certain point you will not need to build so much.

Update (2019-08-13)

7) Power is Power

Why is Power important and why do you need a high Lord Level?

The answer is easy:

  • Nobility will grant you 50 minutes free speed-up once you unlock Hedge Knight I. This is extremely helpful during early times since you do shorter constructions or research more often.
  • Your Lord level limits the level of your Commanders. You will need at least level 56 to competitive in Training Grounds. Also starting from level 57, you are able to advance the rank to VIII which enables a higher army capacity and better Commander equipment.

Lord Levels until 56 are easy to achieve. Just follow the instructions here and you should quickly be able to get to 56. 57 will be harder, but it’s also achievable within a few days. 58+ is really hard and will take time.

8) Fighting the Bosses

Honestly, there is no option to win against a 100M+ player, unless you have a similar power respectively similar tech and troops.

Battle system of GoT:WiC is in general pretty simple: 4 troop types, 4 troop tiers, 4 stats each. Here are some interesting facts regarding tier-levels (T1 = Light, T2 = Veteran, T3 = Elite, T4 = Royal). The following table shows the increase of value compared to the lower tier:

The attack value of Veteran troops is 105% higher compared to Light ones. 60 Royal troops will do the same damage then 100 Elite, have 50% more defense and 28% more health.

Let’s say you have a decent amount of research done for all Military parts (Level 7), your bonus for Attack, Defense and Health will be 46%. Your total army bonus for Attack, Defense and Health will be 46% for Research + 5% for VIP + 10% for buildings. In total, you have approximately about 110%.

If your potential opponent completed the Military tech tree (Level 10), used some Talent points and added Badges to the equipment, the bonus looks like this:

  • 2x 135% for Research (Army and specific Units)
  • 12% Attack for each unit type with equipment (assuming Champion set is used), by far more with Glorious set or others
  • 15% Attack for each unit type with badges or a lot more with high-end Badges
  • About 90% Army Health and 65% Attack for the primary unit type

In total, about 360% Attack and Health and 270% Defense. This is a simple assumption, can be optimized a lot using talents and equipment. But the quick & dirty option would mean:

  • Attack is x 3.25 higher or you need 3.25 units for 1 opposing to deal equal damage
  • Health is x 3.25 higher or your units will die with 30% of the damage dealt compared to opponent

Not accounting morale, which is an important aspect of the battle system, your potential opponent using an equal army size will be about 3 times stronger and you will need about 3 times the amount of units - not even considering T4 troops - to be even.

This comparison illustrates two sample armies: You get attacked with 300k troops and have 500k defenders.

Your opponent has 32% more Attack and Health, not accounting probably stronger Commanders - even if you have 200k more troops.

Your opponent is more then twice as strong as you. Don’t try to fight :-)

9) Hardest facts

Fact one: As we already learned, you need about 675k diamonds just to complete the buildings.

Fact two: With 225% RS (Research Speed) and 30 helps, the total amount of DAYS you need to research is 1641. Yes, that is almost 4.5 years or close to 40k hours.

Fact three: Besides a good amount of other resources which are pretty easy to find, you will need 1218 million gold. Yes, that’s about 2580 Level 4 Nodes to farm.

That’s the bad part. Let’s talk about the positive one: Time can be substituted by Diamonds. A solid, very complex and hard to understand assumption is: one diamond = one minute of speed-up. If you didn’t understand, read it again and again. How comes? Easy: Within the Diamond Shop you will be able to find the following items:

  • 3 days Speed Up = 4320 minutes = 4400 diamonds
  • 7 days Speed Up = 10080 minutes = 10000 diamonds
  • 30 days Speed Up = 43200 minutes = 40000 diamonds

As you are now enlightened, there is a relation between time and diamonds. The total amount of diamonds to instantly complete all T4 research assuming you have Production and Military tech tree to Level 7 all i s 2.19M diamonds. This time equals about 1.1k USD in Packs if buying strictly good ones (150 diamonds/minutes average per BD) or 1.45k in USD if only buying good ones with coupons (200 diamonds/minutes average per BD).

As you might have estimated, after the positive part, there’s another negative one. These mentioned 1218M gold you need can of course be bought with diamonds as well, but the price is pricy. If you are very generous and wealthy, you can buy the gold for about 6M diamonds which isn’t a bargain obviously.

What’s the conclusion? Buying speed-ups for diamonds is a legit option, buying gold is absolutely not recommended.

10) Preppers survive!

We now all learned a lot about different stuff, but nothing really specific. I would split this game into 4 stages:

  • Starting up: People will do whatever they want to, read somewhere or find out by themselves. In the end, it doesn’t really matter.
  • Preparing: At one point, you will need to start the preparations for your mid-game. That’s what I try to tell you here.
  • Developing: Once you are ready, you will start to handle the heavy duties, which are mainly the long researchs. It makes sense to have that planned well.
  • Using: As soon as you complete it, you can use it.

I will now explain what you should do and what you shouldn’t during the preparations phase.

  • Castle 25: You can complete the Level 25 at any time during that stage. Just remember the benefits and make sure what you win or lose. It will not ultimately influence you. The difference between 29 and 30 helps is: 25,28% vs. 26,03% reduced time - in minutes it’s about 11 minutes saved per 24h research time.
  • Other buildings 25: The best things about Level 25 upgrades are the EXP you get when completing quests and the ranking for Elite events. Also, some buildings are required for your Castle or they have amazing features (e.g. Hospital, Warehouse, Blacksmith). Just decide for your own what is useful and what isn’t. There’s some stuff required for Maester’s, so you will need to do it at some point.
  • T3 expeditions: Rewards for Level 3 Leaders are by far better then Level 2, so you need them. Only spend your Motivation boosts on Old Town Students to get stuff for your Maester’s Set.
  • Adjust your talent tree for ultra-farming purposes: CS1+2, RS1+2, ACC1+2, GS1+2 - rest on TS or Gold. Friendly reminder: CS is Construction Speed, RS is Research Speed, ACC is Army Carrying Capacity, GS is Gathering Speed. Buy a weekly Harvest Scroll for Alliance coins and start farming nodes. Using this setup, you will be fast.
  • Equipment: Try to get your Maester’s Set to blue, at least the Quill and rest green. Get Eye of R’hollor from Champion Set golden (it’s easy) and either Kraken Pendant or Seven-pointed Star Pendant to blue. Just regularly farm Rebel Groups and don’t forge anything else using these materials.
  • Lord Level: 57 is the answer. That’s the Level you need. Once reached, you will need over 10M EXP for 58 which takes pretty long. I suggest to complete Level 25 buildings during the process to gain the extra EXP for the quests which is very helpful. You might want to gather quests and use an EXP boost and then Claim multiple Quests at once to make best use of the boost. Con is that you will not get the quest resources before claiming them.
  • Commanders: See the section.
  • VIP9: I doubt you don’t already have it, but VIP9 is the first thing to spend diamonds for. If you don’t have it, you should probably read a Beginner’s Guide first.
  • Nobility: 20M power is will grant you 13% Research Speed. Don’t focus on that aspect, it should just happen over time.
  • Tech: See tech tree section.
  • Other Buildings: See income section.
  • Maester 25: Due to the research bonus on Level 25, I recommend to focus on the buildings first. This will pay-off later when you start the high-end research tasks.

11) Commanders

The only reason to have many Commanders is a passion for possession. You only need very few Commanders and there is no reason to waste time and material for more. It’s nice to have them all, but you really don’t need them. Your team should be Chris, Gorell and Robb as tanks and Soren, Arya and Sansa. If you prefer to buy another one: get Melisandre to Golden quality.

  • Chris will be free purple during the story quest completion. Leave him on purple since you get 20 extra medals once you finish the T4 troop quests. You can also only Source him on 3-12.
  • Robb isn’t really good, but he’s just fine to start. I would only raise him to Green since you will probably replace him later.
  • Gorell is a strong tank with a nice 4-9 to source. Blue or Purple.
  • Soren is a solid damage dealer and has Research Speed. You need him golden and he has 5-6 and 8-3 as stages.
  • Arya: One of the best damage dealers with a free blue quality questline. Bring her to Purple, especially since 6-9 is a good stage.
  • Sansa is a healer and healing can be ultra mighty or totally useless. You definitely need her for WW, but it’s possible to keep her Green and still complete mid 7 Elite and all stages Common. 7-9 is also really amazing.

Some or many of you might now ask why I mentioned the stages. The answer is: Lord EXP: 7-18 will grant you 2640 EXP on Elite and 1475 EXP on Common (plus your individual bonus which is probably 60%), while you only get 72 for 1-1. Assuming you spend the full 288 daily Stamina points, the difference is pretty significant:

  • around 100k for 7-18 Elite vs. 5k for 1-3 Elite
  • around 113k for 7-18 Common vs. 5.5k for 1-1 Common

Yes, this is a good reason to save Spirit of Weirwoods during start-up and congratulations if you did so.

Another important aspect are Commander equipments: They make a big difference in TG and WW, so you will probably want to fully equip your crew. This can be either done Blitzing Common stages if the stage only has medals for a crap Commander or just using Elite. As the EXP difference isn’t high - just compare 100k for 24x Elite vs. 113k for 48x Common - I usually recommend Elite in most cases since you also get medals. Try to focus on the highest Stages you can Blitz while in the process of levelling your Lord and switch to others if you unlock higher ones which are useful. Most crappy option is to farm Sansa before you unlock 7-9 and just use 1-6. You can farm early stages once you don’t need any more Lord EXP.

A good target is to have Chris, Arya and Gorell in Purple, Sansa in Blue, Robb in Green, Soren in Golden and then focus on Varys once you reach Level 57. Just a useful hint: Even if that might be different during lower levels, your Commanders will easily reach maximum EXP before you can Level your Lord within the 50s - so Blitzing is the best option since you get the Commander EXP in items and can make use for them later.

Also remember that: Commanders have a Growth rate for Attributes, shown in Details → Attributes. This Growth rate is based on the quality meaning and will be adjusted once you improve the quality. It doesn’t matter if you level first and improve quality later or the other way around. I had a couple of people asking me about this issue and I verified it with different Commanders.

The main reason why you shouldn’t collect Commanders: basic or green quality Commanders are simply not good. You need to develop them and they start being useful once they are purple or golden - at least blue. It’s better to focus on a small amount and complete these.

12) Tech tree

Quick and dirty:

  • Get Resource Exploitation, Building Mastery and Transport to at least 8. Once you get close to the 200% RS push them to 9 or 10. You will need them anyway and they have the best early impact.
  • Get everything else to Level 7 in Production (except Diamonds) and Military.

A few more useful strategies which might help you:

  • Don’t waste your free speed-ups you receive: Either complete Normal/Elite Events, adjust your sleeping or working times: if you go to sleep and your research or construction only lasts 3-4 hours, you should finish it and start a longer one.
  • Start with the research which will grant you the best benefits in your situation. Farming is probably as useless as Bowmen Defense. While you don’t regularly fight, use Resource Exploitation or Building Mastery which are very helpful at any time.

13) Income

We spoke about duties. There are:

  • 675k diamonds for buildings
  • 2.2M diamonds or equivalent in speed-ups for research
  • 1218M gold

If you are rich and greedy, just see the Cash is King section. If you are poor and patient, read on. There are plenty options to get Diamonds, Speed-Ups and Gold. As speed-ups and diamonds are almost equal at least for research, I will account them even.

Here’s a listing of your potential daily income:

Without any events or specials, you would probably require about 260 days for all 3 buildings (HoF, Dungeon, Bannerman Hall). Within this time, you would gather 481k of speed-up minutes. If you also used these 260 days for research, 1.3M would remain which take another 240 days. Quests, Events, Specials & Co. will reduce that timespan massively. Please see the Plan your time section for more details.

As you only have about 500k Gold listed above, the amount of time would be quite long: 2380 days. Fortunately there are further sources:

  • If using 9 additional hospitals (400k max capacity), 1 Army tent and 6 mints on LVL25 your hourly production is about 29k gold. With a bonus of about 100%, that amount is increased to 59k. Unfortunately you can only keep about 6M gold until the production stops due to the limits, so take care for that problem.
  • Farming 3x LVL4 nodes daily will grant another 1.4M.
  • Farming smaller players will increase gold production also, but I personally don’t like it. It’s like beating smaller kids in the sandbox to have more toys. This game is of course a war game, but some etiquette doesn’t seem to be pointless.

In total, you should have 3M daily at least - again there are plenty of ways to get more, but I will try to use values of casual players. This would mean: 406 days. That’s basically the amount of time you need to be patient without spending money and without participating on events & co. to obtain further diamonds, speed-ups or gold. This is the estimated  timespan if you just do the daily minimum and spend 10-15 minutes per day playing.

You will also need a solid amount of regular resources (Wood, Stone, Iron, Grain). There are proper ways to get these pretty easy:

  • Use a hybrid farming talent tree (full resource gathering and army capacity)
  • Use the 7 days Gathering boost within the Alliance shop nonstop
  • Improve Resource Exploitation and Transport within the tech tree first unless you have a desperate need for military boosts
  • With a solid amount of gathering speed and capacity you will need approximately 2-2.5h per level 4 node. Depending on your activity, you can farm up to 50M per day if you always have one army on mints. Even if you can only farm 3 times per day, it would be around 15M.
  • Use the Merchant Ship as often as you can. It will grant you Speed-Ups and convert resources to resource-items which are safe and handy. Consider buying the Gold offers if it fits for your requirements: You will have a Gold limit which might cause your Mints not to produce anything. If you don’t have an upcoming Research, you might want to spend Gold in order to be able to produce. If you lose 50k per hour, it’s about 1.2M daily. It can also make sense to have partners for gold exchange - it costs 8% tax on LVL 25 Market, but this might be better than wasting your production. Such a partnership would work as follows: Either one player is bubbled all the time and used as a bank or a group of players just transfers gold to the one currently in need and these transactions are accounted and rebalanced over time.

Please remember: If you gather at resource nodes, you should always complete them and not leave anything. Only completed nodes will respawn and it will be annoying for you and your alliance members if there are plenty of unfinished nodes around especially since these are not shown in Search.

Update (2019-08-27)

14) Cash is King

As we all know: the game is free to play and expensive to maintain. Major thing to know is: Spend your resources wisely. Do not waste them for bullshit, it will handicap you.

  • Don’t spend diamonds on anything else then speed-ups if you really require them or in best case the 3 expensive buildings (BH, HoF, Dungeon). You might want to jump around using tons of Precise Transfers, but you should know that it’s expensive. If you desperately need one, consider the 270k Alliance coins. Also use the 45k Alliance Coins for Reset Talents.
  • If you spend money you should handle it like this: Buy 10 or 100 Black Diamonds daily and look which extras are available within the wheel in Daily Active. You get 1 or 2 free rolls if purchasing 10 or 100 Black Diamonds, but not more if buying more. There are very good wheels (diamonds and gold primarily) and very bad ones (e.g. expedition). It’s not necessary to spend the Black Diamonds instantly, you can just keep them and wait for the time you need them.
  • Using coupons which are available every Sunday after reset for 48h makes sense since you can save a lot, but keep in mind: The packs change every 2 days and you won’t know what you get. It’s a good option to claim the coupon pack not instantly since you will have the chance to use them 48h. If you wait at least 30 minutes, you get a free refresh of the available packs. If you wait longer then Tuesday reset, the coupons will disappear and you lose at least the 200 free Diamonds.
  • All packs have certain tiers and limits. The next pack gets more expensive and contains more items. Most higher tiers are worse than the first one.

The regular Recharges are just useless, since there are always better packs available. Each pack has a simple question: What do I get for my cash? It’s more or less the following stuff:

  • Commander Medals: As mentioned, Commanders below purple or golden shouldn’t be leveled. Also the ones you have are just fine. It’s for sure nice to have a golden Daenerys offering 25% Attack, Defense and Health for your Army - but a Basic one with just 1.25% won’t really make a difference.
  • Spirit of Weirwood: Once your Lord level reaches about 50, I would personally consider the T1 Pack useful sometimes. It will grant a solid amount of EXP and it boosts your Commander development which is nice. It’s a considerable option to buy if no good packs are available and you have a Coupon, but it’s still not really efficient.
  • Transfers, Race Boots & Co.: It’s a nice throw-in, but nothing relevant to consider.
  • Equipment resources: You get 50 mainly basic colored items to craft. As the low-end color is pretty easy to farm, it’s not a good option. You might want to buy an Oldtown Pack sometimes if you want to accelerate your Research equipment, but it’s also not an efficient option.
  • Regular resources: Except for gold, it’s just a throw-in, but not really important.
  • Diamonds & Speed-Ups: Most important stuff.

Basically you can sum it up: How many diamonds do I get per Black Diamond?

Here’s the listing of the best packs. The Regular value means without coupon and the discounted means you are using one. The value means Diamonds & Speed-Up minutes per Black Diamond:

I added a more detailed listing of most packs to the end.

Remark: This listing is based on the previous version of Iron Bank Packs which have recently changed. I will update once the confirmation is received that the change is permanent.

15) Develop your masterplan

Most players won’t have the budget or the idea to spend everything instant, but some regular payments are okay. Just consider the time you play that game and compare with other hobbies like cinema or whatever you might want to do. Whatever you might want to spend is ok and even if it’s zero, you can play that game with a lot of fun. Just remember that there will always be someone with deeper pockets and a higher cc limit. There are multiple example plans at the end, but you should try to develop your own and use this guide as an inspiration.

16) Cheat-Sheets

a) Requirements to start - that’s what you should have:

b) Preparations - that’s what you need to do:

c) Research Speed:

  • Maester’s Tower LVL25 will grant you 30%. I recommend to to this first in order to have the boost available for your Military Research above 7.
  • Eye of R’hollor: While farming resources which you will need, you should focus on getting this piece of Jewelry to Golden quality which will grant you another 20%.
  • Kraken Pendant in Epic Quality (Purple) will provide 12,74% and in Rare Quality (Blue) it will be 7,28%.
  • Maester’s Quill in Rare Quality (Blue) will give you 5,28% and the total set in Green another 5,46%.
  • Soren in Golden quality offers 25%, so will Varys do. Tyrion in Green provides another 4% and Raymond in Blue has 5%. Soren is pretty essential while the others are optional.
  • Your Nobility with 20M power provides 13% and it will raise to 15% once you reach 30M.
  • Your Talents should provide you 85%.

I recommend to start the process once you reach 200% and then try to fix what you’re missing. It lasts about 45 days to complete one Commander without any Spirits of Weirwood. Each Spirit will reduce the time by 12h.

d) Daily Tasks

e) Researchs:

Time is based on 225% Research Speed.

17) Masterplans

Based on a daily income of 2600 Diamonds, 1850 Speed-Up minutes and 3M Gold with 200% Research Speed. This assumption is defensive - you should be able to gain more since there are really multiple options to receive diamonds. Requires Monthly Card.

Basics: Just calculate diamonds + speed-up minutes per Black Diamond. Sum-up both and divide it through the Black Diamonds to spend. As diamonds and speed-up minutes are pretty even, this is the easiest option to do. Until you have Maester LVL25 you will need more diamonds, afterwards it doesn’t matter. The best pack without Coupons is the Final Season Pack for 10BD which offers a value 204 per BD. Using a Coupon it will even be 408. Anything above 150 is good.

Free to Play - I don’t want to spend any money except for the Monthly Card:

I would like to spend $1 per day:= 70 Black Diamonds per week

  • Make a daily recharge of $1 to gain 7 extra wheels per week
  • Buy the full pack cycle I-III every 0.7 weeks

If you can save via Coupons, the alternative options would be Don’t Miss Out (Regular), Iron Bank I or the Final Season for 10BD. You can also exchange Friendly Surprises (Diamonds). It makes sense to focus on Diamond packages until you complete Maester LVL 25 for the extra 13% Research Speed.

In total you save at least 8.63 days per week without Coupons, reducing your total time from 496 days to only 380.

I would like to spend $5 per day: = 350 Black Diamonds per week

  • Make a daily recharge of $1 to gain 7 extra wheels per week and $10 recharges whenever the wheel has good opportunities or you don’t have enough time to complete all Daily Actives

As you should be able to find at least one useful Coupon, the total spendings per week is slightly above the limit. Your total time will be reduced to 212 days, but you will require 450M additional Gold. Instead of buying Iron Bank I+II each week you save and buy I-IV to reduce the amount to 230M missing with a slightly longer time.

I would like to spend $10 per day: = 700 Black Diamonds per week

  • Just remember to recharge $10 daily instead of higher sums more often to receive two daily free wheels

47980 diamonds and 61185 minutes result in 135 days. You will miss 403M Gold and you can reduce that to 260M if you buy Iron Bank I-IV packs every 2 weeks.

I would like to spend $20 per day:= 1400 Black Diamonds per week

  • Just add Iron Bank IV, Exchange Friendly Surprise (Diamonds) 2x, Weekly Special 50BD 2x

Approximately 87k diamonds and 102k minutes reduce the timing to 89 days. You will need to cover about 320M Gold which are missing. Good luck :-)

I would like to spend whatever is necessary to get T4 asap:

Just refer to the listing beyond. You can of course buy regular Recharges at any time, but they are so lousy compared to packs that it will only make sense if you absolutely want it the same day.

Listing of all relevant packs:

Remark: This listing is based on the previous version of Iron Bank Packs which have recently changed. I will update once the confirmation is received that the change is permanent.

Please note: I might miss some or didn’t add them because they are either useless or I never saw them. If you miss anything, just drop me a message on Discord.

18) Events!

Normal and Elite Events are one of the primary beneficial sources to reduce your time. System is pretty easy: whatever you gain as ranking with the construction or research will also be credited to your Events account. Elite events last one hour, Normal ones last four hours. Once the time is up, your points are adjusted to zero and you might receive a reward if you’re qualified. Each Event has 3 stages - only the 3rd stage is really interesting. If you complete an Event, you will also take part within the global contest and might receive further rewards. These aren’t really awesome, unless you are ranked high. There’s a button within the Event window top right to view the stuff you can get.

There is little chance to complete events with low research or constructions, but the high levels will grant you solid ranking. In best case, you will be able to complete an Elite and Normal Event with just one transaction, meaning you can get up to 3000 minutes of speed-ups and 1000 diamonds - for free! Most likely, this will only happen with Level 9 or 10 researchs or Level 25 constructions, but there is plenty to handle and the better you make use of this option, the less time you will require. With 25 research paths you have 50x 9 and 10 - offering you a potential value up to 200k in diamonds or about 10% of the total amount you need.

  • The best Normal Event requires 151.2k for Construction, Research or Training. It provides 21h of speed-ups.
  • The best Elite Event for Construction & Training requires 189k and rewards you with 41h of speed-ups as well as 500 diamonds.
  • The best Elite Event for Research requires 576k for 1000 diamonds and 29h of speed-ups.

Best Effort (300 diamonds daily) and Resource Gathering (3.5h daily) will also help a little bit.

19) Final Pro-Tips-of-the-Day

  • As long as you do not have BH & HoF on LVL25, do not spend Diamonds on anything else. Having Maester on 25 will grant you extra 13% of RS.
  • Does it make sense to push Research Commanders with Gift of Weirwood Pack? Cheapest option to get Spirits of Weirwood Tree are Packs with Coupons: 35BD for 5. This could approximately be around 5-7k diamonds or minutes. And you will save 2.5 days in Stamina refreshment. If you reduce the amount of days to raise any Purple RS Commander to Golden, you will have 15% more RS for 2.5 days or 7k minutes which are 116h. If you start any research within this timeframe, it would have to be any Army LVL 9 or 10 since in all other cases it is more useful to buy the minutes. If you just wait and do a shorter research first, it’s even more efficient not to buy Gift of Weirwood Packs and instead invest in better ones.
  • Try to never break any Gold packs unless you are doing a 6M+ Research. You will need this Gold at one point and missing it will result in the requirement to farm it via Nodes. This basically means No income for awhile, high risk of potential attacks and delays you can avoid. It’s pretty simple to farm a few M Gold, but it’s hard to do it with 10M. If you have a few hundred million in your stock, you will save a lot of trouble. The most expensive Research will cost 102M Gold so it’s very useful to be prepared.
  • In most cases, there is no need to complete a construction or research at a specific time, unless you are completing an Elite event. Just relax and plan: know what you want to do next. It’s very helpful to have lists of the next steps.
  • Best practice to handle long-term research: Start the research, wait for the 30 helps, wait until both Elite & Normal Events fit, use Speed-Ups to complete if you have enough Gold to start the next and use fillers like Production Research if you need some missing points to complete the Events.
  • A Google Spreadsheet can help a lot to plan your next steps.

This Guide is based on a minimum of daily time spent to play. The probable maximum of income can be raised by a lot of options. If people are interested, I might probably add a complete list.

Please note that the above content might not apply to all situations due to changes in the development plan.

P.S.: The article was first published on 2019-08-01.