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[MULTI-LANGUAGE][NEWS] Challenge in Expedition Beyond and Refine Your Equipment! (Updated on 2022/9/21)

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Article Publish : 09/11/2020 18:43
Edited by handoftheking at 09/21/2022 12:23

This guide is based on the author's personal experience and is only relevant to the current game’s content.

Expedition Beyond and Refinement

Working on your refinement will increase your stats a lot and you can choose between stats that either assist you in your battles or help you grow your account. To access it your castle has to be at least level 18. In this guide I will break down how you get those extra stats and what Expedition Beyond has to do with it.

The most important buildings are the Blacksmith, the Maester’s Tower and the Training Grounds.

The blacksmith gives us access to the refinement window in which we can use two different kinds of ore to either boost the stats or change the stats of a specific piece of equipment. 

The research in the Maester’s Tower limits how far we can upgrade a specific piece of equipment. The starting quality is Common followed by Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

The Training Grounds give us access to Expedition Beyond in which we can earn the special kinds of ores we need to upgrade our equipment in the refinement window. Those are called Refined Rough and Wash stones. 

To access the refinement window click on the blacksmith, click the Blacksmith button at the top right and select Refinement (see graphic below).

Now you should have the refinement window in front of you.

There are 8 different pieces of equipment with 4 slots each for which you can choose stats and which you can upgrade. To upgrade a specific piece of equipment just select it and press the Refinement button at the bottom (if you have enough Refined rough).

The easiest way to change the stats of a specific piece of equipment is to click stats on the bottom left, click on All Attributes on the top right and check the boxes of stats you would like to have on your gear.

After you chose the stats you want to have you close the Stats window and check the Auto-Shuffle box on the bottom right. Then you click the arrow on the top right of the stat you want to get rid of (see the graphic below) and the game will keep rerolling the chosen stat until either you hit one of the stats you checked the box for or you run out of wash stones.

If you are unsure about what stats are best for your gear check out the chronicler content. There are a ton of guides on which stat combination is the best for your current situation.

So now that we know where to use the specific resources, let’s take a look at how to earn them. For this go to the Training Grounds and press the Expedition Beyond button.

Now you have to choose one of five difficulties. If you beat a higher difficulty you will get better rewards. But watch out! If you are having trouble progressing to the later bosses in a specific difficulty it might be better to clear the lower difficulty instead.

This is where the challenge starts. All of your commanders have a set amount of deployed soldiers which is effectively their HP. Once a commander loses all of its soldiers, you can not use him in a fight any longer. The amount of deployed soldiers increases with a commander's quality.

To fight an enemy just click the Battle button on the bottom right and the following window opens.

On the top left you can choose which commanders should fight for you. To select them simply drag and drop them from the window at the bottom at their respective place at the top left. You can also choose the dragon you want fighting for you. Click the four squares at the battle button on the bottom right to choose a formation you want to go with. On the right side you can see which commanders your enemy deployed and how many soldiers they have left. If you are happy with your choices click the battle button and the fight will begin. While you can change freely between your commanders, the enemies' commanders are fixed and won’t replenish their deployed soldiers. During the battle every possible buff like Fervor as well as battle bonus from badges, talents and equipment apply. So changing between different kinds of setups (dependent on which opponent you are facing) might be a good idea. In the table below you can see the rewards and check this yourself.

If you are having trouble beating a specific difficulty there are also many chronicler videos on how to prepare and beat Expedition Beyond. So once again it might be a good idea to check that content out. Once you beat a specific difficulty you can blitz it. Meaning that after selecting the difficulty you can click the blitz button to finish the stage instantly. An alternative way of blitzing the stage is using the interface in city affairs at the bottom right.

Last but not least is the Master’s tower. Select Maester’s tower on the top of the window and then Refinement on the second page (check the graphic below).

I recommend researching the whole Refinement tree since it will give you the ability to upgrade all of your pieces to legendary quality as well as giving your equipment a fourth badge slot, which brings a huge increase in battle stats.