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[PLAYER GUIDE] A Summary of Main Events in Game (Updated on 2022/9/22)

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Article Publish : 09/12/2022 23:53
Edited by handoftheking at 09/22/2022 16:46

This guide is based on the author's personal experience and is only relevant to the current game’s content.

Get yourself comfortable because it’s going to be a while :)

Events give the players a chance for social interaction and, at the same time, help them grow and get the needed content that will help them progress in the game. 

They are a critical part of GoTWiC and new players could get confused with so many ongoing events at the same time. That’s why I will try to do a general description of the main events so that everyone can have a better understanding of how to do well and get the most value and rewards from them.

The guide will be structured based on the type of the event: Individual, Alliance, and Cross-Server. 

Events calendar

Under “Events” you can find the Events Calendar. It is important to know what events you’ll have in the upcoming week for effective resource and speed-ups management. Most events are about trading one resource for another. For example, Lord of Lords is coming up on Thursday, knowing this 7 days beforehand, I will be saving up my gold, grain, and speed-ups in order to get a decent ranking and therefore good rewards. It is always important to check the Calendar as you do not want to be caught with your pants down and not being able to take part in an event that has an exclusive reward (meaning you won´t get it in any other event).

Individual Events

These are the events where the player has to complete tasks by and for himself. There are several such events that give great rewards, such as:

1. Blessings of The Seven

This Event is ongoing and pretty self-explanatory, they are generally good and easy to do. Be sure to check it out under Events.

Here’s the schedule that will hopefully help you get the maximum value out of them.

Link of the original size for a better view:

*Tip: Save your Endurance, Motivation, Weirwood hearts, and various speed-ups and you will be able to finish all the quests and make the best of them. 

2. Challenge Quests

Daily (24h reset), Normal (3h reset), and Elite (1h reset) are known events for obtaining Tyrion’s medals. You’ll need to either train troops, build, and/or research for the required amount of power increase.

*Tip: Try to synchronize Elite and Daily when they require training troops. It’s one of the best ways to get your Tyrion to gold fast.

3. Commissions

Commissions is an event based on finishing tasks and obtaining Fame Points. The best thing about this event is its shop which I consider one of the best ways to finish your pieces of equipment. You can also get badge chests and Friendship chests. Remember the tip about saving Motivation and Endurance? This is another event that will ask you to spend some.

4. R’hllor’s Trial

Another great Individual event for its rewards is the R’hllor’s Trial. It will grant you Covenant Star Emblems for each completed stage which will then be used to buy different items from its exclusive shop. The particular thing about this event is that some rewards won’t unlock unless you gain a certain amount of stars.


You can find a complete guide for this event here:

5. Weirwood Memories

This is an event similar to the Weirwood Tree, the huge difference being its exclusive shop. Clearing stages will help you obtain the Weirwood Tokens that can be used to exchange for items in the shop. 

Alliances tend to save the formations that work against certain bosses so you can ask for help if you find yourself unable to complete a stage.

The most important items in this event’s shop are the Hector medals and fragments for the “An Empty Throne” album. You’ll need to have cleared a certain number of stages in order to unlock items in the shop.

You can find a complete guide for this event here:

6. Lord of Lords

Lord of lords is another monthly event that grants you exclusive items such as the Heart of the Grass Sea castle and Sabrina medals.

Basically, it is a 9-day event that requires you to gain power, kill Rebel Leaders, gather resources, and attack other castles. The person with the most points will be the Lord of Lords.

Tips for this event:

*Put on your gathering gear, and gathering castle skin, and activate a gathering scroll for the gathering phase. And always collect 2-3 hours before the event starts so when ur gathers and march back the resources gathered will be counted for the event. Lvl 5 nodes and gold nodes are obviously the best for the event but that is what alliance and kingdom depend on.

*Always have long research or construction near completion and finish it during these stages. it’s better if you combine it with the Daily, Normal, or Elite.

*Ensure you have enough resources speed-up and gold to train troops during this event.

If you want to do well in this event you should hold off upgrading during the non-Lord of Lords period and use it here. 

*Quick note honor level and equipment upgrades count!

You can find a complete guide for this event here:

7. Lost in the Smoke

This event has 8 stages and follows a path toward a rewards chest. Each chapter has 4 quests you need to finish in order to advance. Each quest gives a reward and you can prepare in advance for them by using this chart I came across on Discord:


Link for full-size preview:

Tip: The quests that require killing a certain amount of rebel groups refer to normal rebel groups and not Elite

8. Recruitment Pass

In my personal opinion, this is the best Individual event a player can complete. You can find it under Benefits, it starts on the first day of the month and lasts for 28 days.

Basically, you need to obtain Recruitment Pass Reputation by completing the event’s challenges and the Daily Activity quests. The Recruitment Pass Reputation will increase your Recruitment Pass Level and with each completed level you will get a reward for each unlocked Decree. Among the rewards, there are Rare Crystal Essences, Technology Scrolls, Battle Equipment General Material, speed-ups, race boots, resources, etc., and Pass Coins that you will use in the event’s shop. It has an extensive shop from which you can acquire commander medals, troop appearance medals, photo album fragments, etc. 

*In order to fully benefit from this event, I recommend buying the Hero and Legendary Decrees. I was able to get to gold lots of my commanders and get lots of A castle skins only by completing the Recruitment Pass.


Alliance Events

These are the events where you’ll need your Alliance in order to participate and complete the tasks.

1. Alliance and Elite Trials

Alliance Trial is an event that brings an alliance to fight a commander on steroids, it is very important to send your commanders in every day to do some damage so that you can be rewarded with a friendship chest and alliance coins depending on your damage dealt with the commander on that day.

Defeating a commander at various stages will ensure rewards, and every 5th stage provides 2 Tyrion medals as rewards.

Elite Trials (Bi-weekly - 1 week on, 1 week off) are like an Alliance Trial boss, the alliance can use all their commanders daily to beat down a commander to get rewards. You send your commanders to do battle with the commanders and, as you advance, you gain rewards from dealing damage and clearing a stage. 

Your commanders get reset daily so it is important to use all your commanders before the game reset.

The more damage you deal to a commander the more rewards you will receive. And if your alliance clears a stage, you gain rewards as well. The Coins received can be used to be traded in the event’s shop.

*Tips: Getting good commanders' quality (gold, purple), level, and equipment can ensure higher damage dealt to place you higher in the ranking.

2. Alliance Mobilization

Alliance Mobilization is a monthly event and it starts on Tuesdays. A set of quests will appear, each giving points to the event upon completion. The quests reset every 10 mins and only rank IV members can reset them. 

Each Alliance will play in a certain league depending on their result in the previous season. Each League has a maximum number of chests you can claim upon completion and your Alliance’s goal should be to get into the Epic league which has the maximum chests the event can give. There are 24 stages for the Epic league and everyone’s rewards are different and randomly generated.

In order to reach all 24 rewards, an Alliance has to score 122,000 points

Here’s an AM quests sheet that will hopefully make Alliance Mobilization easier for everyone to contribute to the Alliance: 

Alliance Mobilization quest sheet

*Keep in mind that the sheet is not updated and is missing the speed-ups quests.


And finally, we get to the most enjoyed events, the Cross-server events, where players and/or Alliances play with other players/Alliances from other kingdoms. These events tend to be very challenging and at the same time very competitive. The rewards are also better than the ones from other events. 

Let’s see which are the main Cross-Server events and I will try to give you some tips for each of them. You can find more extensive guides on the GoTWiC Forum and Chroniclers videos.

1. Ultimate Tournament

The Ultimate Tournament is a competition in which players participate as individuals against other players from either their server or other servers.

The event has 4 leagues that go from Bronze to Diamond and in order to advance to a higher league, you need to finish the season among the first 16 players from your league. The higher the league the better the rewards so your goal will be to advance to the highest league you can. It is a famous event for the rewards it gives and it can be used to test your PvP set-ups. The event has also a Play-offs phase which has its own rewards. To get into the Play-off, you would need to finish among the first 16. The champion of each season’s Diamond league will be announced in-game, for example:


You can find here a more extensive description of the event:

*Ultimate Tournament has no real troops losses

*Tip: A better rank in a lower league has worse rewards than a lower rank in a bigger league. For example, finishing among the first #200 in the Gold league will give you better rewards than finishing #1 in the Silver league.

*Tip: Make sure to set up your equipment, badges, and Lord before you save your attack/defense formation and that you need to update them if you do an upgrade.

2. Fiery Crystal Mine

As the name indicates, the event is about digging and defending against other players while digging Mines for a certain amount of time and hoping that you are lucky enough to get the coveted drop, Chris Oath Ancient Weapon

Even if it’s cataloged as a Cross-server event, it has also a Local feature so you can either choose to dig Mines from your server or on the Cross-server, the difference being that on the latter, the probability of you getting attacked and removed from the Mines is higher. 

The event is available every day except Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and the longer you occupy a mine, the better rewards you may obtain. You can stop digging at any time when you feel the need to cancel. 

Besides the Oath Weapon, you can also obtain other rewards such as speed-ups, weapons that range from green to gold, and Fiery Crystals which you can use in the Fiery Crystal Shop

You will notice that besides the Local and Cross-server Mines there is a Super Mine. That Mine is usually occupied by stronger players and it has a particular rewards system based on a ranking board. The longer you were able to stay on the Super Mine, the higher the rank, therefore, the better the reward.

*Normal Fiery Crystal Mines have real troops losses with a casualty rate of 20%. Fiery Crystal Mines gets the Blessing of the Seven and at the end of each battle, 90% of the troops lost will be resurrected. For the Super Mine, only 50% will be resurrected. 

3. War of the Kingdoms

KvK (as most players name it) is a 24h event where two kingdoms get matched and fight each other. It starts on the reset of the first Sunday of each month and the goal is to get more points than the enemy kingdom by either gathering, holding Grand Castles, or killing troops. Besides the event’s great rewards (individual, server, and Alliance), both Kingdoms get diamond mines for the next 24h, the difference being that the losing kingdom gets mines from lvl 1 to lvl 3 and the winning Kingdom gets mines up to lvl 5.

You can also get Battle Tokens (by killing troops) and Bravery Tokens (by getting your troops killed) and you can use them to acquire exclusive items from the Token Shop:


*Tip: This event is the best source for you to get the Mountain Clan set materials so, even if you don’t enjoy the PvP part of the event, you must at least get all the points it’s required in order to receive all the rewards.

4. Champion City Siege

Is a monthly event similar to Castle Siege, the difference being that it takes place on a different map and there are several Kingdoms matched to fight each other over the occupation of a certain building. The player that holds the building most is named Champion and gets certain perks such as exclusive Titles and the #1 prize from the ranking reward

It is a highly competitive PvP event and, as KvK, it tends to have a reputation as a “scary” event due to the potential of you losing lots of troops if you are not strong enough or a zero castle filler. If that’s the case, you can think of it this way, when is it a good time to get zeroed? This is. People drop bubbles every day but at least in this event you get something out of it, Battle Tokens and Bravery Tokens that you can use in the same Token Shop.

5. Glorious Battle

Eight powerful factions, each consisting of several kingdoms, will have to fight each other for 14 days on the same battlefield. They will try to take control over the most strategic buildings that will help them in their quest to conquer the Glorious City.

The event is based on a more complex system than we are used to and has its own chat, battle mechanics, map, currency, etc. There are extensive guides and Forum posts due to its complexity but while it is a challenging and competitive event, it gives you the chance to work together with other Alliances and, at the same time, get really good rewards.

I’ll leave you links to some useful content

This one I made: Glorious Battle - Faction efficiency quick guide

Talent calculator and Simulator

General Guide part 1

General Guide part 2

*Note: the General guides are not updated with the latest changes but you can find very useful info 

*Troops take real damage but because of the Blessing of the Seven, 40% will be revived. A base amount of 20% of your remaining troops will die.

6. Siege of Winterfell

This is an Alliance vs Alliance event where for an hour you will have to battle the enemy Alliance in order to get points by occupying buildings and securely transporting the Winterfell resources to a building your Alliance owns. The battle takes place on the event’s map and is created in such a way that the participants will have to constantly move to either attack or defend a building.

The event is carried out as a Tournament and the participating Alliances are split between 3 leagues: Super League, A League, and B League according to their power and the score obtained in the previous seasons. 

Each season has 6 matches and the matches are played on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

It is an event enjoyed by most players because of its social interaction and competitivity. The exclusive rewards, such as Simon medals or Epic tokens, certainly help as well :)

*There are no real troops losses in Siege of Winterfell

7. Alliance and Ultimate Conquest 

And last but not the least, my favorite event, Alliance Conquest

I think this is the most famous and enjoyable event among the Cross-server events and I can clearly see why… It has social interaction, banter, Alliance vs Alliance battles, strategies, particular tactics, great rewards, a tournament system, and Play-offs. What’s not to like about it, right? 

There is so much content and chat around this event and so many great Chronicler videos of awesome battles that a brief description won't make it justice but I will try :)

As in Siege of Winterfell, the Alliances are split into the same 3 leagues and a season consists of 6 matches that are played on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The battle lasts for 1h in which players have to gain points by taking buildings, holding them, and attacking other players. Certain buildings give more points than others and also buffs so it’s important to make a game plan and play accordingly if you want to get the most out of it.

It has a particular map and the players will need to move fast and defeat the other players in order to get more points. A considerable amount of marching boots, and regular and healing speed-ups is spent on this event so I advise you to save as many as you can. 

The first 16 Alliances from each league will play in the Ultimate Conquest (Play-offs) which follows the same rules but has a double elimination system. 

The players that are not participating in the Play-offs can make bets on the Alliance they think will win and get rewards if their bet was accurate. 

*There are no real troops losses in Alliance Conquest


And I think this is it... the massive guide comes to an end. I hope you will find it useful and that it will help you with your gameplay!