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[PLAYER GUIDE] Free to Play Bow Lineup Tips and Tricks (Updated on 2022/9/21)

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Article Publish : 08/05/2022 08:32
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 10:56

Free to Play Bow Lineup

Bow lineup is great for any player in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming. One great aspect of running bowman there is no need to change your lineup because you cannot be countered. For example, if you were running an Infantry lineup you could be countered by Cavalry. 

Based off this example shown below in a sample battle report you can see Cavalry does 200% damage vs Infantry. Also, you can see the Infantry does 50% damage vs Cavalry. So as you can see in the bottom of this chart bowman do 100% damage against all troop types.

This makes them highly effective in many situations. Bow lineups are used in many events including Siege of Winterfell, Alliance Conquest & Glorious Battle and many other areas.

Areas to Note: (See Video for more information)

1.      Refinement

2.      Talent Tree

3.      Research (Royal Bowman & Iron Defense)

4.      Dragon Skills

5.      Commanders (Highest bonus Gold & Awakened) As you can see at Gold he gets a 30% Bow Attack buff once awakened the buff is 48%

6.      Badges (Research Badge Master in the Refinement tree to unlock your 4th badge slot)

7.      Castle skins and March if available. (Remember they can be enhanced with the Essences)

b.      Some marches have total attack which applies to all your troops.

See the below video for more information.

Have fun,