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[Player Guide] Glorious Battle Event Guide Part 2(Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 08/13/2021 16:15
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 11:59

Glorious Battle Event Guide Part 2


The Map


The event map is like Treasure Seeker in this sense you will have access to it for the duration of the event at the same time that you have access to the main game map. If your lord, commanders, dragon, and troops are involved in a fight in the event they will not be available in main servers - again just like the old Treasure Seeker event.

The map has 8 starting points, one for each faction in the match-up. The objectives on the map are connected with lines (roads). Each faction will only be able to expand their territory, defend it or transfer resources using these roads. In other words, each faction can only attack the objectives that are directly connected to their current territory and respawn point with a route. If a faction loses connection to a city because an enemy takes a city in the middle of that route. No more defense or armament can be sent to that city.

This means that factions' defenses and constructions should be prioritized on cities that are closer to enemy territory and can cut the route toward their other cities.

This event has different stages in which some more objectives will start to become available (come out of the initial bubble) and factions will be able to expand toward the center. At the same time, controlling the regional cities gives them bonuses, economy, and Influence that are crucial for winning this event. The following table show the purposes of the different types of cities:


War Horns and March Bugles


Every player will need 1 March Bugle for each action in this event and the faction will need 1 War Horn for each Declaration of War on the cities and objectives. Both War Horn and March Bugles are produced with a routine by your spawn banner. In addition, the Large and Medium military cities will produce them with a routine as well. The Small military cities will only produce March Bugles and no War Horns.

Only leaders of each faction can use War Horns to declare war. War horns are very rare and important. Leaders have to communicate with each other before using them recklessly.

March Bugles are also very important for the factions as increasing the earning of them, will allow all members of that faction to use extra actions per day. Players use 1 March Bugle for each trading, transporting, constructing, attacking, and defending.


City Siege

To attack a city, faction commanders have to declare war against the target city first before they can attack it. This is called the City Siege in the Glorious Battle.

1. Declaration of War (10 minutes or 10 hours)

- A city can only be declared war against, by one faction at a time, and faction commanders can only declare war against enemy cities connected by road to allied cities.

- After declaring war and waiting for a period of time, the battle phase begins (If war is declared against a neutral city, the declaration period will be 10 minutes. If war is declared against a city of another faction, the declaration period will be 10 hours.

- Each declaration of war uses up one [War Horn]. One War Horn can be obtained periodically, and occupying [Military City] grants additional War Horns.

2. Battle Phase (1 hour)

- After entering the Battle Phase, lords on the attacking side can deploy troops to attack the target city, while lords on the defending side can reinforce the city at any time. Each city can have up to 1,000 reinforcements garrisoned at the same time.

- After the attacking troops have reached the target city, they will engage in battle with the reinforcements garrisoned in the city. The losing troops will return to their starting point. The winning troops will stay in the city to wait for the next battle. In the city, 2 battles have an interval of 0.5 seconds.

- Defenders can send their armies to defend a city at any time they like even before the war is declared, but attackers will only be able to join a fight during the battle period after the declaration phase (the 10 hours or 10-minute wait) ends. Fights will happen 1v1 between players so everyone will be using their own buffs and bonuses.

- Each city has a 1,000,000-point long occupation progress bar. Initially, the progress bar belongs to the defenders. Afterwards, depending on the number of troops inside the city, the progress bar changes: the side with more troops inside the city progresses faster. When the attackers push the progress bar to 1,000,000-point, defense is deemed to have failed. City ownership passes to the attackers. Conversely, if at the end of battle, there are still remaining points left in the defenders' progress bar, the attack will be deemed to have failed.

- In battles in this event, 40% of your losses will be instantly healed. From the 60% that is remaining, based on the enemy casualty rate some will instantly die regardless of your hospital space but the rest will go to your original hospital if they have enough space. The base casualty rate for both attacks and defenses in this event is 20%. We can also use special buff items meant specifically for the Glorious Battle event to increase Enemy Casualty rate.



- In Glorious Battle, when lords are attacking, reinforcing, trading, constructing or transporting, a queue is taken up, and a [Marching Bugle] is also used up. Initially, all lords have only one queue. The number of queues can be increased by upgrading Administration.

- Lords can recall deployed queues at any time, but the Marching Bugle used up will not be returned. Construction or transport originally in progress will also be considered as failed. As for trade, partial supplies will be obtained based on the trading time elapsed.


- Troops marching in Glorious Battle need to have a clear path. If, while marching, a city along the path ahead is occupied by another faction, the troops will return to the starting point and the Marching Bugle will not be returned.

- Once a troop departs, further attribute changes will not take effect for this troop.

- When reaching the target city, if the target city status and occupation situation changes, the troops will return to the starting point and the item used up will not be returned.

- You can check out enemies marching on the map.

We can also use special buff items meant specifically for the Glorious Battle event to increase our Marching speed.


Armaments, Trade, Transfer, and Constructions


The main concern of the Logistic players is producing and transferring Armaments. Armaments are earned by trading and trading can be done by all players even the offensive and defensive military positions. But only players who are in Logistics will earn Contribution Points by doing them.

The base shops that are in spawn locations have no shop limits and an unlimited number of players can trade there but with less Armament production efficiency. It’s more efficient to fill the shops in large merchant cities, medium merchant cities, and small merchant cities in order to maximize the Armament income for the faction.


These Armaments can then be transferred by the Logistics players to different cities that are connected by a route to spawn banners. Transferring also gives players Contribution Points, but it’s very important for all players to listen to their leadership directives about the transports. If cities are fully developed and are not fortresses, the extra Armaments there can’t be used or sent back so they are in practice wasted for your faction.

After 5 million Armaments are gathered in a city, a Construction order can be started by a leader. Each Construction has 500 quests and when those are done, the city will become a better place to defend or will earn other advantages. Each Construction can be built three times before it’s on the maximum level in each city. 

The Armaments can also be used to spawn troops from fortresses to reach the battlefield faster. This is very expensive (takes 100 armaments for each 1 troop).



Some Leadership Tips


> Never start actions before consulting with other leaders of the event.

> Try to establish a constant and reliable communication method with the rest of the involved kingdoms and alliances in your faction.

> Always make sure you have enough fighters on for the battle you’re declaring.

> Try to have diplomacy with other factions that can become your temporary allies in the event but be wary that everyone is trying to win as well.

> Try to make sure the route toward central cities is protected so your defense can’t be locked out.

> Focus on improving your faction economy, with the War Horns, March Bugles, and the Armament income.

> Lead everyone by explaining your tactics and keeping them on the same page.

> The event is long, make sure to distribute tasks between the leaders and other helpful players.

> Announce battles before they happen, as much as you can, to players. So the players can show up and earn contributions and glory points.

> Be wary of other factions’ movements and change your tactics. Adopt and overcome.


Some Players Tips


> Try to maximize your contribution by being active with your military positions. You can switch between tasks based on the phase of the event

> Listen to leadership directives, especially with transports and battle tactics.

> Don’t waste your fortress's armaments by spawning there unless it's asked by your leadership. This option should be kept for your strongest accounts unless your leadership has other plans.

> Always actively participate in the defense and attacks if it’s possible for you. Your faction needs you and you will earn merit, tokens, and elimination points (can get a lot of rewards this way)!




This event provides many rewards for active players!

1 – Glory Raffle can be used by players with the Glory Raffle Tokens. These tokens can be earned by finishing different phases of tasks and obtaining more Contribution Points. The raffle can provide SS Troop Appearance Medals, Darius medals, and Dragon Blessing Stones!


2 – Glory Siege pages give extra March Bugles and Glory Points of Administration Talent Tree that can be used during the event. It also gives you free Glory Raffle Tokens, S Troop Appearance tokens, and Dragon Blessing Stones based on your Contribution Points!


3 – After the event ends, all players in each faction earn a lot of rewards based on their faction’s rank in obtaining influence.


4 – After the event ends, players with the highest elimination ranking earn total attack royal badges and a lot of awesome rewards, such as a great castle exterior and Glory Raffle tokens.


5 – After the event ends, players with the highest contribution rankings will also receive extra prizes. These prizes are the dragon blessing stones and SS troop skin medals.


The event is long and hard but at the same time very fun and challenging. And we can admit that without a doubt, it’s the most rewarding event in the game as it is!


I hope you enjoyed reading the guide and it will help you to strategize for your factions and to play this event with a better understanding!