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[Player Guide] Glorious Battle Event Guide Part 1 (Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 08/13/2021 16:00
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 11:57

Glorious Battle Event Guide Part 1

Glorious Battle is a cross-server event where 8 powerful factions, each holding a region, contend for prosperous lands and a seat of honor. Several KINGDOMS are matched to form one FACTION and fight against another faction FOR THE CONTROL OF CITIES in a NEW EVENT MAP for 14 days. Only factions with the GREATEST INFLUENCE are crowned ultimate champions and be able to enjoy endless wealth and glory.


1. Only kingdoms that are open for more than 30 days are eligible.

2. Only players whose castle has reached lvl.25 can take part in Glorious Battle.

Before we move to the detailed battle rules, here’s something that you need to pay attention to.


Before we move to the detailed battle rules, here’s something that you need to pay attention to.

1. Battle Attributes

Attributes obtained via Administration, Military Position and Glorious Battle City bonuses will only take effect in Glorious Battle.

2. Season Clearance

All Marching Bugles, Glory Points and Administration upgrade progress owned by lords and all Supplies and War Horns owned by factions will be cleared after the end of the current season.

3. Battle Losses

In Glorious Battle, troops take real damage but because of Blessing of the Seven, 40% of all lost troops will be revived. Of the remaining troops, a base amount of 20% will die, but the death rate may be lessened based on your Administration, Military Position, City and Dragon Skills.

4. Tokens and Merit

Losing or defeating T3, T4 and T5 troops in Glorious Battle both grant Bravery Tokens and Battle Tokens. Defeating enemies also grants Merit Points.

5. Troops, Commanders, and Dragons

When troops, Commanders and Dragons are deployed in Glorious Battle, they cannot be deployed in Westeros. Data for Commanders and Dragons will be copied into Glorious Battle. Westeros and Glorious Battle are independent of each other.

Note: Even if the Lord is captured in Westeros, lord deployment will still be unaffected in Glorious Battle.

6. Captives

Lords will NOT be captured in the Glorious Battle.

7. Commander Permissions

Faction commanders' permissions: declare war, issue commands and post construction quests.

8. Army Size

The Army Size buffs from the Sept of the Seven will not take effect during the Glorious Battle.

9. Movement Speed

Movement Speed in Glorious Battle is different from that in Westeros. In Glorious Battle, all lords have the same initial Movement Speed. Afterwards, lords' Movement Speed will change based on their Military Position, Administration upgrade progress and the city-occupying situation.

10. Impeachment and Blacklist

Impeachment: A commander can impeach another commander, after which all other commanders have to cast their votes. If more than half the commanders agree, the impeachment is successful. The impeached commander will no longer be a commander and lose all commander permissions.

If some commanders do not cast their votes, they will be considered as having voted to reject impeachment.

Blacklist: A commander can blacklist a certain non-commander lord of the same faction from fortress buildings. Upon being blocked, the lord will not be able to deploy troops from the fortresses. 

11. Neutral City Kills

Defeating city defense troops of neutral cities will not grant elimination points or merit points. Elimination points in various external events will not be granted either.

Let’s take a look at the event schedule and detailed battle rules below.

Event Schedule

A season of Glorious Battle is divided into 3 phases: Matchmaking Phase, Battle Phase, and Results Phase.

1. Matching Making Phase

- Matchmaking in Glorious Battle will be done based on kingdoms.

- The matchmaking will be carried out by the system automatically based on the number and power of active lords during the matchmaking phase.

Note: Relocation is DISABLED during the Matchmaking Phase. Throughout the entire Glorious Battle, lords will be bound to the kingdom they belonged to during the Matchmaking Phase.

2. Battle Phase

- When the Matchmaking Phase ends, the matchmaking results will be announced, and 4 powerful lords from each kingdom in the faction will be chosen as the commanders for this season. They will have their own war chat room for discussing tactics.

- About the 4 powerful lords: the Alliance Leader and officials of the Alliance top in the Alliance Rankings. If some of them are not in the kingdom concerned, the person who ranks at the top of the Individual Power Rankings will be the replacement.

3. Results Phase

- Lords can find out who was the most powerful faction on the battlefield from the results screen after the Battle Phase has ended.

New Concepts

In Glorious Battle, lords will have to take up Offensive, Defensive or Logistic Military Positions. The 3 branches in the Administration System are effective for the corresponding Military Positions. Resilience is one of several factors that affect the damage dealt by troops in battle. The Resilience Limit and the amount used up by movement can be changed via the Administration in the Administration System.

1. Military Positions

Each Military Position has its own duties. Therefore, lords have to play to their strengths and work together to maximize their faction’s power.

>> Logistic

These players have increased max transport and faster traders. They also have the option to transport Armaments to the owned cities that have a direct route to the spawn banner.

With trades, the faction earns Armament. These Armaments will be transferred to different cities in which leaders can start Constructions to make them more powerful. Armament can also be used to spawn troops from the fortresses which are very important for the later stage of the event. Everyone starts in Logistics and many players should stay on it at the start as in the first phases of the event when most objectives are bubbled and players can only trade.

Players who are in Logistics earn Contribution Points based on what they trade and transport. Logistic players have a base of 100 max resilience.

>> Offensive

They have nearly all military bonuses boosted but have a 50% reduced trading speed. The Offensive Talent Tree is specialized for attacking the cities and objectives on the map. The players who are in this military position earn Contribution and Glory points by participating in battles and killing enemy troops. Offensive players have a base of 140 max resilience.

>> Defensive

Also, have military bonuses boosted, but don’t have the trade speed reduction or March Speed bonus from Offensive boosts either. The Defensive Talent Tree is specialized for defense and can only affect defending objectives against the enemies. Defensive players have a base of 160 max resilience.

Note: Regardless of your military position, you can also earn 30 Contribution Points by doing a Construction quest as well.


2. Resilience

Resilience is one of several factors that affect the damage dealt by troops in battle. The higher one's Resilience, the higher the damage dealt by troops; conversely, the lower one's Resilience, the lower the damage dealt by troops.


Resilience will be at the current maximum when troops are deployed. Afterwards, Resilience will be gradually used up as the troops perform various actions: every 5 seconds of marching uses up 1 Resilience, and every battle with troop loss uses up 15 Resilience at the end of the battle.

We can also use special buff items meant specifically for the Glorious Battle event to reduce Resilience lost in victorious battles.

3. Administration

The Administration System is divided into 3 branches, each corresponding to the 3 Military Positions: offensive, defensive and logistics. Lords can reset Administration by spending 1,000 Diamonds but after 24 hours only.

Lords can use Glory Points to upgrade the Administration in the Administration System and gain attribute bonuses in Glorious Battle.

Lords can earn Glory Points by obtaining Glorious Contributions. 1 Glory Point is earned with every 1 Glorious Contribution obtained but there is a limit to the amount of Glory Points obtainable in this way daily. Honor Tokens can raise the limit.

Some Glory Points can be obtained in other events. These Glory Points will not be counted towards the daily limit.

Different military positions have different means of obtaining Glorious Contributions.

Cities and City Attributes

The different types of cities have their own special features in Glorious Battle. Only the leader of the strongest faction can sit on the throne of the Glorious City. Based on your faction's strategy, lords should select cities most suited to your faction to attack first.

In Glorious Battle, lords can change a city's attributes by CONSTRUCTION in the city occupied by your faction and TRANSPORTING Armament Supplies to that city.


There are 6 types of construction quests in Glorious Battle, as listed below.

>  Enlistment order: Adds an additional natural defensive regiment to the city, which will defend it against the attackers. After a successful capture, as all-natural troops are also dead, this construction resets to 0.

> City defense: Increases the city defense by 5,000, all the defending troops get 1% total bonuses for every 5,000 defenses. After a capture, the progress on this will be 50% preserved.

> Troop training: For each level, the natural troops defending the city get 25% total bonuses. The progress on this will only be 50% preserved after a capture.

> Military regime: Military cities provide March Bugles and War Horns which we consume for doing each action on the map. The levels on this increase the speed of reproduction of Marching Bugles and War Horns by 10% each. These updates are only available in Military cities. The progress on this will only be 50% preserved after a capture.

> Market expansion: Only doable in merchant cities, each level of this increases the shops in the merchant city by 5%. The progress on this will only be 50% preserved after a capture.

> Trade Order: Only doable in merchant cities, each level of this increases the trade efficiency in the merchant city by 3%. The progress on this will only be 50% preserved after a capture.

IMPORTANT: The Armaments can also be used to spawn troops from fortresses to reach the battlefield faster. This is very expensive (takes 100 armaments for each 1 troop).

 Note: Every 1,000 City Defense increases Total Attack, Defense and Health by 1% each for all reinforcements (including system reinforcements and players' garrisoned reinforcements).


Increase the resource reserve of the target city by transporting Armament Supplies from the initial city to the target city. When the ownership of the target city changes, the resource reserve in the city will be reduced by 50%.

In general, the event map looks like a giant board game. The battle interface has many parts:

A: From here you can access the event raffle, Check the rankings and prizes, and see a short tutorial for the event.

B: This shows how many players from your faction are in each military position.

C: Shows the Influence of your faction. You earn influence by capturing targets on the map. The faction with the most influence wins.

D: Shows your Armament supply

E: This shows the number of War horns your faction has. By hovering over it you can see when you will earn the next war horn.

F: The basic control panel for the event. You can change your military position and check the current event phase, the issued commands, reports, and your hospital from here. The close button will close the glorious battle event interface.

G: When you click on objectives on the map, this notification bar shows some details about them.

H: The glorious event has a special chat in which you will be able to communicate with all kingdoms in your faction.

I: This part shows the current Construction commands issued by the event leadership.

J: This part shows the ongoing battles related to your faction.

K: This part shows your current queue. Each action spends 1 March Bugle and takes a queue. By default, you only do 2 actions at the same time (queue has 2 spaces) but with Administration talents, you can increase that.

L: This part shows the amount of March Bugles you own. If you hover over it you can see when the next one will be added.

M: This part shows the maximum Resilience your marches have.



There are 8 different factions in the Glorious Battle. Each faction has their own banner.

Battle Rules

There are 8 factions in the Glorious Battle. Each faction has their own banner. The goal is to occupy cities (both the size and quantities matter) and obtain as much INFLUENCE as you can for your faction. Whether cities are connected by roads will greatly affect the attack and reinforcement.

I hope you enjoyed reading the guide and it will help you to strategize for your factions and to play this event with a better understanding!