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[NEWS] Get Ready to Complete Quests in Weirwood Memories (Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 09/11/2020 16:40
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 14:18

Weirwood Memories

Weirwood Trials have always been one of the most popular features in-game. Is a monthly event that has a similar mechanism to Weirwood Trials. Complete quests in the event to earn weirwood tokens. Check below for more details.

Requirement: Players from servers that are open for more than 14 days

Entrance: Click on the icon “Weirwood Memories” via “Events” in the upper right corner of the game interface.

Event Duration: Stage challenge, 7days + Reward exchange, 1 day

Complete Quests in Weirwood Memories

Unlike the Weirwood Trials, Weirwood Memories is an EIGHT-DAY EVENT that is available regularly. You can clear stages and compete with specific quests in the first seven days, and have one more day to exchange for items in the shop. Spirit of Weirwood can be used both in Weirwood Trials and Weirwood Memories.

Clear Stages to Obtain Weirwood Tokens

There are three difficulty modes available: Normal, Elite, and Epic. Clearing stages to obtain items like Weirwood Tokens that can be used to exchange for items in the shop. Complete Challenge Quests and Daily Quests can also grant you Weirwood Tokens once you meet the requirement.

Please note that Weirwood Tokens will BE CLEARED after the event ends. Weirwood Trees are said to be able to tap into the magical network running through the world and connect with the Old Gods of the Forest in some way.


There are multiple rewards available to exchange for the weirwood tokens, the most desired among players are: 

  • Hector medals, which allow players to earn one good spearmen commander for free
  • Epic General tokens, used to awake any commander that requires these tokens
  • Friendship chest that will increase tavern bonus 
  • Exclusive photos that will unlock albums granting passive bonús to players. 

There is also a very big list of commander medals available.

Now we take a look at how to beat the Weirwood Memories event. We will focus on smaller and medium accounts that struggle with the later stages of the event. The commanders used will be (mostly) f2p commanders and battles are focused on manual ability use.

Most stages can be blitzed so we will only focus on the elite stages 2-13,14,15 and the epic stages from 3-10 to 3-15

You can beat every stage besides 2-15 and 3-15 with a simple trick and a setup like this:

The trick is to (ab)use the synergy between Kravras’ and Rhea’s active abilities. If you use Rhea’s silence just after Kravras’ stun, the whole enemy team will be “stuck” and unable to perform normal attacks or use their own abilities.

For stage 2-15, there are many possible formations. One would be the following where we use Enzo in the center to get good value from his passive ability to deal more damage the less health he has himself.

Stage 3-15 is probably the most difficult because you not only have to kill the enemies in time but also have to deal with unique abilities in the second part of the stage.

The first part can be done with the Kravras Rhea trick. You only need enough damage to finish the enemies in time. The second stage can be a bit tricky. I would suggest entering the stage with all abilities ready. After Seg joins the fight you can do the Kravras stun combined with Rhea’s silence to disable all enemies. Now you should try to focus fire O’Biehn with active abilities to kill him first because he will kill a random commander when one of his allies dies. The abilities are best used when the enemy gets the debuff that increases ability damage taken.

Come enjoy the event and collect some free rewards!