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[News]Breath of the East: Join Us in the Party!

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Article Publish : 06/07/2022 23:48
Edited by handoftheking at 06/07/2022 23:56

The annual 616 Youth Festival is about to begin!

Tons of exciting content and benefits are coming soon. Breath of the East, Youth Team! Tap the event link to participate in the activities, you'll obtain all the giftpacks listed below by completing all tasks!

Event Time: June 6, 2022-June 16, 2022

*Reward Exchange Period ends on June 30, 2022

Event Link>>

Main Site 1>>

Main Site 2>>

Help Rewards:

No. of helps reaches 500k unlocks the $14.99 Pack: Advanced Skill Raffle Token ×20, Dragon Emblem ×10, Random Transfer ×1, 24 hrs Speed Up (Training) ×1, 24 hrs Speed Up (Heal) ×1

No. of helps reaches 1 million unlocks the $19.99 Pack: Blessing Stone ×200, 600 Endurance ×3, 600,000 Gold Dragon ×2, 8 hrs Truce ×2, Random Transfer ×2

No. of helps reaches 3 million unlocks the $29.99 Pack: 1,000 Diamonds ×5, Main Material Selection Chest ×10, Spirit of Weirwood Tree ×2, [Epic] Badge Chest ×2, Precise Transfer ×1

No. of helps reaches 5 million unlocks the $59.99 Pack: Main Material Selection Chest ×20, Honor Banner ×25, Refinement Ore ×200, 24 hrs Speed Up (Training) ×1, 24 hrs Speed Up (Heal) ×1

Complete extra tasks to unlock the $49.99 Pack: 1,000 Diamonds ×5, SS Universal Troop Medal ×10, Dragon Emblem ×10, 24 hrs Speed Up (Training) ×1, 24 hrs Speed Up (Heal) ×1

Reward Distribution Description:

Rewards for this event will be issued via mail within 3 working days after each stage is reached. For players who registered between June 6-16, 2022, rewards will be uniformly distributed after the event ends. Giftpacks shall be subject to the announcement and distribution content in-game.

The final rights and interpretations to this event belong to Yoozoo Network.