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Glorious Battle - Faction efficiency quick guide

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Article Publish : 07/23/2022 02:20

Glorious Battle - Faction efficiency quick guide 

Did your faction ever have trouble with members not knowing what to do, where to transport, how many resources they should transport, and where? Here’s a guide that could help solve some of those problems.

First of all, let’s name the terms present in this guide:

Armament supplies - can be obtained by doing trades on Merchant buildings and Keep (your faction city).

Resource reserve - the resources needed to start a Construction Order. To convert armament supplies into resource reserves, you need to transport them to the buildings.

Construction Order - the command to start quests on a specific building. Resources will be consumed from the resource reserve so make sure you have enough when you want to start one. You can start a max of 10 orders of the same type in the same building.

Quests - for every construction order you can do up to 500 quests. Only when said order reaches 500 quests, you can start a new construction order.

So now that we know what is what, let’s see how we can make the best of it.

As you probably already know by reading the building’s description, Military buildings can shorten the time for obtaining war horns and bugles (marches) by doing construction quests. 

The construction quest I’m referring to is Military Regime:  

Every construction order, which includes 500 quests as I’ve mentioned previously, spends 5m resources. In order to be efficient, you should focus on these types of buildings when transporting armament supplies, and if you want things to go smoothly, get 50m armament supplies on every Military building as soon as possible so you can start Military Regime orders one after another. That way you’ll get bugles and war horns much faster. 

*Keep in mind that the S. Military only shortens the time for bugles, but not for war horns. 

Another quest worth spending resources on is the Trade Order 

These quests can be found on Merchant buildings and increase trade efficiency, which means you obtain more armament supplies when doing trades. I’d advise doing them when there is a need for a great number of resources like Fortresses, but we’ll talk about them next. 

Caravans, Gates, and Depots don’t need resources as they don’t have any worth spending on construction orders.

So now that we know where to transport the armament supplies in order to be an efficient faction, let’s see what happens when the battles start.

Fortress - in my opinion, this is a key building for when the battles between factions start. A faction that owns lots of fortresses can attack/defend better and faster. 

This building needs armament supplies that will be used when players deploy directly from the said fortress. When there is a war declaration countdown on a building that you own or want to take, make sure to transport enough armament supplies to the fortress nearest to the building in question. The transport command is really useful in these cases.

Keep in mind that for every 1 troop deployed you need 10 armament supplies so let’s say a player has a 1m troops deployment, then he’ll need 10m armament supplies on that fortress in order to be able to deploy from it. Use these supplies wisely and don’t let everyone use them, just the strong players you know will defend/attack better than the others.  

This guide should help your faction to be more efficient and, hopefully, conquer the Glorious City!

Disclaimer: The contents of this guide are based on the player’s own experience and applied to the current content of the game.