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[PLAYER GUIDE] Lord of Lords Event Guide

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Article Publish : 11/13/2020 17:21
Edited by -love angel- at 11/13/2020 18:12

There are several events in the Game of Thrones: Winter is coming that will evaluate the players based on how well they can perform in doing different tasks and will give them rewards based on their ranks. One of the most challenging and important ones is – without a doubt – the Lord of Lords event.

General Description

Lord of lords is a monthly event that happens at different times in different kingdoms. This means that, like all the other Kingdom events that you can see on the Benefits page, Kingdoms will have their Lord of Lord event at different times.

Lord of Lord is a solo event, which means it has nothing to do with your alliance. Changing your alliance has no effect on the Lord of Lords at all. But It’s a Kingdom event. So changing Kingdom when Lord of Lords is ongoing will hurt your progress as you will have a new and fresh LoL in other kingdoms event if they are having it at that time!

Lord of Lord lasts for 9 days and has 6 phases. Each phase asks players to do a specific task to gain points and will give rewards to different ranks. At the end of the event, players will be ranked based on their total points and will get the event reward as well.

Unlike many other events, Lord of Lords doesn’t start/end in a server reset. All the event phases start and end in mid-day GMT.

Event Phases

The event has 6 different phases that each has it's own main task and will give their own rewards for rankings:

Phase 1: Resource Gathering (1 day)

At this phase, you need to gather resources. Make sure to set the talents in a way to help your gathering speed and carrying capacity. Also activate the sept buff for gathering speed and set the dragon gathering badges on if you have them.

The amount of points different nodes give are as followed:

The Gathering speed for calculating Point/Time in the above table was a base 152.18%.

As you can see it’s better to gather Wood, Stone, or Iron during this phase, for the most points per time.

Phase 2: Construction (1 day)

Unlike the name, this phase is not just about constructing buildings. Researching new researches also gives points! You can get 15 points per each power you get for upgrading buildings or researches. This means finishing research that adds 1m to your power will add 15m points to your current Lord of Lord points. This phase is one of the most important phases for increasing points in lord of lords. However, you can construct buildings and perform researches in phase 6 of lord of lords as well and it will add to your points in the same way so a lot of players slack in this phase and keep their speedups for that phase.

Phase 3: Training Soldiers (2 days)

Training soldiers is one of the main ways to make points in lord of lords especially for players who don’t have any buildings and researches left. The amount of points you can make from different troop tiers is listed below:

As you can see in the table the best way to make points in this phase is by training T4 units. T4 units are costly in general and need a lot of gold and other resources to be trained so if that’s an issue for you; you can still make a lot of points cheaper with T3 troops.

Phase 4: Rebel leader (1 day)

One of the loved stages of lord of lords in some alliances is the Rebel leader phase as alliances run competitions of who is killing most rebel leaders during this day! Even with that, however, this phase won’t add too much to your total points.

This table shows how many points you can earn from hitting different level rebel leaders:

As you can see the value for attacking different rebel leaders is not different. That means you’re earning the same amount of points for the motivation you’re spending by attacking different levels of rebel leaders. However, the amount and quality of rewards you can get when doing these expeditions or the alliance chests that you create will be different.

Please be aware that you only make points for attacking rebel leaders and not for defeating them, but since you’re using so much motivation and the lord of lords points aren’t that much, it’s still better to do the level or expeditions that your allies will also benefit from the most. Here is my guide about expeditions that you might find interesting!

Make sure that you use the bonus attack damage buff in sept of seven that is called “Expedition Damage”

Phase 5: Increase Power (2 days)

This phase is an extension of phase 2 and usually the main determiner of who wins the whole event. During this phase, you get 15 points for each 1 power increase because of Construction, Researches, Equipment, Fortifications, Lord level upgrade, commander’s quality or level upgrades, and VIP upgrade.

Please note that you won’t get any points for training soldiers in this phase. Training soldiers only give points in phase 3. Also please note that healing troops won’t give you any points in this phase.

It’s generally a good idea to save your speed ups and Sept blessing items like “Crone blessing” for research to use them during lord of lords and in this phase of phase 2 of the event.

Phase 6: Lord of War (2 days)

The last phase of Lord of Lord is Lord of war that lasts for 2 entire days. During lord of war, you earn points for wounding or killing troops in your kingdom.

Some kingdoms – even the ones who are usually at peace - consider Lord of Lords a free for all attack phase and let players attack each other freely for that duration. In general, it’s tough to make a difference in results in this phase, but the effect is not that low if you find some good targets to hit in your kingdom.

Event Rewards

The event has 3 sorts of rewards. First is the quest rewards that you get during each phase for scoring certain amount of points: 

You can see these quests and point requirements on the main page of the Lord of Lord event.

The second rewards are your rank reward for the current phase:

After each phase is finished the top 100 ranks of that phase will receive rewards based on their ranks.

The third and main reward for lord of lords happen after the last phase of the event based on the total points players scored during the event:

The main rewards of Lord of Lord event is the commander “Sabrina” medals and the castle exterior “Heart of the grass sea” coupons:

The details written for Sabrina are for her blue quality. At gold quality, she adds 20% construction and troop training speed and 25% research speed. Sabrina is a great commander in training grounds and against rebel leaders. This commander is available in Lord of Lords and in another event which is only available for new players once. She is also available in "Best effort" event that appears every 2 weeks and has a similar style to Lord of Lords phase 5.

In Lord of Lords, the first rank will receive 50 Sabrina medals. Second place will receive 40 medals. Third place will receive 30 medals. The rank 4 to 10 will receive 25 Sabrina medals each. Ranks 11 to 50 will receive 15 Sabrina medals and ranks 51 to 100 will receive 10 Sabrina medals.

Heart of the grass sea castle exterior is also only available in Lord of Lord event and only for the top 3 ranks:

Good luck and Have fun!