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[Player Guide] Siege of Winterfell

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Article Publish : 10/21/2020 20:10
Edited by -love angel- at 06/04/2021 20:08

Siege of Winterfell

Robb Stark leads his troops south to fight against the Iron Throne, and Winterfell has been left with few defenders. In order to gain control of the north, House Greyjoy has turned against House Stark and the Siege of Winterfell is imminent. Join your allies and rally your troops together in a unique real-time strategy event to gain control of the North. 


Just like alliance conquest and the Army of the dead events, to register in the event, alliance leadership will be able to choose between the different time slots. The top 50 alliances of any un-bubbled kingdom can sign up and participate in the event. The registration phase will last for 1 day. After an alliance is registered that till the end of the match, players will not be able to change their kingdom or alliance. The leader will not be able to dismiss the alliance or pass their position after registration.


30 minutes before the match start, players will be able to port on a new map in which this event will take place. Your buffs and bonuses will be frozen for the duration of this match (based on your buffs and bonuses when you enter the map). You can only bring up to 3 million troops to this event. No troops will die in this event, they can only get wounded and all wounded troops will automatically heal after the event.

Once you port to the event map, your main castle will get a special bubble on the main map. This bubble will be added even if you have a fervor and will not release your captured lords.

Event Map

Each alliance is randomly Stark or Greyjoy and will port on their alliance hive in the top or bottom side of the map. Next to each alliance hive, there is a small outpost with low points for the first capture and for occupying. In the center of the map, there is Winterfell which can’t be occupied by any of the alliances. Around Winterfell, there are 4 big bases that will provide more points for the first capture and occupying. In the right side of the map, there is Hot Spring which will reduce the healing cost for your troops, and on the left, there is Armory which will provide military bonuses for your troops.


Alliances can score points in 3 ways:

- First capture of map castles

- Keeping castles occupied as they will provide points per minute

- Escort Chests from Winterfell to other castles that your alliance hold 

All castles but Winterfell has a circular area around them. When your alliance deployed troops stay in this area and there are no deployments from the enemy alliance there, the balance between the red/blue bar will change toward your alliance and after the countdown, the castle will be captured.

Winterfell can’t be occupied, instead, you can take the chests that it provides and escort them to the castles your alliance captured to score a lot of points. 5 minutes after a chest was successfully delivered to a castle, Winterfell will provide a new chest for capture. After taking this chest, you will need to escort it to a castle your alliance has captured.

The first chest will provide 4000 points to the alliance that successfully escorts it. The points increase after each chest by 1000 points.

Deployments and Marching and Fighting

During this event, all players can have 3 deployments on the battle map. In each of these deployments, players can have up to 3 commanders and no dragon. Commanders will have special skills for Real-time strategy events that they can use during the event.

Please note that not all commanders have their strategic skills yet. You need to set your lord as one of the commanders with strategic skills if you want your lord to be in the event.

During the match, you can select your troops with a mouse left-click or “1”, “2” and “3” buttons on the keyboard. You can also march free on the map with mouse right-click. Each troop type has a base march speed on this new map and you can’t use march speed ups. You can fight another army by right-clicking on them on the event map.

In this event commanders won't use might. They will use Rage. Your commanders will try to cast their skills in the same order you deployed them in battle (I mean first your chief commander will use their skill, then your deputy commander 1 then your deputy commander 2). The rage will fill at different rates. If you have fewer troops your rage recovers faster. Your commanders will use their skills automatically.

There are some skills that will do AoE (Area of Effect) damage. These skills can affect multiple enemy/ally deployments that are in range and will not just affect your deployment and the enemy deployment that you’re fighting with, instead, they will affect all deployments that are in range.

During siege of Winterfell troops have different marching speed. In this event Cavalry > Infantry = Bowmen > Spearmen in terms of the speed and lower tier troops have a higher marching speed (T1 > T2 > T3 > T4). The attack range of troops are also different. In this event Bowmen> Spearmen > Cavalry = Infantry in terms of attack range.

Wounded troops and healing

Just like Alliance conquest, No troops will die; they will only get wounded.

In Siege of Winterfell there are 2 types of wounded:

- Serious injury: You can heal these wounded troops in event special hospital with special healing speed ups that your alliance leaders can buy with alliance supplies. This is just like the way you heal your troops in alliance conquest.

- Normal injury: This is only in the Siege of Winterfell so far. Basically, if troops are in this state they will remain with your deployment but won’t fight anymore. Sansa has the skill to heal these troops. Also as soon as your normal wounded troops return to your castle they will be auto healed.


Just like alliance conquest leagues, the Siege of Winterfell will happen in the super league, A league, and B league. Alliances initial leagues will be determined with their first match and alliances who don’t play the first match will be banished to the B league. Alliances can get promoted or demoted to other leagues based on their performance in each season.


The event offers 4 different prizes to alliances.

1 – Alliance rewards: The top 100 alliances in each league will receive special prizes for their effort!

2 – Leader’s rewards: The top 10 alliances leaders will receive “Blue Winter Rose” Castle exterior coupons.

3 – The top 3 Alliance eliminations Reward: Total health badge and Hero Awaken medals!

4 – The Winners reward: Alliances that win 5 matches in each season will be considered the winner and will receive a special prize after the season

5 – Valor shop: You will earn tokens as your alliances manage to reach certain amounts of scores. You can spend these tokens in even shop to earn Simon and Mengo medals, Awakening tokens, Album shards, Troop skin tokens and other prizes!

Good luck and have fun!