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[FAQ][Official Guide]Alliance Conquest FAQ (Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 09/16/2020 21:03
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 11:25

[FAQ] Alliance Conquest FAQ

This is a list of the most common questions we received about the Alliance Conquest event. If you still have doubts, feel free to ask in the comments section. 

1. Q: What happens if you have a Truce or Fervor effect when entering Alliance Conquest?

A: Your Fervor Effect will carry into the match, and any truces activated before the match will remain after entering the event. The 1-hour temporary truce you receive during the match will be added to the truce you already had.

2. Q: What happens if you have Lords in the Dungeon before the event?

A: You will keep the lords in the Dungeon and benefit from the bonus they give while the player that has his lord captured will have no Talent or Equipment bonuses during the battle.


3. Q: Do Castle/Hall of Faces buffs carry over?

A: Yes they do, all buffs and debuffs carry over if applied before entering the battleground.


4. Q: Do Speed Up Items bought in the event carry over?

A: The ones specific to Alliance Conquest shall be refreshed every time the

event is on and will be removed after each Round.


5. Q: What type of NPC Troops get sent from the Stronghold?

A: The type and amount of troops are based on the occupant's highest unlocked troops and his rally size.

6. Q: What points are given for killing/wounding/healing which troops?


Tier 1 troops - 1 point 

Tier 2 troops - 2 points 

Tier 3 troops - 6 points 

Tier 4 troops - 18 points

Tier 5 troops - 36 points 

The points awarded are the same for both killing/wounding and healing troops.

7. Q: Can an Alliance move Kingdoms/change leadership between the matches?

A: Yes, Alliances can move Kingdoms and change leadership between matches and it won't affect the scoreboards or battles.

8. Q: Do you gain experience in battles in the event? Is there any purpose in starting an Exp bonus scroll?

A: No, you don't gain experience from battles in Alliance Conquest so there would be no purpose in using a bonus scroll.

9. Q: Can your Lord get captured?

A: No, your Lord can't be captured during the matches.

10. Once I've attacked an objective and won, what happens to my troops?

A: Once you've won the battle and captured an objective, your troops that attacked it will automatically be sent back. You will have to send another march to reinforce it. Your commander’s bonuses will still apply even if you don’t send them back, but the dragon’s stats and skills won’t so you’ll have to send it to benefit from its buffs. Also, you won’t receive any detailed battle report if you don’t have troops reinforcing the objective.

11. Q: Is there a way to watch other matches in Alliance Conquest's regular season?

A: There is currently no way to watch other Alliance Conquest regular season matches.

12. Q: Will our Alliance members that aren't participating see the battlefield?

A: No, they won't be able to view the battlefield if they didn’t join before the match started.

13. Q: Can you use speed-up items during Alliance Conquest and are they lost if you do?

A: Yes you can use Race Boots, Assembly Bugles, Heal, and regular speed-up items during the battle, and they WILL NOT be returned at the end.

14. Q: Can I change Talents, Equipment, or the Lord during the match?

A: Yes you can change them during the match but the army bonuses they give will not take effect. Any bonus or buff should be applied before entering the match.

15. Q: How does map transfer work?

A: You will be able to pick a tile on the side your Alliance has been allocated, House Targaryen or House Lannister. Once you transfer your castle on the selected tile, you can’t move to a different one.

16. Q: Can your Castle be attacked inside Alliance Conquest or is it objective based only?

A: Your Castle can be attacked during the battle. The Castle truces will be disabled after 20 minutes of battle.

17. Q: If Rally leader A takes one of the Objectives are they automatically the occupier or does the whole rally return and occupier B can initiate the occupation, allowing Rally Leader A to move on to the next Objective when it opens?

A: The player leading the rally will become the occupier of the objective and won’t be able to start a rally on another objective without discarding the one he already occupies.

18. Q: So if you can only occupy one objective at a time, does that mean you can only reinforce one objective?

A: No, you can reinforce as many objectives as you wish.

19. Q: Can we pass the objective to another Player in the Alliance?

A: No, you can't pass it directly. You must discard it and the other player must attack it himself. The practice is called “swap”.

20. Q: If an objective is abandoned and the enemy doesn't attack it, can our Alliance retake it?

A: Yes, but will have to fight the NPC Army to claim it. Abandoning an objective automatically resets it to default.

21. Q: Does Healing require Resources?

A: No, healing your troops doesn't require any resources, but you will need Heal or regular speed-up items.

22. Q: Can players enter during the preparation period or only after the event actually started?

A: You must enter during the 30 minutes preparation period. If you don't join in that period you will be locked out of the event.

23. Q: Do your troops/dragons have to be in your castle to use them?

A: Your Troops must be stationed in your castle in order to use them. Your dragon can be exploring and still be available for the event, but not if he’s out of the castle gathering with troops for example.

24. Q: If we refresh or switch Map/City view, can we return to the battle?

A: Yes, the 'World' map button will take you to the battlefield until the battle has ended. You won't be able to access the normal World Map until after the battle.

25. Q: If your castle is attacked on the event map will you lose resources if you are over your storehouse capacity?

A: No, you won’t lose resources.

26. Q: "Upon entering, you will have to choose up to 3,000,000 stationed troops with you to the battlefield." Does this mean that the whole alliance or a single person can bring 3,000,000 troops?

A: Each player is able to bring up to 3,000,000 troops if they have them stationed in their castles at the time of entering the battle.

27. Q: If someone gets zeroed and loses 3 million troops, is that a permanent loss or only within Alliance Conquest?

A: You won’t lose any real troops or get them wounded when you are attacked or even get zeroed during the Alliance Conquest, because it's a temporary loss. There is no need to worry about your troops.

28. Q: How long will the temporary truce last? Will the truce release the lords in my dungeon before the event?

A: The temporary truce will last for an extra 1-5 minutes after the match has ended, and you can still keep those lords while you have the temporary truce activated. You can also start a truce during the match by entering your City.

29. Q: Will the Season Points and Valor Points be reset?

A: The Season Points will be reset when each season is over, while the Valor Points can carry on in the following seasons. The Valor Shop will be available even if there is not an ongoing Alliance Conquest season.

30. Q: If I join a different Alliance during the match break, will this action influence my elimination points and the Alliance’s points in the event?

A: Your elimination points will show in the match log and will be added to your Cross-server statistics under the Army Profile tab, however, they will be reset and won’t be added to the top 3 rewards based on points. The Alliance’s points won’t be affected.

31. Q: I attacked an objective and won but the opponent is still holding it. How did that happen?

A: An occupied objective will be reinforced by a certain number of troops. Each battle that results in a victory will clear the troops the defender can use in battle according to his rally size. In order to occupy the objective, your Alliance needs to clear all the troops inside the objective plus those that are sent as reinforcement during the battles.

32. Q: I tried to select stratagems during the match but it didn’t work. Why is that?

A: You can only choose stratagems before the match day.

33. Q: What are the Troop Correction Factors lower than 100% in my Individual League page mean?

A: It means that the Alliance you are playing is of a lower league than you are and your troop stats get a Correction (debuff) based on the league difference. 

Commonly used abbreviations and terms for Alliance Conquest:

AC - Alliance Conquest

CR - Casterly Rock

TM - Temple of the Mother

TW - Tower of the Warrior

Bubble - Truce

Rally speeds - Assembly Bugles

Marching speeds - Race Boots