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[Dragon][PLAYER GUIDE] Dragon Skill Guide

Article Publish : 09/11/2020 17:58
Edited by handoftheking at 09/11/2020 17:58

*Special thanks to an anonymous player from K5 for contributing his game guide to us!

How do skills apply?

1)      Every dragon can have only 6 skills in total.

2)      Can apply only one direct type passive skill( this means that you can have 1 legendary cavalry attack, but same time you can add epic cavalry attack also; these 2 badges will stack with each other in a rally or attacking a player)

3)     8 strongest dragons skills only work in rally( so this means if you dragon power is weaker with skills then other players, but that other player has enough high level to have higher power, then your skills will not apply (in this matter you should always watch out, because usually people who spend a bit more money, have been lazier to upgrade their dragon, while they are the ones with strongest skills).

4) Skills are stacked limited times. This means that the first skill as an example on that level 9 will be only 1 time in attacking a player. (1st part of skill does not apply in a rally). So this means that cavalry attack rises +16%. This is what applies only as solo attacking. All others apply in reinforcing or in rallies.

4.1  Second skill Assault cavalry(applies in a rally). This means that players who have all +5 legendary cavalry attack bonus stack can be total to 60%. Remember only players who have cavalry attack at least level 5 will be only ones to stack in this case.  So you can have a maximum 60%  of hitting enemy cavalry in a rally.

4.2 The last one +9 level means that only weak attack cavalry. The enemy cavalry attack goes down 6.4% maximum 24% and your own cavalry attack rises 6.4%, maximum 24%. This maximum can only be applied if you have 4 players with level 9 skill of cavalry attack.

5) Rare and lower skills will not work in a rally. Their use is only in single attacking players!!!!

6) There are also Army total attack, health and defense gold ones.

7) There are immortal ones also( but they have not yet been released yet).

8)  Another example of health as it is a very important skill for fighting also.

In here total maximum you can give is on a single attack 24% of infantry health if you have a player with level 9 skill on it.

Primary thing which buff starts at level 5 is fortitude infantry, which can literally give your infantry health buff of 90% in a rally or in reinforcements.

The third one which is only at level 9 for players is weaken health infantry. This means enemy infantry health will be weakened maximum 35% and additionally, it buffs your own infantry more up maximum 35%.

So this all here total means that your infantry health inside a rally can be 90%+35=125% added by just 1 skill and more it will weaken enemy infantry health 35% during the fight.

Hopefully, all this gives you good way to understand these dragon skills as remember the first ability in skills is for solo attacks. 

Rally bonus starts at level 5 and only players who have skill at least level 5 will add that bonus.(epic+)

The last one will only be applied at level 9 for gold. So this will be very hard to get, but I suppose it will be worth the cost if you really want to be a very strong player with dragon skills.

In here also you can see that to have the most effect in game with those skills is very hard to consider it out, as there can be so many different focuses and going only for the attack might not be the best choice, as you need to consider health and defense also. All dependant how you going to make that certain hit.

P.S.: This was first published on 2019-10-23.