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Article Publish : 09/17/2020 23:47
Edited by handoftheking at 05/13/2021 16:08

*Special thanks to an anonymous player from K14 for contributing his game guide to us!

Part 1

Before you even think about Merit Hunting you need to be prepared:

1) Military research

Have as high military research as possible, especially have high attack power individually on troops and total attack. Also important is to have high spying level as level 10 literally shows enemy troops inside the castle, and you shouldn't hit too hard targets or targets who got immediate curfew on, as you never know who has garrisoned them or how many troops are in that castle.

2) Battle Gear

While researching military you need to have good battle gear, recommendable is if you are free to play you should set gear items from 3battle gears storm rage set; sunspear set and frost set. As you need all bonuses to fight, and should not just focus only 1 or 2 types of army units. From those sets, though you should primary look your army units attacks as high as possible preferably infantry, cavalry and spearmen. Plus having high health and defense for your main frontline, which you prefer to use. Of course, if you are buying glorious set, you pretty much can get the best gear as possible, but even then you would need some items like fang of fury and memories Rhoyne to have full set equipped.

3) Troop counter

You need to know which units counter, what. As infantry counters spearmen; spearmen counter cavalry and cavalry counters infantry. Remember counter unit hits 3x harder on that target and gets 0,5x less damage from that unit. As example infantry hits 3x strength as normal on spearmen while spear hits only 0.5 strength on infantry.

4) Troops and hospitals

You should have at least 150k each of t3 unit, so if you see high player attacking you, you could take the hit only with wounded and be ready to fast heal it. Also everything always does not go well and they might spam attack,this means you will face time and you gotta be ready to heal very fast, remember the more troops you kill higher merit points you get, and if you can heal every time your full army when he is spam attacking you, you can easily get 1-2m merits just in 2-3 minutes as example this way. But could also happen that you might lose all your troops, so hopefully, you have good hospital capacity as example 400k wounded limit, which is very good to have. Also, do not forget to get first aid 7 minimum, so you would use less hastens for it. At lvl 10 it already hastens 80%.

5) Shelter

If you see that it is going wrong then you should shelter your troops with your lord, as getting 200k dead instead of 400k as example is still better. But remember the moment you put your lord to shelter, your army will lose the benefits of your lord gear and talents. Also if you are attacking you can do just with your army with lords fast go up as example 100k and put them on the march, for 15 minutes and then recall before they reach the place and then when they get back fast truce.

6) Talents


You should use overall talents mainly, as you never know how you go attack or what troops are enemy gonna use to attack you.

So here are little examples for all talents as you should mainly focus on inf-cav-spear attack, so you could get counter attack mostly, you can use also bowmen attack 50, depends how many troops of bowmen you have in the castle. The secondary choice should be attacks of 20s and army health. All depend on how high your lord level also is. 7) When you are attacking, you will suffer loses.No one hits completely 100% clean, as If you are t4 player, you should always use t3 as meat shield always because t4 price to re-make or get it wounded is very costly. Also, it's always easier to rebuild t3s then t4s.

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P.S.: This was first published on 2019-09-11.