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Article Publish : 09/17/2020 23:44

*Special thanks to an anonymous player from K14 for contributing his game guide to us!

Part 2

1. Commander. It is recommended that you always use lord with good battle bonuses when you are going to go for a hunt. As an example, Arya as gold gives you 15% total attack to all troops. As you can only choose 5 commanders to fight, you should choose them always carefully, as an example never pick Soren as Soren is more research and gold producer then giving your army strength to fight. Also, you should pick them accordance with their quality and do not forget to get them at least tier 6, so all bonuses would apply.

2. Scout always before attacking Unless you are a really strong t4 player in the kingdom you should always scout what's inside the castle, even if its just faction of your size. You never know, who has been heavily reinforced, as an example if a player has 1m troops reinforced and his just50m rating, but on battle talents, his own army 500kalso in there. You can lose massive units just to zero him and he will get mostly wounded. This is not recommended. Additionally, you never know,who have garrisoned that player, as if there is a similar power or strong player in that alliance and you see him/her also without a bubble in that hive, they might have garrisoned some player and now you hit, without scouting and might lose a lot of troops, even if you win the fight he just gets wounded and you lose many troops. On that note. You yourself always should use anti scout also, unless you are going to go attack or you are already getting attacked, then you should switch it to 20% total attack buff, even if you are defending the castle.

3. Choose correct Commanders. You should look over your commanders, know what is good for, remember to counter enemy army always. As an example, if you have an enemy with massive infantry in that castle, you should use Merrel for high cavalry attack boost. If you have him high quality. You need to check every commander individually.

4. Be ready to defend/hide. As you have Fervor on you will not be able to instant truce and there are always stronger castles out there who can solo you. In matter, where you cannot tank them. So best variants are:

1) Start rally for 8 hours on a rebel camp randomly chosen near you

2) Send troops to long march to gathering sites as example 15 minutes, and when they start getting there you recall your armies back and just truce.

3) Send troops to your alliance members castles, who are strong enough to take hits or are under the bubble. You can both reinforce and garrison players remember that also, as you can send your main lord under garrison, so you would not get your main lord captured.

Part 3

How to pick targets: So choosing targets is the hardest part, as this depends really on how strong you individually are and how strong other players in the kingdom are. Also to get merits you need always pick players with over 30m rating as lower players do not give you merit points if you kill their troops.

1)If you are an example in the range of 30-45m rating, you should focus more on getting attacked by other players who are approximately similar rating or about maximum60-65m rating dependant of research. The issue is that on that rating easiest way really to get merits is to join in rallies of high players against other players, when they are zeroing high players, as an example, they do 2m rally on the player and get 2m killed. This is a very slow way to get merits, but its 1 of the best methods. Also getting hit by the too high player could kill your troops, so you should try to focus getting hit by your rating based players or a bit higher and if you see it's going bad, you should do as mentioned in part 2 and 4.

2)If you are 45-60m rating with high military research, this means you can already start to take hits from weaker gear badged t4 players with the right way. So here, you can easily go farm hives as an example if it's possible in your kingdom and when you see a high player t4 teleports next to you then fast get your troops back to the castle. If he just does single attack then you should fast go and start healing them, if he starts mass attacking you and you are not able to get that fastback to the hospital to start healing, you need to send troops away. But remember to use always immediate curfew, when you go hunting for merits. Also on that 45-60m rating, you are able to zero 30-45mrating players even some 60m if you scout first and see they got no battle gear/talents or if smaller even have them you still are able to do it. Remember this will always cost troops while getting hit by the high player gives you wounded as long as you can heal them.

3) 60-80m rating You are already close to t4 or have it, this means you have already very high research power or a lot of troops. This means you can already more easily hunt in hives and even if you get attacked by most players, you can take that hit, but on this rating, it might be that best way to get merits is to zero players near 30-45m rating or get rallied by 40-50m rating players with yourself getting 1m reinforcements. Also even on this rating base on certain kingdoms, you can be soloed, so you need to be still cautious about it. If you use all the above written though it will be nearly impossible to zero you and you can gain very easily merit points inside hunting in hives.

4) Over 80m rating Nearly nobody can solo you unless you are in very strong kingdoms where are a lot of strong players with huge power. On this beginning rating, you should focus zeroing 30m-60m rating players, be still cautious as you should spy first to know that if there is someone garrisoning it the same rating you can have huge loses. As t4 player you should always use meat shield as mentioned above, the troop composition should be 25% of your frontline is t3 and all else t4. This is good for nearly most targets. At already 200m rating player you have already at least 2m troops then you should still ask full reinforcements and pick frontline which you gonna defend the rally from. As if you get rallied equal strong player or a bit stronger then this gives you good merits, plus to get minimum loses you should be heavily reinforced, especially I would recommend reinforcements on your 1stfront unit type, as example you choose infantry and all reinforce 1m infantry you have 400k infantry inside and 400k hospital capacity then to start killing your troops they would need to pass 1.4m troops on the rally.

P.S.: This was first published on 2019-09-11.