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[PLAYER GUIDE] Elite Sansa 8-9

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Article Publish : 09/17/2020 23:29

*Special thanks to CrazyGuy from K2 for contributing his game guide to us!

For 8-9 Sansa 1 Star, these are the commanders you need:

** Note: Lowest commander qualities possible:

      Gorell: Epic

      Sheila: Common

      Sansa: Rare

      Varys: Legendary (it is going to be really hard but still doable with purple)

      Rob: Rare

      Chris: Legendary

Gameplay: These are the spells you need to do in order with screenshots:

1.    Gorell stuns Sansa and archer behind her. Your Sansa heals.

2.    Chris stuns the top 4 and Sheilaability on archer in front of Chris.

3.    Varys Ability on top 4. Robsten on bottom 4.

4.    Gorell Stun on Sansa and archer behind her.

5.    Varys ability on bottom 3.Sheila ability on bottom Sentry.

6.    Rob/Chris stun Sansa and archer. Sheila Ability on Sansa.

Video guide link >

P.S.: This was first published on 2019-10-21.