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[PLAYER GUIDE] Hive Defense

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Article Publish : 08/03/2020 20:03
Edited by elaineyyyyy at 09/16/2020 19:26

*Special thanks to an anonymous player from K14 for contributing his game guide to us!

Part 1: Setting up the hive

1) Using geological features(lakes; mountains). The best place for hive location to stay safe from hard attacks are of course smaller islands, as those are the hardest to attack when everything is filled with players. As an example this island here is a very good place to start a hive, as you have loads of resources around, while at the same time you can very easily make your hive protected from attacks.

2) Frontline or sides, fill with camps with 1 unit. This makes your enemy have a harder time to reach you, also it gives your hive players more time to organise defense. This means as an example they would use 2 precise teleports, first one to get near the hive and kill camp spot, and second precise to teleport there, if you will be fast enough you can re-fill that camp spot 1 unit, which even makes it harder to mass attack your hive, by higher players. Even if your enemy spends a lot of speed ups to attack your hive, you still have more time with additionally your enemy spends more resources like speed ups/diamonds to attack your hive. Which will get very expensive sooner or later.

3) Have as low gaps in the hive as possible, and if someone wants to go outside of hive, fill that place with a troop and when he returns you can easily recall it. So this would not cause issues holding spaces in the future.

4) Players who are more likely to fight around should be held on the side, wherefrom attacks mostly come in from, and the backline on players, who do not fight very often. This means the more aggressive player you are the more you should be put to the frontline, this also will increase the defense for the full hive. This here overall makes your hive already bad target to attack.

Part 2: Fighting in the hive

Most of these should be used at the same time if possible:

1) Opponent attacks you scout attack

This means that you wait till your enemy sends his troops out with the main lord and you now attack his castle, to zero remaining troops inside the castle. This strategy can be used only on approximately equal power level player and that player has to have less than 800k troops in the castle unless you have very good gear and badges to make the difference up.

2) Sync flood attack

You tell your alliance to start single troop marching at the enemy and you then are also equal power level with someone more on your alliance and together combined you could fast zero him. Then you should go for this attack together massing attacks as example do 3-4 marches at once while your alliance is sending singles, which will make your enemy not understand, what Is going on really.

3) Trap account

Of course, this is the best way to kill enemy troops, but this can be done by 2 ways. First, you need a high player who can garrison you and take the attack easily, even if he loses the attack they should be ready to damage a lot of enemy troops while himself getting only wounded troops. The second way is to have someone with quite good research and battle gear talents, but same time would seem like an easy target, so that player should always hold immediate curfew on and be reinforced as example 1m units, when now high rating player attacks he will lose a lot of troops or even might lose his lord.

Just remember that your alliance hive without bubble should stay at least under immediate curfew, so your higher players could garrison your players when your hive is getting attacked so they cannot be seen.

4) Rally enemy

This is a good way to get out weaker players, who you still can rally, this means approximately players who still have under 3m troops if you have a high player with good rally leads also. This means that you should make a rally on your enemy who is hitting your hive, and fill it with all troops equal numbers as you really do not know what frontline you will face. As if you are hitting like this his most units will go dead, as it will reach over his hospital limit and alliance hive total loses will be more affordable for full hive than a single player. Also if you are being attacked by multiple high players, you should make multiple rallies at once which means as example 3 players attack you who all are reliable players you should do 2 fake rallies and 1 real rally which you going to fill up, this causes more confusion on the enemy.

5) Protect yourself

You see that enemy is so strong that your alliance is not really able to fight it no matter what they would use. Then best choice is to truce; shelter or send your troops and lord into players who already have truce.

Hive Defense Part 2

P.S.: This was first published on 2019-09-20.