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[PLAYER GUIDE] All you need to know on Castle Siege and helpful info for PvP! (Updated on 2022/9/21)

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Article Publish : 09/18/2020 00:05
Edited by handoftheking at 09/21/2022 16:01

This guide is based on the author's personal experience and is only relevant to the current game’s content.

All you need to know on Castle Siege and helpful info for PvP!

Although castle siege is the name of an event that aims to capture castles, capturing or retaining certain castles for a period (as long as possible) is a challenge present in various events such as: Alliance conquest, Champion city siege... making it probably the oldest and most important aspect about the game.

Simplifying the real objective in a castle siege event, it is necessary to capture the enemy's castle and defend the castle against the attacks that are carried out. This is the only way to guarantee a longer castle occupation time than the enemies.

Example of occupation reward per minute in alliance conquest event.

Therefore, we will approach this topic from the two possible opposing perspectives. (This guide from here on out does not apply to events where the game saves your account settings).

Perspective 1: You must defend the castle:

The defense task is clearly the most difficult to accomplish, because when you capture the castle, you use certain commanders and troop formations, and both are not possible to be changed while holding the castle.

Still, there are things you can change to surprise the enemy:


Small explanation about talents, no matter what you are setting your account for, (1 troop type, 2 or 3) you always want to start filling the talent icons from the bottom since the best cost/value talent point are the ones at the bottom compared to the ones at top.

Example of 2 troop type set of talents

Equipment - You can check a dedicated guide on this forum:

Badges – You can check a dedicated guide on this forum:

Refinement - You can check a dedicated guide on this forum:

what you also can do is change the troop composition inside castle. If your commander setup allows you to use all troop types you can easily change the backline while the opponent is rallying.

Perspective 2: You must attack the castle:

The attack task has some advantages over the opposite. To start with, it is possible to obtain a report of the commanders and the number of troops existing inside the castle. This observation allows the attacker to configure his account carefully to increase the probability of winning.

In addition to what the defensive player can change, the attacker can also:

Choose commanders: On this forum you can check an overview of all the available commanders, not only matter to pick the commanders that give you the best stats according to the troops you are using, but also to create synergy between them and thinking on a deeper level, using a synergy commanders skills setup that will counter your enemy and increase the possibility to defend the castle after.

Choose troop formation to try to take advantage of the counter effect.


Infantry counter spearmen 

Cavalry counter infantry 

Spearmen counter cavalry. 

The counter Effect can be seen in detail on every battle report like this:

In a simplified way, a troop that counters another has twice the attack capacity and on the opposite side one troop that is countered by another has half the attack capacity.

Doing a quick example and ignoring some random factors of the game as missing attacks, critical hits or even commanders skills.

If we have 1 player using X amount of infantry troops with overall attack, health and defense of 100% batting another player using X amount of spearmen troops with overall attack, health and defense of 100%

In practice the player using infantry would have 200% attack while the player using spearmen would have 50% attack which would result in victory for the player who counters the enemy.

Change the dragon's skills according to the troops it sends by removing unnecessary skills.

Attackers can also team up with a second alliance to double rally, which makes it harder to defend.

Come try with us!