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[PLAYER GUIDE] Everything about Badge! (Updated on 2022/9/21)

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Article Publish : 09/18/2020 00:25
Edited by handoftheking at 09/21/2022 16:16

This guide is based on the author's personal experience and is only relevant to the current game’s content.

Badges are some of the more desired items to acquire when you are advancing your gameplay.

Badges allow you to increase your Attack, Defense & Health for your troops as well as your fortifications and wall defense.

As of August 2022 you are able to have 4 badges per armor piece and a total of 32 badges on your whole gear set when your blacksmith is level 25 and you have completed badge master research: 

Blacksmith lvl 17 - Unlocks second accessory slot - 21 badges.

Blacksmith lvl 25 - Unlocks third accessory slot - 24 badges.

Badgemaster unlocks your 4th badge slot (Under Refinement in your maester’s tower)

The total amount of possible badges is 32. (24 is common until you have done the research)

List of badges - Here is a list of all badges available in the game as of August 2022:

As you can see the bagest gets more and more interesting for each tier they are combined into. 

Use of badges

As a general principle a person will use a specific equipment that fits their playstyle and from this they can set up badges to go along with that equipment so that it fits with their chosen lineup.

With this in mind if you have 3 badge slots available per equipment it’s advisable to put 1 attack badge on each equipment and for the 2 others you can either put another attack badge for a 2nd lineup or work with a pure lineup and fill the 2 remaining slots in with defense and health badges for the lineup you have chosen to play.

If you have unlocked your 4th badge slot then you got 8 more badges to play with. In this example

let's say you are Inf/Spear then it’s advisable to put 1 attack badge for each troop and for the 2 other badge slots you can fill in health & defense for the troop you tank with.

It's only possible to wear 1 badge type of the same type per equipment.

Calculation for 8 badges:

Attack\Defense\Health - 16% / 30% / 60% / 120% / 200%

Wall Defense - 9.6% / 18% / 36% / 72% / 120%

Total Badges - 9.6% / 18% / 36% / 72% / 120%

War Badges - 8.4% / 15.6% / 31.2% / 62.4% / 104%

This allows you to have a total of 200% more attack,defense & health on your Spear,Cav,Inf & bow’s.

War Badges gives you a total of 104% more attack & defense for your Spear,Cav,Inf & Fortifications

Obtaining badges

War Badges can be obtained from Champion City Siege, Glorious battle & Kingdom vs Kingdom!

Attack & Defense badges can be obtained from events, alliance shop, diamond shop & from rewards.

Health badges can be obtained from the Iron Bank event. Here you can choose Health or Defense.

Badges are very important in the more advanced part of the game and often the right badges are what decides your strength in both events and player vs player action.

Where to obtain war badges:

Champions City Siege badges

There are also mixed attack badges that can be obtained as rewards in Champions City Siege.

As of this guide there are 3 badges obtainable from Champions City Siege and they are listed below along with the statistics. These badges give 2 troop type attacks in 1 badge.

Hope this guide will help you there!