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[PLAYER GUIDE] Alliance Conquest Guide (Part 2)

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Article Publish : 09/11/2020 18:40
Edited by handoftheking at 09/11/2020 18:40

*Special thanks to bubbleboix from K12 for contributing his game guide to us!

*Notice: This is a long gameplay guide and may take you 10 minutes to read.

Now that you have done everything you need to do before entering the playzone, its time for the match to start, pick a square and get ready to start the match. 

The positioning rarely matters but an alliance should position its heavy hitters in front (closer to the objective and smaller players or alt on the backline ). This A, makes the marching distance shorter and B, gives bigger players with a high number of troops to send reinforcement when individual castles are getting attacked.

Buying item( for alliance leaders)

Marching speed up and heals are what I recommend going for, the rally speeds up are useless and just messes with the timing of multiple rallies. 

Looking at the objectives.

Personal priority List. 

1.Temple of the mother

2. Casterly Rock

3. Targaryen Port/Lannister Port

4. Temple of the warrior

5. Outpost

6. Stronghold

Temple of the mother is only 200 points the initial moment it gets captured and 40/min thereafter but the utility it offers is beyond important. 

This is with temple of the mother , level 10 first aid and even orange bowman appearance with the healing at level 3.

Having temple of the mother helps with your team healing and even hinders the healing from the opponent. This is why temple of the mother ranks as a top priority for the most alliance. If you burn someone out of heals they are effectively zeroed out of the fight. 

Casterly Rock and Ports and Outpost are ranked according to their points per minute, self-explanatory. 

Tower of the warrior is a tricky one, some alliance like to rank this high or higher then the mother or CR but in my opinion, it is highly situational, if your alliance has an equal number and equal strength rally leaders, the tower of the warrior can be seen as the top objective. However, if your rally leader outclasses them, the tower of the warrior could be pushed down the list of the objective. 

The stronghold is ranked lowly by me and my alliance personally, due to the fact that the troops sent out to attack the enemy castle and those troop attacking do give points to the enemy causing it to be a liability.

Assigning rally leaders to objective

When the countdown timer hits zero,  objectives are open to be attacked, always make sure to have a list of who is assigned to what objective. 

Keep in mind to always assign more than one person to one objective. In my alliance it usually 3 people to an objective, this is due to playing a game of fastest finger first in burning speed up to capture the objective. Keep in mind each objective always has initial troops that you need to knock off to be able to capture it.

In the temple of the warrior, for example, they have 400k t3, in my experience if your attack formation can successfully defeat an elite level 20 rebel group, you should be able to take the objective without a problem.

Holding on to a successfully captured objective 

In the above picture Lady Tehani , manage to be faster than both me and my assigned objective taker, she has successfully captured the warrior (from the arrows above you can see both alliances have assigned at least 2 rally leaders to 1 objective). 

After successfully capturing an objective a bubble will appear giving you roughly 1min plus to send reinforcement. Keep in mind lady tehani initial troops that used to capture the objected will start marching back, she has to resend reinforcement to the objective, only the person who captured the objective can send lords, other alliance members can only send troops.

After an objective has been captured, every alliance member should send troops according to the rally leader lords that she has sent to the objective. For the above picture, the rally leaders have chosen cav and spears as there defending formation, alliance members should send the appropriate troops type to the objective. 

Sazen Aksu has successfully captured an objective and alliance members are sending reinforcement.

Retaking enemies captured the objective.

If an enemy has taken an objective, they are scoring points that will enable them to win the match. The alliance must start fighting to take back the objective. From the above section, I have stated that temple of the mother is a key objective due to the reduction of healing time and the enemy currently has taken control of it, we must fight to take it back. 

Having multiple rallies to capture an objective. 

After the 2 min protective bubble drop, the objective becomes open to attack. It is of a key importance to start multiple rallies in order to knock all of the enemies troops out of the objective.

Temple of the mother being a top objective, we decided to start 4 rallies to try and recapture it.

During this period it is of key importance to have a diverse troop formation, as you are unable to scout in AC.

Shoe is spear , zenturion and proph (he got cut off) is cav and i am the infantry, do this will ensure at least one of our rallies counters the enemy formation. 

It is also of key importance to sync all of the attacks at the same time, in voice chat we will indicate that our rallies and full and all 3 of rest will click the attack now button in the bottom left of the picture above. 

Doing this will ensure all 3 of our rallies hit the temple of the mother at the same time, giving little opportunity for the enemy to recall,heal and resent ( i will talk about this later)

All 3 rallies will hit Casterly rock at about the same. (sorry about the mismatching picture I will screenshotting and playing the event.)

Prophorac was the first rally to hit the temple of the mother, his rally being all cav has the least amount of marching speed.

The first hit, unfortunately, the opposition formation was a perfect counter(spears>cav). The 2nd rally hit, reducing their troops count. The 3rd hit, causing them to go below 2m. This is how multiple rally work, as long as you keep rally them, u force them to heal and rss to heal, eventually, the alliance will wear them down and a rally or solo attack will be enough to take them off the objective.

Keep in mind that a lot of rallies and enforcement are going on in AC, keep track of everything can be confusing.

Holding on/defending an objective.

Defending vs multiple rallies. 

Always ensure that the objective is always fully reinforced, with the right troops. If you notice from the 2nd and 3rd rally picture above the enemy rally troop size actually increases between the two hits. It is the job of the objective rally leader to sound out if they need more reinforcement and if the troop count is getting low. 

Casterly Rock is getting rallied multiple times by the enemy, it is the job of the rally leader to sound out in VC, however as individuals you can monitor how many troops u have and recall and resend accordingly. A good rally leader plus a full reinforced objective=a hard time for the enemy to capture the objective. 

Yeah, they are not knocking Our rally leader off CR. Holding on to CR gives us a huge point lead as it is the biggest point giver on the map. Capturing and holding objective is the best way to score points, more points per minute than the enemy will be a victory in the long run. 

Hitting players castle for points. 

The other way to score points is via hitting player castle 20 mins after the match has started. Always click on the castle to check how many troops are inside and if u think you can take it just send your troops to hit the castle. I will not go into this as it is pretty easy to understand.


Capture and hold more objectives in conjunction with hitting players castle = victory. 

This has been a very general guide and if you would like to know more you find me on discord or in game. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it! Bubbleboix k12 out!

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P.S.: This was first published on 2020-02-11.