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[PLAYER GUIDE] Alliance Conquest Guide (Part 1)

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Article Publish : 09/11/2020 18:34
Edited by handoftheking at 09/11/2020 18:41

*Special thanks to bubbleboix  from K12 for contributing his game guide to us!


Alliance conquest is a relatively new event that has made its way into player heart due to it being a cost-free and high reward value and it promotes communication in the alliance in order to achieve victory and get those converted mengo tokens. The reception for this event has no doubt been positive and will def be a Major event that will be here to stay. Here are some tips and tricks that I have found to be useful and am here to share with the community the tricks and trick in order for you to farm those mengo tokens.  

Registration Time

Alliance conquest is about power and numbers, during registration time its very important to identify the time period allocated by the old gods to a maximum number of participants and find the sweat stop between having enough good rally leaders and participants. Above is a screenshot of my alliance getting an indication of the number of people that will be on and playing the event. All alliance should do the same and I even seen some alliance making it a rule to participant in AC, failing to show up for less than 6/8 events will be kicked from the alliance. 

Try to find a time where you have a good number of players along with rally leaders and an official present to buy items for the event. 

Match Day 

During match day, is the day that you will find out who u play against, I seen a lot of players not making use of this day and I will show you what the optimal things to do. In my experience a lot of alliances do not use this day to its most optimal value, here are the list of things I would do during match day to ensure victory. 

In my opinion, I would not go for the time slot nears to reset, this leaves only about an hour for preparation work, which is often not enough to abuse the information given on match day. I highly suggest getting your alliance to pick a later match time slot. 

What is given:

Your Opponent is made knowing during match day.

What you should do: 

Scout, go to the opponent kingdom, look at what castle they hold and who are the key players that are rally leaders. Look at their gear to get an idea of what their troop type is focusing on. 

If XXX is holding sunspear, be sure to have a few good infantry rally leaders to take the castle from them. 

Information is key during match day, get as much information as possible and adjust your alliance strategy accordingly. 

Next level strategy: 

If you have mates or friends in the opponent server, be sure to get them to zero out some of their castles.

The guy on the right is going to have 500k lesser troops for AC and will be a huge impact in the event. 


My alliance does not do this and freeze would absolutely not approve of this method, our alliance is called family duty honor, but if I was running the show it would be just family and duty. 

*Insert scene ingot

Aunt lysa: you don't fight with honor

Bronn: but he did 

They are more things you can do during match day, but those are just some which I recommend doing. 

10 Mins before the match start

Alliance Conquest Checklist:

1. Talent (are you in combat talent)

2. Gear (are you in combat gear)

3. Buff

4. Castle exterior

5. Troop selection

When your castles enter the AC play area, it locks in all your stats and buff when you enter the play area and you are unable to change any of the above-mentioned things, so use this checklist to ensure that your building optimally for AC. I learned this the hard way when I activated a 75% warrior capacity during AC, which was a waste of 75 percent ….


I am usually the cav rally leader for my alliance, always ensure all your points are in combat and you have the correct battle talents on. This does not apply to only rally leaders and everyone should be in combat to score points when the player castle opens up 20 minutes into the match to score points.


Always make sure you have your battle gear, I do not own the glorious gear and use the cav when I enter the play area, this is why spying on the enemy kingdom is key u can know what type of troops the rally leader focus on when they take a castle (unless they are willing to buy the purple/orange glorious gear ).


Remember to lock in your buffs before entering the event.

Warrior capacity is essential for knowing off the great city with losing reinforcement, I highly recommend using at least a 50 percent and 75 percent only if you have lesser numbers of participants. 

Another buff that a player can get is king's landing buff if your alliance has good relations with the ruling alliance and the match is at different times you can consider asking them to put the combat buffs on you before you enter the match. (Lord commander, Most devout and master of laws) and make sure you have your hall of faces buff activated as u enter.

4.Castle exterior

Combat castle is important when going into AC as it gives u additional combat stats. Below is the list of castles that I recommend using for AC. 

1). Keep of kings.

This skin is absolutely the skin to use for Alliance conquest.

It makes your rally hit harder and gives you an increase army size and if you port all your rally leaders in the yellow area below adds to their defense making them tanky.

2). Castle Exteriors you should use

For both shadow of Valkyrie and fort magnificent be sure to activate fervor before u enter the AC play zone

3). Troop selection

You can only bring 3 million troops to the play zone, I assume most of us are under that limit. But as a side note, always ensure you have enough of the troop type to fit your rally leaders.

The rally leaders should also indicate what is their preferred troop type in the discord. It is an alliance job to ensure that they have all 3 types of rally leaders. It is always a good idea to ensure that you can bring a good distribution of troops to the play zone. 

What I recommend doing.I have a hall of faces buff currently active. 

So before I enter the AC play zone. 

I am going to throw a scout at buttons, to gain fervor causing my castle 7 percent attack to gain and I am going to make my alt bubblebox leave the alliance and attack me with his lord causing me to also have the dungeon bonus of 23 percent. 

68 percent total attack for AC is not too bad at all. 

Who this got a lot longer than expected… I will be breaking this up into 2 parts. The other part will actually be focusing on the AC gameplay.

Alliance Conquest Guide Part 2 (Player Guide)>>>

P.S.: This was first published on 2020-02-21.