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[Event Rules] New Cross-server Event Champion City Siege

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Article Publish : 11/20/2020 18:56

Last week we gave a brief introduction to the new cross-server event --- Champion City Siege. Now it’s only a few more days before the event officially kicks off! Read this article and find out the important rules that you should pay more attention to! 

Here, qualified players can compete with each other or help allies launch rallied attacks and capture a Champion City (*Reminder: The rally initiator will become the occupier, not the Alliance Duke)

1. Basic Requirements

1) The castle must reach level 25

2) A ticket is required (purchased with diamonds)

3) Joining an alliance is required

4) Your server is not under protection before the beginning of the Preparation Phase

2. Core rules in the new map

1) Preparation Phase - Qualified players can move their cities to the new map (*Reminder: Different from Alliance Conquest and Army of the Dead, your castle will disappear from your kingdom when you move your castle to the new map)

2) Dispute Phase - Similar to the War of the Kingdoms, players can attack certain Champion City during this time. The one who has the longest occupation time will be the Champion Conqueror. 

3) Ending Phase – After the event timer reaches 0, the result page will be open to announce the winner.

4) Peace Phase - The Champion Conqueror can confer titles and claim rewards during this phase.

3. Other rules in the new map

1) The death and wound of troops are real

2) Lord won’t be captured 

3) Resources cannot be transferred

4) Hall of Faces and Great City buffs apply here

5) Reinforcement is allowed while Garrison is disabled 

6) Will be attacked instantly if you teleport when your enemy is marching on you

7) There will be 30-minute cooldown when you teleport between your kingdom and the new map

8) Transferring to another kingdom will reset your occupation duration in the event (Your progress in the event will be kept only if you transfer to a kingdom that belongs to your Warring Kingdoms group).

9) Similar to the War of the Kingdoms, the buff of Champion City won't apply during the Dispute Phase.

4.  Schedule

As mentioned in the preview, more than 10 kingdoms will be matched in a Champion City (10 in total) in a new map---Warring Kingdoms, where each of the cities has a different siege time. 

5. Rewards

Champion Conqueror can get:

1) Special privileges like conferring titles and granting rewards to anyone from the kingdoms that have participated that siege

2) 500,000 diamonds

3) Cavalry-Infantry Assault Badge

4) 30-day Dauntless Warrior Marching Animation

Killing a T3/T4 troop will reward you a certain number of Battle Tokens while for every T3/T4 troop you’ve lost will reward you Bravery Token. With these two tokens, you can exchange special rewards such as Honor Banner and 4 new badges that increase both attack and defense of a certain troop type.

6. Truce Area

When you want to take a break from the battle or cannot go on anymore, you could teleport to the Truce Area and put your truce on (*Reminder: You will still be attacked without truce here).

Truce is disabled in the grid area

You can only put truce on outside the grid area.

7. I’m a small player, what can I do in this event? 

Champion City Siege isn’t an individual event. All players can make a difference here. If the number of your troops is under 1 million, you can also play flexibly in the new battlefield. Here are a few strategical suggestions {:4_100:}>>>

1) Send reinforcement to help allies and hide your troops in their castle at the same time

2) Join allies’ rally 

3) Start a fake rally to hide troops and cancel it when you need them

Click here to read>> Preview of New Cross-server Event Champion City Siege

If you have any questions about the rules or the event, please feel free to tell us in the comments! {:4_91:}

Now, start getting ready for this event and good luck to all!