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[PLAYER GUIDE] The Info You Should Know About Trap Account (Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 09/18/2020 00:01
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 15:12

Trap Account Showcase

What is a trap account?

Let's get started with talking about what a trap account or a trap castle really means. But first we should start with some history of trap castles. Trap castles in the early days of the game played very differently from how they are played right now. In the old days where army sizes were too low it was pretty easy to defend a solo attack against your castle. Nowadays, people with some army size boosts can easily send 1.5 million troops in a solo attack. It's harder than ever to play as a trap castle but it's certainly doable and I'll show you how. First of all what is a trap castle : A trap castle is a player's castle where it can trap an enemy lord from getting attacked by the enemy or worst case deal a ton of damage to the enemy attack that's just not worth it to attack the castle again.

So what should you do?

So as we already said the job of a trap castle is to deal the most amount of damage possible to the enemy player from defending.In order to do that is to have a huge amount of lower tier troops as a frontline and a reasonable amount of T4 troops in the back to deal the damage to the enemy troops.Depending on what troop you wanna use there are certain formations you can use but the 2 most popular defenses for a trap castle are the Full bow castle or the 3-way weakness defense with high amount of frontline.The first one is easier to accomplish and usually more effective since Bows as a troop type can't be countered.The second one is harder to pull of since it needs a lot of paid commanders to be fully awoken and your frontline can be countered and take a lot of extra damage.

Troop Numbers for Defense?

First of all, you do want to create millions of troops but cleverly focusing on a big amount of lower tier troops so when you are getting hit you only losing lower tier troops, Also you should have a big hospital capacity which can help with holding alot of wounded troops to negate the dead troops from the player attacking. With the power of people can hold nowadays though it's not easy to get 0 troops dead but you should at least try to get the least amount of losses or even if the number of troops dead is big you only lose low tier troops.So your focus is going to be to have a big amount of Tier 1 Troops some Tier 3 and a good amount of Tier 4 troops. How big that number should be is entirely to the power rating you want to be. My advice is that the lower the power the easier it is to trap an enemy player in attacking you.

Tier 1- 2 rating 

Tier 2- 8 rating

Tier 3- 24 rating

Tier 4- 36 rating 

Tier 5- 48 rating (not meant for trap account)


This is the most important thing to defend from high-level players for trap accounts. When defending from attacks your troops will be sent to hospitals first, then they start dying. So this means you should have as many LvL 25 hospitals as possible. A base LvL 25 hospital gives 40000 wounded capacity and you can have as many as 16 Hospitals. Even though getting such a high number of wounded may seem bad  the enemy will lose even more and healing your wounded troops is always cheaper than remaking new troops. After getting hit you should be also ready to quickly heal your troops or put a truce up. So if another attack is coming your hospitals are empty or the enemy attack hits your bubble. Also, remember here that yes hospitals are essential, in trap account, you will need mints also, so you would get troop training speed as high as possible to create a lot of units also so you need to find your balance between these 2 buildings. 


Commanders and gear

Depending on the type of trap castle you want to follow, bow trap castles are easier to make since the commanders you need to be successful are cheaper and easier to max first to legendary quality and secondly to 4 star awakening.

Bow Trap Castle

As an example of free to play commanders getting Sheila, Sansa and Kravras legendary quality is your priority. Additionally Theon and Melisandre are excellent additions to that formation for bow castles. Your focus is going to be to get the most amount of bow stats possible in order to kill the enemies faster in order to reduce your losses. Obviously there are alot of bow formations available in the game but the above formation is very useful and easy to achieve especially if you want to do it fast and cheap.

For a bow trap castle the gear you are going to need are going to be the ones that boost your bowmen attack and defensive stats.Since bows as a troop type can't be countered by other troops bow trap castles seem to be working on every situation.

Weakness Trap Castle

Currently weakness formation is one of the most viable formations in the game because most people nowadays prefer playing mono troop type. Weakness formation is really strong but unfortunately requires a lot of paid commanders so it's harder to achieve for a new castle. But if you can actually get the commanders needed it could be more effective than a bow castle. The problem that now emerges with weakness formation is that if the enemy actually counters your frontline your trap castle will be for sure less effective. The commanders needed for maximum weakness value are as shown below.

As you can see 5 paid commanders are for sure harder to achieve in comparison to the bow castle commanders. But the value can potentially be higher than the bow trap castle.In this type of trap castle you have to decide which troop type is going to be your frontline. My suggestion would be to have infantry as frontline because not a lot of people run full cavalry castles these days.

Your Defense should ideally look similar to that if your frontline is Infantry, get a big amount of t1/t2 a small amount of T3s and a good amount of T4s. You also need a very small amount of cavalry and spearmen to activate your full weakness potential. You can copy this defense set up and swap frontlines with your liking. In terms of gear for your commander it's the same as the bow castle focusing on your frontline stats since Weakness formation doesn't rely on second and third line stats.

Research and talents

We all know how important research is and that on main accounts you should focus at everything on research military, but this is a trap account and you would want to keep your rating as low as possible, so it wouldn't make the enemy so cautious not to attack you. So primary research should be getting yourself all troop types for tier 4. Secondary research should be now after this to get the best stats possible for your chosen troop type, level 10 research for example on bowmen attack gives you 135% bonus attack. Finally your final focus in the research tree should be the Iron defense, this research tree increases your maximum defense troop size in order to be easier for you to defend against attacks. Talents are also an easy way to get your army huge bonuses. You should stick to having primary bowmen attack(or any other troop type you focus on) on maximum talents then secondary you should focus on health talents and lastly on defense talents. Health and defense only due you need to keep your frontline alive as long as possible in a fight and make it as cheap as possible. So basically focus on maximizing troop  attack, then secondary focus on health and defense for your frontline.


Refinement and Badges.

Depending on your preferred Trap castle your priority in Refinement should be to get the most amount of stats for your troops as possible. Attack and Health should be your first picks in both Badges and Refinement. In refinement other viable picks are Hospital capacity and Reinforcement capacity.

What now?

You have created a trap, what should you do now with it? The first thing you should do is pick a small kingdom and finally test out your new creation. Ideally you should only try to face people that are close to your power and a little bit over your power lets say ± 250 million power. It's important not to face huge power accounts because they can actually survive your Trap castle. Trap castles should always be ready to jump away or to truce up when the situation is not favorable. Trap castles are usually not meant to tank rallies and they are most powerful against solo attacks.


  1. Make your moves when your fervor is almost over so you can use your truce.
  2. You can remove your truce without activating fervor by jumping in and out a Great city Special Area(Treeline)
  3. If you are not reinforced by allies when you realize you are under attack immediately random teleport to avoid secondary attacks from other players
  4. Always be ready to heal your wounded troops because if your hospital is full you will start having dead troops.
  5. Many people these days Have unlocked blockade skill for their dragon so remember that you can always swap kingdoms if you are blockaded by enemy player(This tip does not apply during Kingdom vs Kingdom Event) 
  6. Don't forget to activate Immediate Curfew to avoid enemy players scouting your defense.
  7. Dragons can actually play a vital role in your Trap Castle so try to get some dragon skills that are useful for your kind of defense.


How to get them to attack you?

You gotta be away from the hive somewhere nowhere, maybe get somebody in global chat, who isn't in your alliance or known to players to give the coordinates. Then just wait till somebody comes there and hits you. Also, you always should have an immediate curfew on, so they would not know what they are hitting on. Also when you start getting hit you should use 1 of the buffs 20% total attack or 20% total defense, I would primarily use attack, but defense has its own perks also immediately swap to Curfew after the attack.


If you are getting rallied by a high account who has T5 and the rally has more than 4 million troops in it. Your primary strategy should be "truce", as even if your alliance reinforces you with 1m troops, this might not be enough. Yes, if you have gained a lot of troops power by now and are a crazy strong trap, which might get the enemy more cautious on you, then you might take it, but remember the moment they break your frontline your losses will be very big. So in conclusion it is better to run to another server if you can't truce up than just take the hit. 

Remember : “The History is written by the Winners” so don't be the zeroed out castle. 


Bonus reports

Since I have been playing as a trap castle the past 1.5 years I have collected a great amount of reports from people trying to solo my castle just because it looks small. Here are some that even though they look like defeats if you take into consideration that only tower tier troops were lost in the battle in comparison to high tier troops lost for the enemy (and in some cases T5 troops too) my defense always out values the enemy attacking me.

As you see the power lost in some cases is one tenth compared to the power the enemy player lost.So the name of the game for a trap castle is to lose as little as possible while doing maximum damage to the enemy.


Trap Castles are one of the most fun castle types anyone can play right now. If you play cleverly the chances of you getting demolished are slim to none but you should always know your limits and don't bite more than you can chew. Be fast, be vigilant and aware of the situation you are currently in, know where the enemies are and always try to be on the move in case someone much stronger than you is chasing you. Remember there is no shame in running away if that keeps you alive. A trap castle requires a lot of work compared to a zero castle but the results are very satisfying especially when you are against some people with the tendency to solo enemy castles. Trap castles are really useful to an alliance because if you manage to capture an enemy lord your alliance can follow up with a rally on the enemy player.

Final Step!!!

Maybe the most important Step of this guide is to have fun. After All this is a war game, sometimes you win sometimes you lose but we must always have fun. Even at defeat there is something to learn on how you can do it better next time. Nobody is perfect and practice makes us better. As Ned Stark Once said:

“We find our true friends on the battlefield”