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[PLAER GUIDE] Alliance Trial

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Article Publish : 09/17/2020 23:56

*Special thanks to player Djo for contributing his game guide to us!

Alliance Trial is a new feature that allows you to face bosses with increasing difficulties.

You have access to 32 bosses per difficulty, each defeated boss will bring you diamonds, a compass or 2 Tyrion medals, chests and hasten.


Alliance trials are available 2 days after the launch of a new server.

You must join an alliance to participate in an alliance event.

Alliance members can jointly challenge a powerful enemy Commander with a large number of HP.

You must defeat the previous boss  before you attack the next.

There are different difficulties in alliance trials. You can unlock the different difficulties by facing boss with increasing difficulty (32 bosses per difficulty).

All Challenged but not defeated boss will be reset daily at midnight (server time).

Each of your Commanders can only participate once a day in the alliance trial.

Observe the skills of the opposing boss to choose the formation that will be most effective in fighting him.

Your commanders will automatically fight. Manual mode is not available. The challenge must also be completed within the time allotted.

All alliance members will receive a challenge reward once a boss is eliminated (by automatic message).

Alliance members will also receive daily ranking rewards based on their ranking in the damage ranking.

It's another good way to improve the quality of Tyrion.

This is the general interface of the alliance trial where you can track the current boss progress, your difficulty level and your alliance's rewards and damage ranking.

Here is an example of a boss, you will have to think about the trait of the boss to know which types of commanders to use against him, here for example you have to use your cavalry type commanders.

This is an example or cavalry commanders formations.

*Always check the Trait of the boos and use the good counter.

Here you will find the damage ranking of your alliance, which will allow you to award daily rewards according to your rank, you receive your reward at midnight (server time).

Here you can find the rewards you will get according to your rank.

Please note that you cannot claim the ranking or rewards if you have been in an alliance for less than 2 days.

P.S.: This was first published on 2019-08-20.