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[NEWS] Preview: Army of the Dead Is Approaching

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Article Publish : 10/23/2020 17:04

Lords and ladies of Westeros, winter is here upon the land and is attempting to sweep the south. To defeat the Night King and his army, we need the joint effort of every single one of you! The Army of the Dead event testing season will be unveiled in early January. Check out below the introduction and ready yourself to defend the Wall together!

General Description

The Army of the Dead is a 4-week-long event that tasks 6 alliances to defend the Wall together against White Walker assaults. Players can get upgrade materials from collecting resources and attacking undead groups on the new map. Materials can be sent to different buildings to upgrade their defense against the Army of the Dead. Once the outposts are destroyed, the Army of the Dead will continue to attack the WallThe match ends after defending the Wall for 60 minutes or if the Wall is destroyed.

Alliances that have at least 25 active members with Lv. 17 Castles or higher are eligible for the event. Members are considered active if they have logged into the game within 48 hours before the registration phase.

Defend the Wall

Similar to Alliance Conquest, players will be transferred to a new map with a set amount of troops to battle. There will be no death of any of your troops in this event. Buffs obtained from the Commander Loyalty system will also be in effect.

Each alliance will guard one outpost at the Wall as their base to garrison the defense troops. The White Walkers will come in waves to attack the outposts first. Once the outposts are destroyed, the Army of the Dead will continue to attack the Wall. In the meantime, the Night King will also use his power to debuff players’ troops. Defend as many waves of White Walker attacks during the 1-hour battle and watch out for your allies!

Buildings & Resources

To assist the defense, different buildings that bring buffs to players and attributes to the Wall will be introduced. Outposts as defensive buildings are located north to the wall, and players can send Rubble to an outpost to increase its durability and upgrade its level. All the special buildings, namely Maester's Tent, Stable, Training Field, Sacred Temple, and Bonfire, are located between Alliances' starting zones and the Wall, with each building having their unique usage. Players can get upgrade materials from collecting resources and send them to different buildings to upgrade their defense and buffs.

Take Maester's Tent as an example, players can send Rubble to a Maester's Tent to upgrade its level. Upgrading to a new level will add 1 attempt to the "Restoration" skill for all players.

Restoration: Revives a certain amount of troops defeated in battle.

*Names of the buildings are subject to change due to changes in the development plan.


Rewards will be sent based on your personal contribution and alliance performance after each battle and after the season. Plus, the more waves of White Walkers you and your allies defend against, the better the rewards will be. What kind of rewards do you expect to win?

More details about the rules, buildings, and rewards will be posted in the following weeks. Get ready and face the biggest enemy of the living ever!

More info and guides will also be updated on the event page>>   Stay tuned!