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[News] Glorious Battle Event FAQs (Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 07/27/2021 21:29
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 11:53

Glorious Battle Event FAQs

We've listed some of the frequently asked questions in order to help you better understand the rules.

Q: The event is going to last for 14 days and the rules state that you cannot use the troops in Glorious Battle anywhere else. So what about the other events if your players have committed to GB? What about KvK etc?

A: The event itself lasts 14 days on live, the battles themselves take 1 hour when they happen. You can effectively recall them, it works a bit like Fiery Mines in how it ties up your troops.

Q: What about the other events during GB like KvK? Will I have no Lord and dragon for these events?

A: You can recall your Lord, dragon and troops to join other events like KvK.

Q: Will this event be played at a certain time? Or is it around the clock?

A: After the matchmaking phase, the 14-day battle phase starts, during which time you can declare wars and defend cities. During the City Siege, you have to wait for 10 minutes or 10 hours if you declare war, and start a one-hour battle to take over a city. In other words, it's you (or your faction leaders) who decide when you play the City Siege.

Q: Do we keep a bubble on the castle that we leave in Westeros after we enter the Glorious Battlefield?

A: No, the system will not put a bubble on your castle in Westeros like Alliance Conquest. When your lord and commanders are fighting on the Glorious Battlefield, you'd better put a bubble on your castle or find yourself a safe place in Westeros.

Q: Will we use all the troops or will we have a limit of use?

A: There's no limit to the troops that you can use in the Glorious Battlefield. Unlike the ‘All Out War’ event, ‘Glorious Battle’ event does not provide you with any troops either so you need to use your own troops.

Q: If we have resources, will our castles be attacked on the Glorious Battlefield and will they remove the resources?

A: Nope. The march which you send in the Glorious Battle to fight will only be affected. Army and resources in your castle will remain unaffected.

Q: Is there PvP on the Glorious Battlefield, or will it just be the sieges to advance on the map?

A: It's Castle Siege on the Glorious battlefield. If your faction occupies the most cities and gains the most Influence, your faction wins. The battles done are 1vs1 so your army will effectively fight 1 enemy march and whoever wins, faces the next opponent! 

Q: Only top 4 players of every kingdom can be the leaders regardless of the alliance?

A: About the 4 powerful lords: the Alliance Leader and officials of the Alliance top in the Alliance Rankings. If some of them are not in the kingdom concerned, the person who ranks at the top of the Individual Power Rankings will be the replacement.

Q: Will my contribution points be affected if I transfer to another kingdom?

A: No. You will not be able to change the kingdom during the Matchmaking phase but after that, you can jump or port to any other server of your choice. It will not affect your teaming with the faction or your contribution points. 

Q: Will I get 100 contribution points each time I send a march to fight or just once?

A: Once. You can get 100 points for participating in any war, irrespective of the number of marches you send.

Q: Does more number of marches inside the city while defending or capping enemy buildings make any difference?

A: Yes. More number of marches inside the city means your faction will get more points per second, in other words, faster capturing of the city. 

Q: Is the matchmaking done based on the servers or the alliance? What if any alliance has some people on other servers?

A: Matchmaking is 100% done based on the server. Alliance has no play in this process. If any alliance has some of its members on any other server, then they will not be matched in the same team. Members who are present on that server, only they will be able to play with their alliance.

Q: Can I still fight being in Logistics mode or Trade while being in Offensive?

A: Yes, you can always send your marches to fight while being in any Military position. But in order to trade, you must be in the Logistics position. However, you can still perform other logistic activities like transporting and construction being in Offensive or Defensive mode. 

Q: If I get 100 glory raffles as rewards, will I be able to spin the wheel 100 times?

A: No. Spinning the wheel once costs 10 glory raffles, so you’d be able to spin it 10 times. 

Q: Do I get merit for killing the NPC troops?

A: No. Merit points can be earned only for eliminating enemy troops.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any other questions.