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[NEWS] Recruitment Pass Returns with Castle Exterior Added! (Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 11/28/2020 15:30
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 14:39

Recruitment Pass Introduction

Hello my Lords and Ladies, in this article we are going to take a look at the Recruitment Pass and its rewards. The Recruitment pass for over 2 years now has helped a lot of players to unlock powerful commanders and other great rewards in the game.The recruitment pass consists of 3 different tiers. The free tier, the Hero Decree Tier(100 Black Diamonds) and the Legendary Hero Decree ( 200 Black Diamonds).

Level Progression and Rewards

Basic rewards are unlocked by default every Recruitment Pass season. You may unlock the Hero Decree and Legendary Hero Decree for additional rewards. You can switch commanders freely after unlocking the Legendary Hero Decree if he/she is not the one that you want or you got the amount of commander medals you wanted.

In order to progress the Recruitment Pass you have to complete daily quests that provide pass reputation.

New Challenges that Give you experience

Apart from Activity Reward quests, you can also complete Challenge quests to earn Recruitment Pass Reputation and increase Recruitment Pass Level.These challenges are easy to complete within a month  each Recruitment Pass lasts.

Even if you don't buy the Extra Recruitment passes at the start you can still buy them until the Pass expires and you are going to get all the rewards you have unlocked so far.

Rewards Shop and Exterior Shop

The Recruitment Shop is a special feature in Recruitment Pass. The Pass Coins obtained from the Hero Decree can be used to redeem exclusive rewards from the Recruitment Pass Shop.

In this shop there are mostly consumable items like Commander Medals from old passes and some photo shard boxes and some troop exterior medals. Apart from the recruitment shop there is also the Exterior shop where you can buy some permanent exterior coupons for A tier exteriors and Even some powerful SS tier Exteriors !!!

In conclusion the Recruitment Pass is a great deal to unlock your commanders and get some extra rewards for it. Also after a few passes you are going to be able to unlock 2 SS skins from the Pass that definitely surpasses the overall cost of the Pass. Currently there are 14 commanders you can unlock from the Legendary Hero Decree(Andrea,Leana,Annie,Raymond,Theon,Leila,Meranda,julien,Latz,Enzo,Drake,Jamie,Kevin and Sinara) and there are 6 more you can buy from the Shop(Lareo,Winton,Uma,Barret,Egbert and O’Biehn).

Which commander would you like to see next in the Recruitment Pass ??