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[NEWS] Receive Blessings of the Seven and Check out Improvements!

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Article Publish : 09/16/2020 19:00
Edited by handoftheking at 09/16/2020 19:01

😍We are excited to announce that a new event “Blessings of the Seven” that will enable all players a good chance to obtain various kinds of rewards, will be available after the version update on September 17th. Simply by using the item that you obtain from events in Benefits, you can obtain plenty of rewards every day. Additionally, the drop rates of rewards from Expedition (except Rebel Camp) will be improved, as well as that from Dragon Exploration. Read on below to know more about the new event and improvements.

Spin the Wheel in Blessings of the Seven and Obtain Rewards

Blessings of the Seven is a daily event where you can use the special item Seven-colored Diamonds to spin the wheel and obtain different rewards. The Blessings of the Seven has 8 Blessing Stages (True Dragon Day, Development Day, Diamond Day, Equipment Day, Gold Dragons Day, Honor Day, Army Raising Day, and Leader’s Day), with each stage FEATURING one kind of item. The whole cycle period is 14 days. It’s a great chance to collect your favorite items simply by using the Seven-colored Diamonds to spin the wheel.

Seven-colored Diamonds can be obtained from the events in Benefits panel, specifically Raising an Army, Honorable Duty, Attack a Rebel Leader, Attack a Rebel Group, Dragon Carnival, Dragon Exchanges, Best Effort, Increase Power, Resources Gathering, Battlefield, and Eternal Glory.

*Please note that Seven-colored Diamonds will be CLEARED at the end of EACH stage. Be sure to use it in time!

There are some things relating to the Transnational Relocation that you need to keep in mind during the Blessings of the Seven event.

After relocating to another Kingdom, you will not be able to participate in the ongoing Blessing Stage in the new Kingdom until the next Blessing Stage starts.

If you have already participated in the Blessing Stage of your original Kingdom before relocation and return to the Kingdom before the end of the same Blessing Stage, you can continue participating in the Blessings events of that stage. If Blessings of the Seven has already moved on to the next stage when you return, then you will not be able to continue the events of the previous stage, nor participate in the events of the current stage.

*Events like the Dragon Carnival event and the Honorable Duty event on the Benefits panel will be removed and replaced by Blessing of the Seven event after the update on September 17th. The Exchange Shop will be kept for a couple of weeks so please don’t forget to use your Dragon Carnival Token and Honorable Duty Token before the closure of the Exchange Shop.

Drop Rates Have Been Improved

After the update on September 17th, you’ll find that the drop rates of rewards from Expedition (except Rebel Camp) are IMPROVED. Rewards like diamonds and Oldtown Bowmen Medals will randomly drop more than before after you challenge Rebel Groups, Elite Rebel Groups, and Rebel Leaders.

Besides, the drop rate of rewards from Dragon Exploration is also improved. And Dragon Album system will be REMOVED from the game and detailed compensation information will be sent via system mail. Please don’t forget to check your mail out and wait patiently for the mail as it’ll take some time.

We hope all of you will enjoy the new event and improvements and have a fun time playing!

*Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to the change of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.