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Article Publish : 12/03/2020 11:52

Please note that the Westeors Pass event was replaced by Recruitment Pass Event since November 2020. This article was first published on 2019-09-05 and was for you to refer to if you are unclear with the basic rules of Recruitment Pass.

On Monday, Sep 9 2019, we will launch a new event—Westeros Pass, which requires efforts from both you individually and your alliance.

In season 1 Wake the Dragon, a new commander named Barret, a castle exterior Ancient Capital and troop appearance House Reed Spearmen will be introduced!


9/9 12:00 PM - 10/9 12:00 PM, 2019 UTC


1.  Every player will receive a Lord Pass at the beginning of the season.

2.  Player can earn points to level up their passes and claim the corresponding rewards.

3.   Players with a Lv.11 or higher Castle are qualified to upgrade to a Royal Pass to get extra rewards.

4.  Weekly quests WILL NOT be reset until they're all finished or the whole events ends.


1.  Completing Royal missions will grant points.

2.  Player can unlock more Royal Missions by purchasing the Royal Pass, and get extra rewards from leveling up their pass.

3.  Royal missions of each week vary, and will reset on Oct. 9th. Please complete the tasks before they expire.


Player can upgrade their Lord Pass to obtain unique commander, troop appearance and castle exterior:

1.    Barret, also known as Bloodbeard, is a ruthless and bloodthirsty leader of a company of mercenaries. He can lower enemies’ healing effect and increase infantry’s attribution.

2.   House Reed Spearmen, the rare Spearmen troop appearance that provides buffs to Spearmen attack, health,defense, Army Carrying Capacity as well as expansion of your rallied army.

3.  A 30-day Season 1 exclusive castle exterior--Ancient Capital, which grants a buff of 10% to Total Health, 5% to TrainingSpeed as well as increasing Single Training Quantity and Hospital Capacity!

*Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

This article was first published on 2019-09-05.