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[NEWS] Dragon Blessing: Light Up Attributes for Your Dragons!

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Article Publish : 06/17/2021 19:33
Edited by handoftheking at 11/10/2021 17:48

Seven’s Blessing has descended upon Westeros. Simply using Blessing Stones to make blessings and light up different attributes for your dragons, you will be granted enormous power by the new feature Dragon Blessing and perform better both in battlefields and city building. Read on to learn more details.

Entrance: Click the “Dragon Blessing” icon that is next to the Merchant on the Dragon panel.

Obtain Blessing Stones and Make Blessings

You can use Blessing Stones to carry out blessings and light up attributes or items on the Blessing Plates. You will permanently obtain the corresponding skill effect from lighting up attributes and obtain items from lighting up items.

There are 2 types of blessings, Normal Blessing and Advanced Blessing. Each Normal Blessing will grant you a certain amount of Lucky Points. When the Lucky Points reach the maximum, you will be able to carry out 1 Advanced Blessing, after which the points are reset to 0. Please note that the exact number of Lucky Points required to reach the maximum increases with the number of times you enter the center of the plates.

The Blessing Stone can be obtained from Merchant and Dragon Exploration. Plus, you can get it in the Dragon Blessing Event in Midsummer Festival and Glorious Battle (which is coming soon).

Activate Different Levels of Blessing Bonus

The Power, Defense, Strength, Agility, Crit Chance, Crit Damage and other dragon attributes will be greatly increased after you light up them. You'll be able to activate a new dragon skill as well. For example, once you activate "Unexpected Treasure" for Darkfyre, you can use it to randomly obtain 1 badge. You can check out the dragon attributes in the battle report.

The attributes across the Blessing Plate are divided into Lower Level Blessing Bonus, Intermediate Blessing Bonus and Advanced Blessing Bonus based on their quality.

The attributes in the center of the Blessing Plate are Advanced Blessing Bonus and items are of greater value. Advanced Blessings will grant you items and attributes from the center of the Blessing Plate, and Normal Blessings have a chance to light up them.

Each attribute has a MAX level. When this level is reached, a certain percentage of Blessing Stones will be returned when that attribute is lit up again. You can light up and obtain the corresponding items an unlimited number of times.

Level up and Unlock More Blessing Plates

There are three parts of the dragon that you can unlock and bless in order to get more blessing bonuses: Dragon Head, Scale Armor, and Flying Wings.

The total level of all attributes that you get from Normal Blessing and Advanced Blessing is called Blessing Level, which is shown on the right corner of the panel. Increase your Blessing Level to unlock more Blessing Plates!

*Two Blessing Plates were added in October 2021.

 If you have any questions about Dragon Blessing, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments here and we’ll sort out some of the frequently asked questions.


P.S.: The screenshots are taken from the Pioneer Server, which doesn’t represent the final version.


Please note that the above content might change due to the adjustment of development plans. Final updates will be determined in game.