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[PLAYER GUIDE] How To Set Up and Manage An Alliance (Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 09/17/2020 23:51
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 11:06


Gotwic is not designed to be played as a single player game. You need to be part of an alliance to get access to quite a few activities like Rebel Camps and Rebel Leaders. While you can do Rebel Leaders without the direct help of another player, you still need to be in an alliance to even go for them.

Then there are events that can only be done in an alliance. Depending on the event you need a certain number of active players in an alliance to even be eligible.

Therefore you need an alliance to advance and fully enjoy the game. In this guide you will learn what an alliance is, how to create an alliance and about the different roles in an alliance.


Alliance Creation

Creating an alliance is quite forward. If you are not in an alliance, press C or click on the alliance icon and follow the steps shown. You might have some trouble finding an alliance Tag (the part of the alliance in brackets that is shown in front of player names in brackets) and a name not already taken. No, I will not provide a list of free tags :P

Alliance ranks/roles

An alliance is composed of a maximum of 100 players with the following roles:

·   One Duke

·   Up to three officials (Chief Knight, Diplomatic Advisor, Financial Advisor)

·   A total of 15 Marquises (including the officials!)

·   Zero to 99 Earls

·   Zero to 99 Barons

·   Zero to 99 Knights

The Duke is the leader of your alliance. He or she is usually the one who created the alliance and who can basically do everything they want with the alliance (only disbanding it is not possible at all times). The Duke can give the position to another member of the alliance too or be dismissed if offline for more than three days.

The “Officials” are technically members of the Marquise role but with special permissions.

 The Chief Knight is mainly seen as the alliance's strategist. Having someone in that role will give you access to the “Battle Log” in your alliance log. Without a Chief Knight you will not get battle reports in the log! You will however still get attack warnings in alliance chat.

The Diplomatic Advisor does not give access to a log but can edit the messages on the alliance board.

The Financial Advisor is usually the alliance bank. The reason for that is that the transport log is linked to the account holding the position. Every resource you send to that account will be shown in the transport log. Every time the account sends resources to a member of the alliance it will be logged too. (I will not provide a picture here, because my alliance leadership might not be happy … as in might kill me if I do :P )

The Marquise are what some would call the council of the alliance. They have special privileges like accepting requests to join the alliance and kick someone from the alliance. In some events the Marquise have a special job, like in Alliance Mobilization for refreshing the available quests. 

Earls and Barons can send mail to the whole alliance.

Knights are the role without special privileges.

Some people will tell you that Knights are for people on probation and the ranks above are hard earned. That is true for quite a few alliances but how your alliance uses those ranks is up to you. Just keep in mind that everyone who joins the alliance starts at Knight rank. Using that rank for your fighters, for example, might get confusing quite fast ;)

Alliance gifts

Alliance gifts can be earned by killing rebel leaders (attacking them will not give you an alliance gift, if it is not the killing blow) or by buying packs for black diamonds. 

Every time you or any member of the alliance kills a rebel leader or buys something from the black diamond shop (most buys give chests but not all) every member of the alliance gets an alliance gift. This is really important! You do not take away from other members of the alliance by opening the chests. On the contrary, as there is a limit to the amount of alliance gifts you can accumulate at any given point AND that they disappear after 24 hours since your last login, after they were obtained, you might actually hurt your alliance by not taking them.

Here is the reason why: Opening an alliance gift gives you … well a gift … which can be resources, speedups and so on. Letting your alliance gift storage overflow kinda takes that away. On the other hand, opening an alliance gift gives your alliance keys for the big alliance gift chest and Alliance Supplies which can be used in the events Alliance Conquest and Siege of Winterfell to buy things like heal speedups for the alliance.

Opening the big alliance gift will also give your alliance XP and help you level up your alliance.

The more gifts your alliance generates per day, the faster your alliance will level up and the faster your players will progress.

The amount of keys and supplies you get per chest depend on the quality of the chest.:

Common quality chest: 2 keys and 1 alliance supply per chest

Uncommon quality chest: 4 keys and 2 alliance supplies per chest

Rare quality chest: 6 keys and 3 alliance supplies per chest

Epic quality chest: 8 keys and 4 alliance supplies per chest

Legendary quality chest: 10 keys and 5 alliance supplies per chest

Keep in mind that those keys are per chest opened.

This means that if there is one common quality chest and your alliance has 50 members and every member opens their chest, you get 100 keys and 50 alliance supplies … from one kill! With 100 members you would get 200 keys and 100 alliance supplies. Again, that’s for one level one rebel leader. 

While newer/smaller players can kill less rebel leaders, they can still contribute by helping each other kill more or helping the bigger players to kill more.

The higher your alliance level gets, the more keys you will need per big gift. 

Alliance Boss and Elite Trials 

There are guides for both events out there, so this will only be a very short breakdown.

The Alliance Boss is available every day. You can use your commanders to attack him and if the alliance kills him, every member of the alliance gets a reward. The Stage Clear Reward is shown to you when you open up the current stage boss. If your alliance can’t beat the stage before the next reset, then the boss has full health again and you get another chance to try to beat the stage.

Elite Trials are a recurring event, where your commanders can get buffs, you have a shop and can earn pretty nice things. The basic principle is the same though. Beat stages by using your commanders once a day … here though waiting for the right counter can make a lot more sense.

Alliance Mobilization, Alliance Conquest, Siege of Winterfell

Check out the guides for these events. Covering them in here would be way too much!

Just keep in mind that you can’t play in those events without being in an alliance that meets the requirements!


Tasks are “jobs” setup by the Duke and given to members of the alliance. As this feature is not regularly used by most alliances (it can be quite frustrating to setup, to be fair), just the short version.

The Duke can set up jobs, give those jobs a name and a sign and then sort members into those jobs. There is no game mechanic that forces anyone to do what the job is. Personally I see it more as a sorting mechanic but it has not seen love for quite some time now.

You can find this feature by going to your member list and switching from the class tab to the Tasks tab.

Managing the Alliance

Alliance Permissions

The Duke can change only a few permissions for the alliance. Basically he can change the visibility of the Member, Battle, Expedition and Transport Log for Rank 1 (Knight), Rank 2 (Earl) and Rank 3 (Baron). All other permissions are not changeable.

Marquise can change the Alliance Motto, the Alliance Announcement, the Alliance Declaration (what others see, when they visit the alliance page and members on the declaration page) and they are the once that can invite people, allow them to join and kick them.

Officials can do a few more things, the most important being able to buy things in certain events.

Basic Alliance Organizing

First you need a system to organize the Alliance. 

A possible system to sort players would be this (from Djo):

Earl is the highest-ranking non-officer of an alliance, it is generally the so-called trusted or former persons in the alliance who have proven their worth and are respected by the Marquis and theDuke.

Barons are the so-called "common" persons in an alliance, having proven themselves sufficiently successful to be permanently integrated into their alliances but not having exceptional high deeds (this is generally the most commonly used rank in an alliance).

Knights are recent people in an alliance, this rank is often used for the test period before permanent integration into an alliance.

However you set it up, it is advantageous to make it known to your alliance how they can get a certain rank. 

Set up your alliance bank (yes, there are guides for that too). It is needed, regardless if your alliance is going to fight or not.

Don’t forget your officials, even if you use them only for access to the logs and to buy things, when you are not around. 

Things to keep in mind

Ranks are more important for some players than for others. You need to know your members and what they want/need. Otherwise you might lose them quite fast again.

Get help! A good set of Marquise or players below that rank who help are worth their weight in gold! Leading an alliance alone is exhausting. Let others carry some of the burden. 

For most questions regarding running an alliance you can find good infos on the web. They are usually quite general though … or for another type of alliance. Take what you need and think might work for your alliance from those guides and leave the rest.


To really enjoy the game you need an alliance. Only then you can see and play all aspects of the game.

Running an alliance is not easy though. If possible get help and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And last but not least … an Alliance is a place where people play together, where friendships are formed and where playing together as a team is fun (hopefully :P ). 

I hope this guide helps you run your alliance a little smoother!