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[OFFICIAL GUIDE]Conquering Westeros: Building Introduction

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Article Publish : 09/11/2020 19:51

Players can construct various buildings in their city. Different buildings serve different purposes in the game. All buildings are indispensable on player’s conquest for Westeros. Today’s building instruction will teach you the basic function of the buildings in game, and how they are going to help you in your journey.

There are four types of buildings in the game: Military, Economy, Production and Equipment. Players can upgrade the castle level to unlock more buildings. Here are all the buildings available in the game:

Castle: The center of player’s city. Basic building for all in-game activity. Upgrading your castle level increases the level limit for other buildings and the army size. Higher castle level will also unlock new buildings and new features.

Rookery (Lv.2 Castle required): The Rookery is where your ravens are kept. They can be used to scout enemy positions and deliver messages for you. When your city or camps are attacked, scouted, receive transport or reinforcement, the Rookery will inform you of such events. Upgrading raven towers can provide more detailed scout reports.

Hospital (Lv.3 Castle required): Hospitals save the lives of wounded soldiers. Troops that are injured while gathering, encamped (or garrisoned) or while reinforcing will be sent to the hospice for treatment.

Soldiers who are injured on territorial campaigns or fighting in armies (attacking, rallying, in castle siege, castle reinforcement etc) have 60% chance of being sent to the hospice.

Weirwood (Lv.4 Castle required): Entrance for Story Dungeons and elite stages.

Maester’s Tower (Lv.5 Castle require): Maester’s Tower supports your city with various research options. Different research options grants you different bonuses. Upgrade the Maester’s Tower level will shorten time to research a technology.

City Wall (Lv.6 Castle required): The Wall is a solid barrier that protects your city against invasion. Defending commanders can be stationed there, and fortifications constructed to fend off enemies. When walls take damage, reducing their durability, artisans will automatically commence repairs. Upgrading walls increases their maximum durability and fortification capacity.

Shelter (Lv.7 Castle require): Shelters can be used to protect armies and commanders in your city. Armies and lords inside your city can be sent to the Shelter. When enemies attack, units inside the shelter will not be attacked.

Blacksmith (Lv.8 Castle required): With enough materials, the smiths can forge you lord equipment or craft materials to strengthen your lord.

Bannerman Hall & Embassy (Lv.9 Castle required): Bannerman Hall allows you to participate in Rally attacks. Upgrading your Bannerman Hall to increase the size of your rally army. The Embassy can be used to host allied reinforcements. Upgrading embassies increases their reinforcement capacity and army size.

Market (Lv.10 Castle required): Highly accessible marketplace used for the transportation of resources between Alliance members. Upgrading markets increases transportation capacity and reduces transport taxes.

Training Grounds (Lv.11 Castle required): PVP Arena.

Merchant Ship (Lv.14 Castle required): Merchant ships carry foreign merchants and their exotic wares. Barter with them- they always have a surprise up their long sleeves!

Iron Bank (Lv.17 Castle required): Lords may invest diamonds in the bank, and receive a return in due course. Upgrading banks increases the investible amount and interest rate bonuses.

Dungeon (Lv.10 Bannerman Hall required): All captured enemy lords are kept in the Dungeon.

Hall of Faces (Lv.17 Dungeon required): Offer a captured enemy lord to the Many-Faced God to receive a buff for a limited time.

Completing main campaign quests allows you to construct buildings outside your city wall. You can construct more production buildings to provide more resource to support your city. There are 5 different production buildings in the game: Farmland, Lumberyard, Quarry, Mine and Mint. Carefully choose between different buildings to manage the resources productions on your city.

*P.S.: This was first published on 2019-05-06.