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[PLAYER GUIDE] Basic New Player Guide (Updated on 2022/9/21)

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Article Publish : 09/11/2020 19:55
Edited by handoftheking at 09/26/2022 13:42

This guide is based on the author's personal experience and is only relevant to the current game’s content.

Great battles are won before they are ever fought. So your early strategies will decide your future. This guide will help you better understand the basics of the game and get ahead of other players from the very beginning.


When you start the game, you will have Melisandre guiding you on what to do. First off she’ll take you over to the dragon island and briefly explain to you about the concept around dragons. Next you’ll have to build a few constructions with her help when you’ll be introduced to the main quests (or story quests) - our first important point:

1. Main/Story Quests

The Story tasks are a questline that will help you on what activities you should be focusing on at certain times so you can have a solid supply line for the future. Completing the main quests will also grant you experience points and resources. And for finishing a Story chapter - lots of rewards such as resources, speed up items, commander Chris’s tokens and more. For each stage you should be able to view what you can get by sliding the reward bar at the bottom.

2. Alliances

Along the questline, you’ll also be introduced to the Alliance tab and the Alliance concept in general. 

Alliance members can help shorten each other’s construction and research times with a whopping 26%. Teammates can also send resources to each other and that process will also be shown to you by Melisandre. Purchasing packs with Black Diamonds and defeating rebel leaders with other members grants Alliance Gifts for all members. The gifts include speed-up items, resources, blue diamonds, other miscellaneous items and alliance coins. The alliance coins you can spend in the “Alliance Shop” for all kinds of goodies.

Most certainly finding a stronger alliance is a very important step in your journey not only for faster and more efficient progress, but also to meet new friends.

3. Normal, Elite and Daily Challenges

Another thing you’ll encounter in your learning stages of the game are the Normal, Elite and Daily challenges. The challenges are reset periodically. Make sure to check the objective of different challenges, so that you can always maximize your gain from completing them. By hovering your mouse over a requirement for the challenge, you can see the formula by which you’ll be obtaining points.

*The challenge points will change based on your current Castle level.

4. Events

On the top right of your screen you can find the Events icon that opens a new window in your game. There you can see several things. First is the event Calendar that shows you a schedule of the upcoming and ongoing events. It covers the next 7 days. Second, you have 1 to 3 day events where you have to complete certain tasks that reward you with many different kinds of goodies but most importantly - Seven-colored Diamonds that you can use in the Blessings of the Seven reward wheel. The wheel itself is located again in the Event tab. Another thing you can find in that tab are some ongoing events like Lord of Lords, Weirwood Memories and others. Make sure to check every day if there’s an event so you don’t miss it. Lastly, the event tab has a News section that delivers you all the hot news regarding the game.

5. Cross-server page

Talking about Events, another icon you can see on the top of your screen is the Cross-server page one. There you can find all sorts of events that give great and sometimes exclusive rewards. Some of the events there are solo, some are a alliance based match of some sort and some are even server wide. You can go through any of the events’ rules and descriptions there to get a better understanding.

6. Benefits tab

The last more important tab on the top of your screen is the Benefits tab. That section contains different kinds of events and shops, with one of the best ones being the VIP Shop. There you can buy all sorts of items with a discount so make sure you take advantage of that. The other vital thing in the Benefits is the Recruitment Pass - you complete tasks to earn points, earned points get you levels, levels get you rewards. The pass is a much cheaper way to get the paid commanders. For newer players especially, I’d recommend buying all 3 tiers of the RP if they can afford them.

7. Commanders

As I mentioned commanders just now, you should already know the basic aspects and usages for them from Melisandre. I’ll just throw in to her tips that in the beginning it’s a great idea to focus on upgrading commanders that help your city development like Soren, Varys, Russell etc.

8. Upgrade your Talent Level

Commanders aren’t the only way to get your Lord stats up. Another way to do it is through talent points. You can view your talent trees by clicking on your lord’s avatar: Battle and Production. Production talents can greatly increase your research, construction, production and resource gathering speed; battle talents can provide various bonuses for your army. You should choose the talents that serve you the best. But you should always pick the production talents as a new player.

9. World Map - Resource Gathering and Rebels

Click on the “World” (bottom right) then “Search”(on the left side of your screen) to find resource gathering sites and rebel leaders. Send your troops to collect resources from different gathering sites to support your city. Higher level sites can provide you more resources. You can use the resources to construct buildings, to research technologies or to forge equipment for your lords. 

Regarding rebels, there are 3 kinds:

  • Rebel Groups: Those are the type of rebels that you attack with your army, each attack costs you 200 endurance (a resource that regenerates over time). Killing a rebel group grants you rewards and unlocks the next level rebel group for attacks. There are also Elite Rebels that give you more rewards when killed but take care, they are tougher to defeat.
  • Rebel Camps: Those are rebel cities with a lot of troops in them. In order to defeat them, you’ll need to make a Rallied attack with your Alliance. Make sure to scout the camp before attacking so you know what you’ll be going up against. The rewards for clearing those camps are merchant chests that take 4, 8 or 12 hours to get opened and you get some quite nice rewards for them.
  • Rebel Leaders: Those are the horsemen you see all around the map. You attack them with a set of 6 commanders that you own and each attack costs motivation (another regeneratable resource). Unlike Rebel Groups where you have to kill them to get rewards, with RL you get rewards for each hit. If you kill them, every alliance member receives a bonus chest with rewards. The last important thing about RL is that they give you equipment materials and by doing more hits on them, you can advance your Lord equipment further, so make sure you do that daily.

10. Final thoughts

As a last recommendation, I’d suggest you do your daily quests every day - they will give you a nice understanding about the concepts of the game while rewarding you with bonuses. Of course the daily quests and this guide can’t cover all content we’ve received so far but are enough to get you rolling with a headstart and a better understanding of the game. In the future the game will probably be adding new things as well, or they would update old content… either case - if you feel you don’t understand how something works, you can always ask in chat about it, search for a guide or a video, or just by asking in the game’s official Discord server.