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[NEWS] R’hllor’s Trial: Accept Challenges and Claim Rewards!

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Article Publish : 08/23/2021 20:24
Edited by handoftheking at 08/24/2021 18:25

With the closure of Army of the Dead event, we are excited to introduce the R’hllor’s Trial event from which you’ll be able to claim various kinds of rewards to minimize the possible loss. The first R’hllor’s Trial will be available from August 24th to August 26th. By summoning and challenging the R’hllor’s Messenger and passing different levels of trials, you can claim rewards. Read on for more details.

Entrance: Click on the icon “R'hllor's Trial” via “Events” on the upper right corner of the game interface.

Event Duration: 24/08/2021 00:00:00 —27/08/2021 00:00:00 UTC

Note: The battle is blessed by the Seven. You WON'T LOSE TROOPS in the R'hllor's Trial.

Five Difficulty Modes

R'hllor's Trial is divided into 5 difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, Expert, Hell and Nightmare. Each difficulty mode has 60 Trial Levels. Initially, only the first difficulty (Easy mode) is unlocked. Lords have to clear the 60 levels of the first difficulty before unlocking the next difficulty. The first round of R’hillor’s Trial will only have the “Easy” mode unlocked, more modes will be available in future updates. You can check out your performance in the local rankings.

Sixty Levels of R’hllor’s Messengers

You have to summon a R'hllor's Messenger and continue to complete the trial by using the special item [Trial Endurance]. The R’hllor’s Messenger only exists for 30 minutes after being summoned, and will need to be summoned again after the time runs out. Don’t forget to check out the enemy formation and buffs before attacking them.

Summoning a R’hllor’s Messenger and completing the trial will both require using Trial Endurance. [Trial Endurance] is capped at 1,500. [Trial Endurance] can be recovered over time or by using [Endurance] items. There is no limit to how many times [Trial Endurance] can be recovered using [Endurance] items.

You can check out the last page of the battle reports to find out the casualties and healings of the battle.

Various Rewards

The popular castle exterior Winds of Winter, Refined Rough, Honor Banners, Badge Chests, and Speedups will be available once you defeat different levels of R’hllor’s Messenger. After clearing level 30, you’ll be able to claim Winds of Winter (1 day). After clearing level 40, the 7-day Winds of Winter will be available, and 14-day Winds of Winter castle exterior after level 50. After clearing the final level 60, you will be able to claim a 30-day Winds of Winter.

Note: After the event ends, the system will send out rewards via mail based on the HIGHEST LEVEL lords have completed challenging.

Friendly reminder:

1. The Army Size buffs from the Sept of the Seven will NOT TAKE EFFECT during R'hllor's Trial.

2. Don’t forget to click exclamatory mark to check out the rules and rewards in-game.


Accept the R’hllor’s Trial and win his help to defend against the White Walkers. Don’t forget to check out the R’hllor’s Trial from August 24th to August 26th.


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.