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[PLAYER GUIDE] Outer City Building Balance (Updated on 2022/9/22)

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Article Publish : 09/11/2020 19:35
Edited by handoftheking at 09/22/2022 16:28

This guide is based on the author's personal experience and is only relevant to the current game’s content.

Resource Buildings


Once you own troops they will start to consume grain(Presented in game by ‘Hourly Upkeep’[3]). Depending on how much Farmland you build and at what level they are you can increase the amount of grain you produce every hour(Presented in game by ‘Hourly Production’[2]). The more troops you train the higher the consumption[3] will be. If your consumption is higher than your production ([2] - [3]) then you will not be able to keep hold of grain outside your Inventory due to the fact that your troops will consume everything over time until you reach 0. The grain in your inventory will be left untouched until you decide to use it. At a certain point in the game the amount of troops you have will consume so much grain per hour that there are not enough Farmland buildings in your city to sustain a positive Consumption/Production ratio. Once that occurs there are a few steps you can take.

Increase Production:

1) You can request the King/Queen of your kingdom for the Master of Coin title. This title will increase all Resource Production by 20%.

2) You can purchase Reclamation Scroll 25% in the Alliance shop.

Decrease Upkeep:

1*) Commander Sheila has a 4* ability which will reduce your Upkeep Consumption Rate[3] by 50%. This ability is applied immediately when owned.

2*) The Lofty Crown Leg Guard (found in the Royal Kingsguard Set) has an equipment bonus at gold quality which will reduce your Upkeep Consumption Rate[3] by 25%. This ability is applied when the Equipment is worn by your Lord.

3*) The Glorious Armor (found in the Glorious Set) has an equipment bonus at gold quality which will reduce your Upkeep Consumption Rate[3] by 35%. This reduction will only be applied when the equipment is worn by your Lord.

4*) In the Diamond shop you can purchase Grain Ration Items at various %.

*All these options are cumulative. Which means that owning Sheila at 4* Awakening together with the Grain Ration 50% is enough to reduce your Upkeep Consumption Rate[3] to 0%. But you could also choose to equip The Lofty Crown Leg Guard and then you would only need a Grain Ration 25% to reach the same 0%.


This building will produce Iron.


This Building will produce Wood


This building will produce Stone.

You need at the beginning one from each in advance to be able to upgrade your city. Later when your castle is level 25, you can decide if you keep a few from each building or for more efficiency you build ie. only mines- so you produce a lot of iron per hour. All resources have a capacity that you can store in open, and when you reach that amount after you stop producing, it is recommended to send out the produced rss to an alt or to a bank, and you can keep producing. The higher you upgrade your building- you get more production per hour and more limits to store. Also you can use production scrolls to increase the hourly rate. The scroll you can buy in Alliance Shop with alliance coins.


Mints increase gold production, training speed and at level 25 they provide a 2% bonus to your total attack.

Military Buildings


Hospitals- increase your hospital capacity and when you reach level 25 you get an additional 5% total health. Hospitals are important when you fight battles, your wounded troops are going there but only as much as your hospital capacity. The main hospital has the option to gain Glory levels for additional capacity and stat increase.

Army Tents

Army Tents increase the single training quantity for your Barrack. From level 6 onward the building also provided additional Total Defense which goes up to 10% at Army Tent level 25.

Ancient Foundry

You will need this building to produce Valyrian Steel which is the material to make Valyrian Steel Weapon, to make T5 troops. To unlock this building first you will need to complete its research in the Strangely-Garbed Army research tree. After you unlocked and built your Foundry, you can also upgrade it just like other buildings till level 25, to increase the production and capacity of your Valyrian Steel.

The percentage of bonuses to attack, defense and health are small and come late in the game so they can be ignored by new players. You need enough hospitals to cover your troop total, but mints are brilliant for their training speed. It is recommended to build all mints until you build up your army, and then change them to hospitals. Since these three buildings can be built on the same fields, you can't have it all, you need to choose within the three. Army tents allow you to train more troops at once but apart from that, they’re not very useful until the end game. 

If you are not a fighter, and just want to produce resources, with the mints you can increase your gold production, and the gold capacity. There is also a scroll to increase your hourly production rate just like I previously mentioned by the other resources.