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[Player Guide] Siege of Winterfell : Rules and Battle plans (Updated on 2022/9/21)

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Article Publish : 10/23/2020 17:22
Edited by handoftheking at 09/21/2022 14:17

This guide is based on the author's personal experience and is only relevant to the current game’s content.

Small Siege of Winterfell intro

In this head-to-head showdown between two alliances, your alliance will have a fierce competition with your opponents in a different kind of  battlefield using real-time strategy battle skills while occupying buildings and convoying resources to the required buildings to obtain more points. In the end, the alliance with the most points will be declared the winner and will receive awesome rewards. Read on to find the detailed rules about the event and prepare yourself for the upcoming war.

Registration & Preparation

Similar to Alliance Conquest, alliance officials can choose the different time slots to register the Siege of Winterfell. All the alliances from unprotected kingdoms are qualified to participate in the event, and all participants will be assigned into 3 different leagues (namely Super League, A League, and B League) based on their power rating. The registration period will last 24 hours, and there will be 30 minutes for you to enter the battlefield. 30 minutes before the match starts, you will be able to teleport on a new map and your buffs and Lord bonuses will be copied in this match. Officials can purchase the healing speed up items in the Battle Shop before the match starts. Similar to alliance conquest, troops dead in this event are returned fully healed after the end of the event.

Important info:

1.Army size increase buff is unavailable in the battleground.

2.Race boots are unavailable in the battleground.

3. After entering the battlegrounds, troop dispatch actions outside of the battleground are unable.

4. Your city can’t be attacked so your lord must be used in an active army formation for full stats


Game time!!

I. Set up your armies

So you get into the Siege of Winterfell map first priority before the match starts is you configure your army.Commanders will have their EXCLUSIVE real-time strategy skills which can only be used in Siege of Winterfell. You can create three armies and deploy up to three commanders to each team and one Dragon (don't forget to equip them with skills), with one of the commanders set as your Chief Commander. The Chief Commander's Active Strategic Skill will be used first, followed by the skill of Deputy Commander 1 and Deputy Commander 2, then back to Chief Commander in a cycle. (*The skill cycle always follows the same order: Chief Commander - Deputy Commander 1 - Deputy Commander 2).

Each Commander's Active Strategic Skill has a different effect, and its Rage consumed and the cooldown between successive casts differ as well. It is possible to use the skills of multiple Commanders' consecutively within the same second, so make sure you plan these skills well.

II. Control of the Armies

You can issue commands like attack, move, withdraw and garrison to change the movements of deployed armies at any time during the march.

1. Your armies can be selected and controlled by left-clicking them once on the world map or on their avatars in the sidebar. You can left-click on a selected army to navigate to the army's location.

2. Left click twice to select multiple armies. Single selection and multiple selections can also be done using numbers on the keyboard.

3. After selecting your army, right-clicking an empty space deploys the army to move to that spot and clicking on enemy armies launches an attack on them. Garrison and Withdraw are also available from the command buttons in the bottom right of the screen.

4. When an enemy army is selected with a left-click, an attacker can launch directly by clicking on the Attack command button in the bottom right of the screen.

5. Left click your own or enemy armies on the World Map to view relevant information like troop number and combination plus commander lineup.

III. Marching and Attack range

For real-time strategy battles, troops can march freely in Siege of Winterfell. You can change any troop's march command at any time. As expected Cavalry moves faster, while Infantry move slower. The overall movement speed of a troop is determined by the average speed of all soldiers. When your army receives an attack command, it will march to the target and begin battling once the target is in range. (Attack Range: Bowmen> Spearmen > Cavalry = Infantry). For example, an army that consists of ALL BOWMEN has the widest attack range, while an army contains ANY CAVALRY or INFANTRY has the narrowest attack range. Pay close attention to the changes in the deployment panel when you select different types of soldiers.

Each army can only attack one enemy at the time but the active army skills from your commanders might me Area of Effect skills that means that they can be used to attack more that 1 enemy at the same time thus maximizing your damage output.During the battle, your army will try to attack the enemy once every second. If the enemy is out of range, the attack cannot be carried out and your troops will try to move in range. When your army is attacked, it will counterattack immediately. If the target is out of range, the counterattack will deal reduced damage. This obviously works both ways and by using Full bowmen formation you can actually kite enemy troops.An army can be attacked by multiple enemy armies at the same time. When the number of enemies’ deployment exceeds 2, your troops will get a debuff and receive extra damage (Pincer Attack). The more deployments attack you, the more debuffs and damage you will receive.

Event Map & Buildings

The point gaining system is a bit different than we used to for example of Alliance conquest occupying buildings is one way to gain points but the new function this event adds is the resources Winstefell spawns. 

Capture buildings on the battlefield to receive alliance points. Certain structures (Hot Spring/Armory) can also provide your alliance with buffs like hospital healing speed and total attack increase.After those buildings in terms of importance come the Strongholds and Winterfell. Each team has 2 Strongholds on their side of the map and they are the closest to Winterfell so it will be easier to transport the resources.

On this part of the event you need to risk convoying resources in Winterfell to the buildings that you and your allies occupy to gain points. The resources of Winterfell will be ready in 12 minutes after the match begins. Successfully conveying the resources to those buildings will grant you a nice sum of points.


When the countdown timer reaches zero, the alliance with the most points will be declared the winner and will receive awesome rewards. And individual players will be rewarded based on their individual performance. Besides the exclusive rewards for winners, all participants could use their points to exchange items in the Valor Shop, like Simon Medals and Awakening materials. Additionally there are certain rewards awarded to players. 

1.Leader’s rewards: The top 10 alliance leaders will receive “Blue Winter Rose” Castle exterior coupons.

2.The top 3 Alliance eliminations Reward: Total health badge and Hero Awaken medals!

3.The Winners reward: Alliances that win 3 matches in each season will be be considered the winner and will receive a special prize after the season.

4.Valor shop: You will earn tokens as your alliances manage to reach certain amounts of scores. You can spend these tokens in event shop to earn Simon, Mengo medals, Epic tokens and more.

Siege of Winterfell is an event completely different from Alliance conquest so people not enjoying Alliance Conquest might get super excited playing on Siege of winterfell battlefield so polish your weapons and get ready for the real-time PvP battles in Siege of Winterfell.

Good luck and have fun!!

*Please note that Alliance Conquest and Siege of Winterfell will start at different times, which means that Alliance Conquest will start a new season after the end of Siege of Winterfell. Additionally, the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan.  Final updates will be determined in the game.