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[Player Guide] Pack Tips for Those Who Wanna Unlock T4 (Updated on 2022/11/23)

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Article Publish : 09/18/2020 00:09
Edited by handoftheking at 11/23/2022 12:03

So a lot of newer players are curious about the price of T4 troops. How long does it take to unlock them? What packs are better to achieve the goal faster? And overall all those things you can’t really see and know directly. In this guide I’ll explain a bit more about this topic and I hope it will be helpful to you.

First I’ll talk about the builings you need in order to unlock the royal troops. You would need your Maester’s Tower up to level 25 which by itself requires your Bannerman Hall, Dungeon and Hall of Faces to be level 25 as well. That was quite hard to achieve in the past but nowadays there’s a special type of chest that gives you a lot of the materials needed for a cheap price -  the Building Material Selection chest.

For 50 black diamonds you can get 4000 of the item you need via these chests in the Discount Event store (top right of your game screen). For the completion of all 3 buildings, you would need a bit over 650k blue diamonds worth of items but with this offer, you’re getting ~10% of that or 60k worth of blue diamonds for the price of 50 black diamonds, which is insane value. It’s perfectly fine to skip buying those packs and go the F2P way for this one, which would require you to funnel all of your blue diamonds into buying those items for some time.

So now that we know about the construction requirements for T4 troops, let’s take a closer look at the researches themselves. For unlocking Royals you need to have your Production tree maxed and Military tree maxed. That’s a lot of researching and it would cost you a lot of resources and speedups until you’re done. If we have to be exact - 8185 is the pure time cost of T4-s. That sounds like a lot for sure, but now if we start adding up all bonuses it gets a lot better. Just the ~26% you’d get from alliance help will drop that number to 6057 days. Now let’s add some research speed: if you have 300% research speed, the time cost would become 1514 days, much much better than those 8k days in the beginning of the calculation. 

Basically you need to have around that amount of speedups to achieve that threshold of the game. A great way to obtain those hastens is through buying packs from the black diamond store. 

For example, all 3 stages of the “Don’t miss out” pack is of great value for your money:

You can get around 140 hours worth of speeds and around 10k blue diamonds just for 100BD (less if you use coupons).

Another great pack to buy is “A Dream of Spring”. It gives you 27k blue diamonds and 30h of speedups:

Other really helpful purchases from the pack store are packs that give you better coupons, their first stage costs 10BD and gives you a -25BD coupon for a future purchase. When buying those you’re also getting more blue diamonds, speedups and even items for other aspects of the game.

Generally speaking, for packs you can know if a pack is worth buying just by doing some simple math. Get the total amount of speedup hours that you would receive, add a day's worth of speeds for every 1500 blue diamonds you would receive, and divide by the cost you would pay. The number you receive is how many hours of speedups you’re getting per 1BD, so the bigger the number, the better. 

So, another way apart from the black diamond store are event shops and limited time shops. For example the “Limited Sales” shop is a great source of speedups. You can get 120 days worth of speeds for 400 black diamonds: 

Almost as great are the “Fearless Trial” offers from the Glorifying Discount shop (Discount event):

And finally regarding speedups, we should mention that being in an alliance that kills Rebel Leaders daily and that participates actively in events and can help you out with the task of getting to Royal troops is considered as a big plus. After all it’s a team game hence the alliance you’re in would also take a big part in how fast you’d unlock T4-s.

The other issue people are facing when working towards Royal troops is their cost. The gold cost alone is quite high especially on levels 8, 9 and 10 of the researches. There’s a pack dedicated to delivering gold to your inventory in the black diamond shop - the “Gold Dragons Pack”

Another way to overcome the gold issue, of course, is through gathering. If you can gather 5 gold sites a few times a day, it’s a huge bonus. You can get 8-10mil gold per day with gathering. And to be honest, it’s the same with the other resources if you’re not having enough of them.

So after we taked about the 2 main factors for T4-s (time and cost), let’s see how we can make our life a bit easier with other game aspects. For example, you can finish researches whenever there’s an Elite challenge rewarding that, you’d get some resources and speedups:

Another thing that can help you are Commanders, even some F2P ones. Soren, Varys, Sabrina, Tyrion, Raymond and Margerq all give you research speed, therefore making you spend less speedups:

Other ways to get more research speed %  is the Honor token (20%) and your Nobility rank.

And finally, you should ALWAYS do your researches (not only T4 ones) using your research Lord gear, proper talents and buffs:

Let’s systemize everything said with a couple of conclusions as it’s a lot of information:

  1. For T4-s you need ~650k blue diamonds invested in constructions as a prerequisite.
  2. For T4-s you need ~~1.5k worth of speedups.
  3. Packs can help you out during your journey and there are some quite affordable ones as well. Also you can calculate the value of the pack yourself.
  4. The gold cost of T4-s is quite high so you should think about that as well and build your economy; Gather more gold.
  5. Take advantage when there are research targeted Elite Challenges when finishing a research.
  6. Commanders can boost your research speed a lot, so they shouldn’t be overlooked.
  7. Your alliance’s performance can speed up the whole process by a lot.
  8. Features like the Honor token are of great help (not only for T4-s but in general).
  9. Always do researches in the proper gear, talents and buffs.

Thanks for reading! :))

Please note that the above content might not apply to all situations due to changes in the game’s development.

P.S.: This was first published on 2022-10-16.