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[NEWS]Overview of Siege of Winterfell: A Different Kind of Fun (Updated on 2022/10/08)

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Article Publish : 10/10/2020 18:27
Edited by handoftheking at 10/08/2022 11:21

This guide is based on the author's personal experience and is only relevant to the current game’s content.

Introduction to Siege Of Winterfell

With Robb Stark leading the army of the north towards Kings Landing against the Iron Throne and the Lannisters, Winterfell has been left with a few troops defending the castle. House Greyjoy decided this is the best time to strike against House Stark and control the North. What stands between them and the Crown of the North is Winterfell. So in Order to take North they have to Siege Winterfell. 

The Siege of Winterfell is a different kind of an event we are used to. It Adds new dynamic fights with real-time strategy PvP battles where you can actually control your 3 armies and freely march the battle map. Your commanders have all changed for this event and they now have exclusive strategic skills, well not only your commanders you can also assign your dragons to the marchins armies in order to increase their chance of survival and the overall damage output. 

Game Map and Buildings

Similar to other cross-server events in order to balance the matchmaking system for SIege of Winterfell the whole game is split into 3 leagues based on alliance power rankings. This event will not cost you resources to heal your troops and you will not get dead troops, so essentially it won't cost anything more than some healing speedups.There are 11 locations on the battlefield with Winterfell in the center. Different locations have different functions. For example, capturing Hot Spring helps speed up your healing and Armory increases total Stats.

The point gaining system is a bit different than we used to for example of Alliance conquest occupying buildings is one way to gain points but the new function this event adds is the Ressources Winstefell spawns. On this part of the event you need to risk convoying resources in Winterfell to the buildings that you and your allies occupy to gain points. The resources of Winterfell will be ready in 12 minutes after the match begins. Successfully conveying the resources to those buildings will grant you a nice sum of points. Be careful that you take care of the resources as your opponents will attack and rob you at any time. After one team successfully transports a resource pack a new resource will spawn after 5 minutes.

Free Marching on the Map and RTS style fighting

During our other events the fighting is always the same, Alliance conquest or KvK in the end it all feels the same, someone makes rallies, people join in and other people reinforce a building of some sorts. But here each player can create three armies and deploy a maximum of 3 commanders in each army plus their dragon. Here you don't have to wait for someone to initiate a rally, you just go in, pick your target and start fighting, focusing a single army with multiple of yours will give you a significant advantage over them even if the enemy is stronger than you. Remember Pincering is the key to victory in any fight in the Siege of Winterfell.

Regarding the fighting part one thing is for sure that troops will die and go to the hospital but in this mode before a troop is considered Seriously Wounded and moved to the Siege of Winterfell hospital first it's considered just wounded. What's the difference? You might ask well wounded troops can be healed back up using your commanders healing skills, Some of these commanders are Annie,Simon, Sansa.

New commander Strategic Abilities

Each commander will have their exclusive real-time strategic skills (namely 1 active skill and several passive skills). For each Commander's Active Strategic Skill, its Rage consumed and the cool-down time between successive casts differ. The passive strategic skills vary depending on the commander quality but it also affects the active army skill effectiveness. Higher the quality of the commander the better the damage and passives get.

Rewards and an extra goodies for alliance placement

All participating alliances will be rewarded according to their performance in the Siege of Winterfell. There will also be rewards for the top-ranked alliances and alliance leaders, and for those who reach a certain amount of points. Rewards include exclusive castle exteriors, badges that increase total health, general tokens that are used in the Awakening system, diamonds, and more.

Additionally, Siege of Winterfell will be using the same Battle Shop with Alliance Conquest, where you have a chance to obtain the  Simon and other items like you did in Alliance Conquest.

Train your soldiers, polish your weapons and get ready for the real-time PvP battles in Siege of Winterfell. And as always we meet are true friends on the battlefield so get out there and have some fun!!!