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[NEWS] The Optimized Game UI: Neater and Better!

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Article Publish : 04/14/2021 20:56
Edited by handoftheking at 04/14/2021 21:18

We are excited to bring you the optimized game UI in the latest version, where icons are newly arranged and will help you focus on the events. It may take some time for you to adjust to the optimization as you may find some icons missing or not easy to find. We've sorted out some questions that will help you better understand the changes. Come and check them out!

Q: What happened to the icons?

A: In order to help you find the events more efficiently and keep the game interface neater and in order, some icons are added and some are removed. Please check out the lists.

Removed: Events, Major Events

Newly Added: "Events". Challenge Quests, Discount Events



Q: What’s in “Challenge Quests”?

A: Normal Challenges, Daily Challenges, Elite Challenge, Castle Siege and World Progress are all in the newly added Challenge Quests icon. Don’t forget to check out the Castle Siege countdown time.

The “Active Reward” is moved to “Quest” (near the “Alliance” icon) at the bottom of the game interface.

Q: What happened to the “Events” Panel? What’s in the new “Events”?

A: The “Event” icon near the “Gift Pack” is removed, and a new “Events” panel is added. Some events that are regularly opened will be shown in the new “Events”.

Calendar, Eternal Glory, Blessings of the Seven and News are moved to the new “Events”. Events like “Lord of Lords” will be shown in “Events” as well.

Every time you need to check out the event calendar or the latest news, please go to the new “Events” panel rather than the original “Benefits” panel.



Q: What’s in “Discount Events”?

A: Monthly Card, Dragon Forged Pack, Amethyst Shop and similar events are all moved to the newly added “Discounted Events”, panel, which help you focus on the discounted events more easily.

Q: What are the changes in “Benefits”? What are in “Benefits” now?

A: The "Benefits" panel will contain different events that you can claim rewards without completing complex tasks.

The “Recruitment Pass” is now in “Benefits”. What will be in “Benefits”: Westeros Navigator, Gtarcade Desktop App Rewards, Redeem Code, Knights VIP Shop, Knighthood Gifts and so on.



Q: Are there any changes with “Cross-server Page”?

A: Yes. Alliance Mobilization and Treasure Seeker, which are also regularly opened cross-server events, are added in Cross-server Page. You won’t be able to find them outside.


Q: Where is the “Lord of Lords” event icon?

A: You can find the Lord of Lords event in the new “Event” panel.


Q: Where is the “Active Reward” event icon?

A: It’s moved to “Quest” (near the “Alliance” icon) at the bottom of the game interface.

Q: Will there be other icons besides the ones that are listed above?

A: Icons of specific events like “2nd Anniversary” and “Winter Celebration” will still have their own icons separately. “Mysterious Chest” and “Total Recharges” are also listed outside.


Do you know where to find the event icons now? Please don’t hesitate to leave your comment here if you have any questions or feedback.

 *Please note that the screenshots are from the Pioneer Server, and don't include all the events icons and can't represent what will be shown in the Public Server exactly.

*Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to the change of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.