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[News]Alliance Banners Offer Buffs and Can Be Displayed on the World Map with Special Effects!

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Article Publish : 01/26/2021 15:09
Edited by handoftheking at 12/28/2021 15:57

Optimizations have been made to the Alliance Banner System in the latest version based on your feedback and suggestions. The alliance banners can be displayed on the world map with cool special effects and will offer functional buffs after the update on Jan.26th, 2021. Now let’s have a look at the brief introduction of the new alliance banner system.😀

An Overview of the Alliance Banner Buffs

Different functional buffs are added to different alliance banners after the optimization. From Resource Gathering Speedup and Research Speedup, to Calvary Defense and Infantry Defense, you have another way to obtain buffs.

The 2020 Winter Celebration Limited Alliance Banner, which is designed by player ViTee from K1, will increase your Gold Production by 10%.😏

The Joyous 2021 Alliance Banner, aka the 2021 Winter Celebration Limited Alliance Banner, is designed by player  NymeriaBR from K13 and will increase Resource Gathering Speed by 8%.

How to Create the Alliance Banner on the World Map

Apart from the buffs that you gain, you’ll be able to see the alliance banner with special effects on the map now. Check out below the instructions on how to make your alliance banner show on the map.

1.     2*2 empty spots are required. (You cannot put the alliance banner in the forbidden area or special battle areas like Alliance Conquest.)

2.     Creating a new coordinate for the alliance banner will cost 60,000 Alliance Supplies.

3.     Each alliance can only have ONE alliance banner on the world map. The previous alliance banner will be replaced if the alliance duke/officials put the alliance banner at a new spot.

4.     The alliance banner on the world will be valid for 7 days after each deployment, which means it will disappear on the map when it expires. Thus, don’t forget to renew the alliance banner on the map to make sure its buff works continuously.

The Rules of Alliance Banner on the Map

1.     Only Duke and officials have the access to the alliance banner.

2.     ALL alliance members can benefit buff from their alliance banner.

3.     The alliance banner is visible for ALL players (different from alliance marks).

4.     Resource sites and rebel leaders won’t pop up around the area alliance banner placed.

5.     The alliance banner will disappear if the alliance gets disbanded.

6.     The alliance banner WON’T be affected when the alliance duke/officials are changed.

7.     The alliance banner can be placed on another kingdom.

Don’t forget to tell us how you like the new alliance banner buff and share with us your alliance banners! If you have any questions about the introduction, please feel free to leave your comments below. All feedback is very welcome! 😍

Additionally, you could join the design competition [You Are the Designer S2] to design your own alliance banner! 😜

*Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to the change of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.