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[Rewards Sent]You Are the Designer S2—Alliance Insignia and Avatar Submission

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Article Publish : 01/22/2021 18:16
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[Rewards Sent]

Thank you all for your contribution and participation. Rewards have been sent via in-game mail to the winners listed below. Please don't forget to check them out. For those who are not on the list, please stay tuned for more fantastic events. You can be the lucky one next time!

The 20 players that won the "Advancement Rewards" are:

The 10 Players with "The Most Supported Reward" are :

Players who have won the "Participation Rewards" are:

GoT Winter is Coming Team


Calling all creative lords and ladies! It’s been a long time since the first “You Are the Designer” Contest ended. Many of you (Specifically, 299 alliances) have obtained from the Winter Celebration Page the exclusive alliance banner, which is designed by ViTee from K1. The other two alliance banners will also be put into use in-game and the display of alliance banners will be optimized in the next version.

We are now excited to start the "You are the Designer" contest Season 2, with both avatar frames and alliance insignias that you can work on and show people your talent!

Avatar Frame:

In the upcoming 2nd anniversary of GoTWiC, what kind of avatar frames do you think could best mark the special moment? For different events and features in-game, what avatar frames would you like to see and obtain?

Alliance Insignia/banner:

What would it be if you were to design the insignia that represents the characteristic and specialty of your alliance?

Time to show some unique creativity!

We'll pick some awesome ones and make a POLL to decide the Most Popular ones and for devs to choose from. Submit your artwork here to enter for a chance to win exclusive rewards and make your artwork the next design in game!

---------------------Event Duration-----------------

Submission Stage: 12:00 2021-01-22 ---- 24:00 2021-02-25 UTC

Voting Stage: 12:00 2021-03-01 ---- 24:00 2021-03-07 2020 UTC (To be updated)

P.S.: We plan to extend the event duration so that more creative lords and ladies have a chance to submit their artworks and win up to 10K Diamonds, coupons, Troop Medals, and more rewards!

---------------------Event Rules---------------------

1. Your artwork should be GOT-related and must fit the Westeros context. (E.g.:Modern design elements are unqualified.)

2. Your artwork could be a simple hand-sketched pattern, painting, digital illustration, etc. Digital design or manuscript are both acceptable.

3. Your artwork should be ORIGINAL. Any Copied, downloaded, and irrelevant content will be disqualified.

4. Any content that displays or promotes hatred, intolerance, discrimination, nudity, or violence.

5. Irrelevant replies will be considered as spamming which will lead to EVENT DISQUALIFICATION and the post will be deleted.

---------------------How to Submit Your Artwork---------------------

1.UPLOAD your artwork AND a brief description of it here in a new reply, including your IGN and Server.

2. The image format must be JPG or PNG within 2MB.


IGN: Lady Sansa K20  The insignia that I draw is inspired by XXXXXX


1. Advancement Reward:

20 submissions (may or may not be from the most supported submissions) will be selected by the moderator team into the voting stage to compete and to receive: 100 Black Diamonds Coupon*1, 50 Black Diamonds Coupon*1, 10K Diamond, S Troop Medal *10, 24 hrs Speed up (Research)*10.

*About 100 Black Diamonds Coupon: No special spending requirement, it will expire after 48 hours.

About 50 Black Diamonds Coupon: No special spending requirement, it will expire after 48 hours.

2. The Most Supported Reward:

When the submission phase ends, the 10 submissions with the MOST SUPPORT will be rewarded: 50 Black Diamonds Coupon*1, 10K Diamond, S Troop Medal *10, 24 hrs Speed up (Training)*5, 24 hrs Speed up (Research)*5.

*About 50 Black Diamonds Coupon: No special spending requirement, it will expire after 48 hours.

3. Participation Reward:

ALL qualified participants will be rewarded: 2K Diamond *1, Truce 8 Hours *3, 8 hrs Speed up (Training)*3, [Rare] Badge chest*1, Precise Transfer *1


1. Rewards will be sent via in-game mail in 3-5 working days after the event ends.

2. Please don't change your in-game name before the event ends.

3. Spam/illegal Content will lead to EVENT DISQUALIFICATION. We reserve the right to final interpretation of this event & rewards.

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