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[NEWS][OFFICIAL GUIDE] War of the Kingdoms Event Introduction

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Article Publish : 09/11/2020 18:49
Edited by handoftheking at 09/11/2020 19:04

War of the Kingdoms

The victory and defeat of War of the Kingdoms are determined by the kingdom points. For individual players and alliances, the points also determine what kind of rewards you can get. Therefore, the most important thing during this event is to get as many points as you can, while trying to make other players in the enemy server get fewer points.

Here are four ways to get points: Attack Rebel Leaders, Gather Resources, Eliminate Enemies and Occupy Great Cities.

*Regarding the four sources, please be prepared in advance, my lord.  

a.   Attack Rebel LeadersPlease prepare sufficient Motivation items in advance so that you can attack many Rebel Leaders on the enemy kingdom.

b.  Gather Resources: It is necessary for every kingdom to divide their force into two parts, since the points you can only get are from the enemy server. To be more precise, one part for defense and the other part for attack.

Team A: Searching for the enemies who are gathering resources in your kingdom, and then attack them to prevent them from gaining points and get points for your own kingdom at the same time.

Team B: Transfer to the enemy kingdom to gather resources. Be aware that your enemies might also use the same strategy against you, so it's better if you gather in a remote area.

c.   Eliminate Enemies: Mainly to eliminate enemy’s troops while protecting your own from being eliminated.

1.    Before the war, it’s better for the alliance’s decision makers to ask players with lower rating to bubble up on during the event and not to gather in the home kingdom.

2.    It’s advised to keep some players with high rating stationed in their home kingdom and search for enemies who are gathering and eliminate them.

3.    For players who are in the enemy kingdom, the ones with a higher rating can attack cities that are not protected while the rest focus on attacking those resource spots that are being occupied by enemy players

d.  Occupy Great Cities: It is the BIGGEST SOURCE for the event as well as the decisive action to

win the event.

1.    Points will be gained by occupying Great Cities either in your home kingdom or enemy kingdom. Killing enemies in battles occurred during the occupation also grants plenty of points.

2.    Transferring back and forth between kingdoms consumes transferring items.

3.    For individual players, if your alliance has occupied a Great City, it’s strongly advised to send troops and reinforce the city for it gives you plenty of solo points, which, however, will not be counted into alliance points and kingdom points.

Ownership of the Great Cities:

After the event ends, the ownership of each Great City will be determined by each alliance’s occupancy duration. Therefore, if one kingdom desires to occupy more Great Cities, especially those from enemy kingdoms, alliances from this kingdom could seek cooperation.

Transfer and Returning:

Once the event begins, you can march towards enemy kingdom through using “Random Transfer” or “Precise Transfer” onKingdom Map to move to the enemy kingdom (the system will randomly match two kingdoms as opponents).

During the event, you can use the same method for battling back and forth in your kingdom and enemy kingdom.

After the event ends, bubbles will be automatically put on for all lords are not in their home kingdoms and they will be transferred back home without spending any items. Please wait for several minutes patiently.

Lastly, please do not forget, my lords, point rewards and ranking rewards need to be claimed manually during War of theKingdom event. While the rewards are being calculated, there will be lots of Diamond Mines being refreshed in the participating kingdoms. Kindly be reminded to gather them when they’re available.

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P.S.: This was first published on 2019-06-24.