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[PLAYER GUIDE] Alliance and Elite Trials

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Article Publish : 09/16/2020 17:16
Edited by handoftheking at 12/25/2020 18:32

*Special thanks to WAR Angel from K27 for contributing her game guide to us!

Your commanders have multiple responsibilities: Help you in PvP, help you with economic bonuses, to help in expeditions against rebel leaders, add Tavern bonuses and to help you in training grounds and Weirwood. But those aren’t all! One of the main uses of commanders and a place where they will show their worth is alliance trial and epic trial. In this guide, I will explain both Alliance Trial and Elite trials and will discuss some important details that you need to know to be able to deal more damage in them.

General Description

Alliance trial is a permanent event that is available for the alliance since it’s created. The Elite trial is a one-week long event that restarts every two weeks. In both of these events, there is a campaign map where it shows the enemy commanders who you must defeat in order with your allies. 

*Note: Both alliance trial and elite trial are events that you’ll have to do with extreme alliance cooperation. 

Each stage of this campaign map has one strong enemy commander who will fight against the commanders who you use in front of them. The goal is to kill as many as these commanders and pass as many as stages possible for more rewards.


The most important rule in alliance trial is that: Each commander can only be used once every day.This means, you need to design your setups before using your commanders and you’ll have to do this design in a way that commanders get the most out of it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the damaged Enemy commander will be fully healed at server reset (24 GMT). This means that you and your allies must make sure that you deal enough damage to the enemy commander in that 24 hours to make sure they stay dead and you should pass the stage before server reset.

There are several other rules to consider:

- You can’t get alliance trial prize from the alliance that you just joined till the server reset but you can participate and deal damage regardless! This means you can use alt accounts or outside help to pass hard stages in alliance trials!

- In elite trials, after joining a new alliance you can’t participate in the elite trials for 24 hours.

- If you received rewards for a certain stage of alliance trial in your old alliance and you join a new one and do it again, you won’t receive new rewards for it.

Alliance Trial / Trial Boss


You can open Alliance Trial from your alliance page. The event has multiple “difficulty” from 1 to 8. For each difficulty, you’ll have to face a set of enemy commanders in order to unlock the next difficulty. Winning each stage will give you and all your allies some rewards. Every few stages will give some Tyrion medals as rewards as well!

You will also receive a daily alliance coin, friendship chest, and other rewards based on the total damage you dealt in that day:


Of course, these rewards are not available for you on the first day in your new alliance.

To deal more damage in alliance trial you need to improve your commander’s quality, level and to equip them with the items they need (and you can find in Weirwood stages). 

What matters the most in Alliance Trial and the Elite Trial is using your commanders well in correct formations. Infantry commanders counter Spearman commanders, Spearman commanders counter Cavalry commanders, Cavalry commanders counter Infantry commanders and Bowmen commanders counter Bowmen commanders. 

Because of this, you need to use your support commanders and best setups with the commanders who will counter the enemy and to invest on their damage more.

In other words, have to design your attack to make the best use of your commanders. The best formation in alliance trials is very different based on the stage difficulty and your commanders! In earlier stages when you have a commander who can stay alive and tank the enemy commander attack the best setup is to use one tank and rest DPS. For when your tank might die, we add a support commander to the mix to make sure they stay alive.

In later stages, you will need to use two tanks or two tanks and one support for your best setups to make sure that your main DPS commanders will live longer and will deal more damage to the enemy commander. In later stages, it might be beneficial to do more damage in your first few hits and ignore the rest of attacks.


Please pay attention to the following categories of different commanders:


Try to design your setups by putting your support commanders who buff your troops with your main DPS that counters the enemy. If needed use a sacrificial tank to cover for your main tank and support. For example, this is my design for when I fight against bow commanders in “Difficulty 8-9 Sansa”:


AndI manage to do a lot of damage with it:

You will have to adjust this based on your own difficulty level, enemy commander and your own commander’s qualities.

Elite Trial:

Just like Alliance Trial, Elite trial also has different difficulty level stages. You get prizes for beating certain stages and for doing more damage. In Elite Trials, unlike Alliance trial, you receive a prize based on the amount of damage you do, not your rank in the alliance.


For the most part, the elite trials are just like a refreshed alliance trial. The only difference is the league system. Elite Trial has 4 different leagues: Apprentice, Novice, Elite, Epic

New alliances will start from apprentice league. After each time the event ends, the top 5 alliances will advance to the higher league and the bottom 5 will be demoted to lower league. Being in a higher league will allow you to advance to more stages, and as a result, will give you more overall rewards. Your alliance will receive a reward based on their rank as well!

When you’re clearing the elite trial stages you can see some stages that are marked as “Special” stages. These stages will not contribute to your alliance rank but after clearing them you can obtain some buffs and bonuses for your commanders which will help you to deal more damage with them in next days. It’s very important to clear the special stages on first few days and to stop it later on as it won’t contribute much on later days and its best for alliances to manage the pro and con of killing these stages.


The best special stage buffs to obtain is Attack. There are several other buffs as you can see in the picture above like Might recovery and Commanders crit. 

One tactic to use in Elite Trials to increase your damage is using your commanders only in the frontline for early stages that the enemy commander is weak. In the first few stages you can even send all your commanders 1 by 1. This will give them more might recovery and will increase the amount of time they will use their abilities and will increase the overall damage.


During elite trials you receive some special coin as prize that you can spend in Elite Trial shop for Tyrion medals, River land bandit troop appearance, Friendship chests, 75% summon buff, Advanced raffle skills, Troop training speed ups and more!


Hope this guide helps you and your allies with alliance trials and elite trials. Good luck!

Please note that the above content might not apply to all situations due to changes in the development plan.

P.S.: This was first published on 2020-08-18.