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[UPDATED] The Army of the Dead: Testing Season

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Article Publish : 10/23/2020 17:08

The testing season of the Army of the Dead will open on Jan. 15th and consist of only one match! In order to provide better gaming experience, only a small number of players are eligible to participate in the event before it's revealed to all players from all servers. All players will be able to check out the rules soon and join season 1!

Read on to check out the details of the testing season.

Requirement: Alliances with at least 25 active members with Lv.17 Castles or higher (fromK1 to K10).

*Note: Members are considered active if they have logged into the game within 48 hours before the registration phase.

Entrance: Click “Cross-server event” Icon on the game interface.

Testing Season Schedule

The testing season will start on Jan. 15th when the registration phase for the match opens. With the purpose of providing a better gaming experience, only alliances from servers (from K1 to K10) are able to join the testing season. The detailed rules of the event will soon be posted.

Please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback and suggestions so that devs can optimize the mechanism of the event before the official Season 1 comes out.

Check out the schedule below.


Rewards are not final for the event and will change when season 1 begins.

Testing Season Rewards

*Rewards for the testing season are not the final version for the event, and will not contain exclusive items, i.e. skins, medals, etc. All alliances that participate will be rewarded based on their performance. All players from other servers will also receive some rewards via in-game mail even though they can’t participate in the testing season.

Edited: The Winds of Winter coupon in the rewards panel in Army of the Dead were mistakenly placed. As promised there will not contain any exclusive items in testing season, ALL PLAYERS will be able to claim the "Winds of Winter Coupon (3 days)" as a compensation. Please don't forget to check your in-game mail.

Click Preview here for a brief introduction of the Army of the Dead event if you haven’t read it yet. Get ready to unite together and fight against the White Walkers!

Stay tuned!

P.S.: The article was first published on 2020-01-10.