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[PLAYER GUIDE] War of the Kingdoms Guide

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Article Publish : 09/11/2020 19:07

*Special thanks to player Djo for contributing his game guide to us!

War of the Kingdoms Guide


War of the Kingdoms, orKvK, is the biggest event developed by GtArcade today, allowing you to face another randomly chosen kingdom for 24 hours.

The purpose of this guide is to explain the rules, how to earn points at this event, how to avoid giving points to the opposing kingdom and the rewards at the end of the event.


●    During the event, the system will assign a server as the enemy. Attacking the enemy server or defending your server will reward points

●    After the event has ended,the server that has more points will be the winner.

●    Players on servers from the same group will also be ranked based on their points.

●    During the War of the Kingdoms, all Great Cities will enter in dispute mode. They will return to peace mode after the War of the Kingdoms has ended.

●    The alliance that occupied a Great City for the longest duration will become the owner of the city after the War of the Kingdom

●    Occupying a Great City on the enemy server will grant a buff. This buff will replace the buff from your own server.

●     You cannot join or leave an alliance, migration to another kingdom and training ground will be temporarily closed during this event

How to Earn Point

- Rules

●    You can get points for defeating enemy players, gathering resources, performing expeditions or attacking Great Cities on enemy servers. Occupying Great City will reward the most points.

●    You can also get points for defeating player armies from the enemy server or hold on Great Cities on your own server.

●    You can earn points at the same time for yourself, your Alliance and your server. However, points will only be counted once when occupying a Great City together with other players.

It is therefore "simple" to earn points for your kingdom, having various sources to earn points, even the smallest can participate! We will now see how to optimize your point gain during the Crown War, depending on whether you are novice, intermediate or advanced in your power progression.

Novice Accounts

As a new or inexperienced player in the game, your participation is "limited" but it is always possible to help your kingdom win!

The easiest way to do this is to relocate to the enemy kingdom to collect resources and eliminate rebel leaders, earning decent points and allowing you to validate your Solo Battle and then help your alliance to validate the Battle of Alliances. If you are in an alliance that can hold a Big City, it is more profitable to send a troop in, allowing you to earn many more points.

Here are the points received by collecting and eliminating rebel leaders. (only on the opponent's server, does not work on yours!)

Intermediate Accounts

You can do whatever is available in the novice part, but from that moment on you can earn points by attacking enemy castles and/or occupying Big Cities, on your servers or the enemy one, earning many points and perhaps allowing you to be in the TOP 100 of Solo Battles in order to win even more rewards at the end of the event!

Here are the points received for troop/fortification eliminations and the occupation of majorcities.

Try to get the bonus from the Hall of Faces

From this level, it is much easier to validate the event and help your server to take advantage against the enemy.

Advanced Accounts

Here you are the champion of your kingdom, you are the person who is the rallying leader of a Great City, the person who attacks the other server, who will protect your server from enemy attacks.

Your points gain is largely focused on the eliminations and occupations of Great cities.

It is usually you who will finish highest in the Solo Battle rankings and give your server a big advantageto win, both by defending it and by attacking the enemy server.

Have the bonus of the Hall of Faces is also a huge advantage during this event, as well as having an enemy lord captured for an additional attack bonus if your dungeon is level 25.

Here is an example of the Hall of Faces 20-25 buff and the attack’s bonus from Dungeon 25.

Solo Rewards

This part is concerned with the number of points you have earned, which will be accumulated with your allies' points in the alliance, allowing you to earn certain rewards.

The rewards are displayed here for a castle 25. As you can see, by validating Tier III of Solo Battles you can unlock one of the new appearances, here the Black Ear Warrior.

You have additional rewards if you arrive in the TOP 100, you can unlock the Immaculate if you finish first.

You will find the TOP 100 awards on the next page.

Alliance Rewards

This part concerns the number of points accumulated by your alliance, depending on the participation of all your members, allowing you to win many rewards.

The rewards are displayed here for a castle 25, allowing you to earn resources and accelerators in the majority.

You can earn additional rewards if your alliance enters the TOP 100, which you can see on the next page.


War of the Kingdom is both a personal and common work, the more united and able your server is to cooperate hand in hand, the more powerful it is against the enemy. On the otherhand, the more your server is unable to cooperate and spends its time fighting each other internally, the less chance it has.

You can always try to set up truces to prepare for the event in order to maximize your chances.

It is advisable to communicate, to share as much information as possible during this event, those who see their server as a unique alliance during this event are more likely to win, even if they are lower power level, cooperation, coordination and information sharing as well as reactivity to counter the enemy are the most important things during this event!

Diamond Mines

The diamonds nodes will be accessible for 24 hours at the end of the clashes, during the results period.

The winning kingdom will have access to the level 1 to 5 diamonds nodes.

The losing kingdom will have access to the level 1 diamonds nodes only.

P.S.: This was first published on 2019-07-25.