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[PLAYER GUIDE] Dragon Guide Part 1

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Article Publish : 09/16/2020 16:53
Edited by handoftheking at 12/08/2020 15:50

*Special thanks to WAR Angel from K31 for contributing her game guide to us!

😊This is Dragon Guide Part 1, for the updated version, please click here to read >> Dragon Guide (Updated)


The battles are not just decided by the troops and commanders. These days, in most epic fights, the game-changing factors are the dragons. In this guide, I’ll review everything that one must know about the two dragons. 

Growing a Darkfyre

To have a dragon, one must find a dragon egg and infuse dragon essences to help them hatch. You will get Red Dragon’s egg when you start playing the game for free. You can hatch the egg by infusing 5 Fiery Essences (Red essences) to it. You get those essences for free too, you just need to continue the story quests! 

Just like the commanders, Dragons can get upgraded to level 60 too! To level up a dragon you need to give them two different consumable items. One is the food which will increase their experience and level, the other are the essences which will increase the dragon’s maturity (from egg to whelp, to drake, to young, to adult, to Elder, to Ancient).

You can’t level up a dragon higher than certain levels unless you increase their maturity first. Here is a table for all maturity levels and the number of Red essences you need to upgrade the Red dragon:


You can get the food that is required to increase dragon levels by sending dragons to explore, or you can buy them from VIP shop or game packs. You can get Red essences by doing daily tasks:

- Resources Gathering (500k Wood, 500k Iron, 1m Gold) for 3 essences

- Raising an Army (150,000 points in training troops) for 3 essences

- Best Effort (using 2,880 minutes’ speedups) for 3 essences

Which gives you 9 red essences per day! You can turn 5 “Mark of the True Dragon” To 1 Red essence in Merchant shop as well! You get 5 “Mark of the True Dragon” and some food when you do 170 points daily activity (From Active rewards). You can also get “Mark of the True Dragon” from the packs for black diamonds or by doing some of the Benefits Page quests or by participating in Dragon Lair rallies (will get to them later!).

Also need to mention that if you send your Red dragon to explore, he might find some extra red essences for you!


Growing a ShadowMoon


To have a purple dragon egg, one must buy it for 200 “Mark of the True Dragon” from the Merchant shop. You can’t do this if your Red dragon is not yet level 50. 

This dragon can also level up to level 60 and has different maturity levels. You can see the cost for each level in the table below:



The Purple essences can be purchased from the Merchant shop for 10 “Mark of the True Dragon”. You can also obtain them directly by sending your purple dragon to adventures sometimes or by doing Dragon Lair rallies.

The main method to earn “True Marks of the dragon”, is to rally Dragon Lairs which is pretty similar to rallying Rebel camps with one major difference. Dragon Lairs don’t exist normally on the map and to spawn them, you must consume an item called “Dragon Bait”. “Dragon Baits” themselves are obtainable every two weeks – 2 days long event called “Dragon Hunt” which happens at the same time for all kingdoms. During this event, attacking rebel groups on the map has a chance to drop “Dragon Baits”.


Pay attention to the following chart about the level of the dragon bait you can obtain by attacking different levels of rebel groups:


A level X Bait will spawn a Level X Dragon lair. After spawning, these Dragon lairs must be rallied and killed in the next hour or they will disappear. The higher level Dragon Lairs are the harder to rally but gives a chance to all participants to draw extra “True Marks of the dragon”. As you can see in the above picture as well, these rallies might also give some of the participant’s purple essences and the “Horn of Awakening” (I explain its use later in this guide). Joining/starting a dragon rally consumes 300 endurances so it’s important to do it efficiently.


Few things to have in mind about Dragon rallies:

- It’s better to know your strength based on your rally leaders' power. I mean, if you can’t kill level 5 lairs with low casualty its better if your allies work on gathering level 4 baits. The rewards of lower-tier lairs are not that lower from the rewards of higher tiers.

- Try to summon the lairs when your allies are online. It might be beneficial for your alliance to have some routine for killing the lairs so your allies know when it will happen. That way more people can join them.

- Having more people in the rally will not reduce the prize you get. Try to run rallies that have 30/30 members. This way more people will earn the prize for the endurance which is used.

- Never summon lairs when the “Dragon Hunt” event is on. That way players can use their endurance to hit rebel groups to get more baits which can be used on other days to do dragon rallies.

Dragons in War

So far I talked about how to grow a dragon. From this part of the guide forward, I’ll be talking about the benefits you receive from a grown-up dragon!

You can deploy a dragon on your wall, so they defend your castle from attacking enemies. You can deploy them when you’re attacking others. Also unlike commanders, you can deploy them when you’re joining a rally.

The first way your dragon contributes is by attacking the enemy directly during the war. This is just like the Active ability of all commanders in the battlefield. 


Unlike commanders, the amount of damage dragons deal in battle is not based on your army power. It’s based on the dragon’s stats. In this table you can see the dragon’s stats when they are maxed and level 60:


Strength determines the dragon attack damage. Defense determines, how much your dragon can reduce the attack damage of the enemy dragon. Agility determines how fast your dragon will engage the war. The dragons with higher agility will fight more regularly in the battlefield.

The dragon attack ignores enemy “defense”. Dragon always attacks all the enemies on the same row and will attack the front row first.

P.S.: This was first published on 2020-05-15.